Ascended Masters 20130510 Harness the Positive Power of Your Words Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ May 07 – 14,


Channeler: Julie Miller

Harness the Positive Power of Your Words
Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ May 07 – 14, 2013
Received by Julie Miller
May 07, 2013

By now dear ones you are quite aware of the enormous power behind your spoken and even from your written words. The person on the receiving end will either be inspired or discouraged just from the words you choose to express. And if you are vocalizing these words, how your tone, and volume all provides unspoken information that many are able to pick-up on. We have witnessed many of you being both the speaker of encouraging words and the recipient of inspiring wisdom rich words, and we have also seen many of you express yourself in a condescending way, or received words that managed to dissolve your light filled spirit very quickly. 
It is vitally crucial that you choose your words wisely, regardless if you are speaking them or putting them in writing to ensure all aspects in your communication interactions are successful. Understand the detrimental effects associated with the words you choose, they can greatly alter the results of the goals you had planned and how well you achieved those goals. When words are chosen without thinking, they have the power to quickly destroy passion, decrease your self-esteem, and disrupt your natural level of enthusiasm. Poorly chosen words dear ones can cause regression along your journey and any progress will create weak results from any activities you were part of. On the other hand, words that are chosen well, even in written form have the capability to excite your spirit, refresh your enthusiasm; well-chosen words have the potential to produce more understanding and clarity; in addition well-chosen words create an increase of positive results from activities and tasks you were part of. 
Comprehend dear ones, the words you choose does create an instant impression of yourself. How you want people to see you will be from the result of the words you choose to speak. When you want to influence others, or make new friends it’s essential to wisely think and choose the Right words or what will happen dear one is that you will sabotage any new relationship before it even begins. 
Since you are already well aware of how your words can affect others, it is up to you to examine your self and the words you choose – pay attention dear ones. Becoming more consciously aware of your words and how you express them will help you harness their power and put that power to positive use. If you already know you are weak with your words, this is your time then dear ones to work a little more to bring your verbal and written expression into a more articulate manifestation of yourself and of God. 
When using words negatively, they have the power to destroy like a bomb. When words are chosen unwisely, they can inflict incredible damage to those on the receiving end. Realize and remember dear ones, your words have lasting power, and to someone who is especially sensitive, the damage can have long lingering effects that can create harm to their physical body. We encourage you dear ones to always be aware of the power behind your words. 
We witness many dear souls that share your earthly home use their words to smear, to lie, to gossip and eventually to destroy another person’s hard-earned reputation. When a dear soul uses their words in such a negative way, they will rarely think about how their own negative actions against another will also have implications to their own life. We have observed many such people and after a time, these dear souls become trapped inside their own negative mind-set and discover they cannot find inspiring words to share with other people. When you choose to insult and hurt another person with your words dear ones, what you are also doing is causing harm to yourself and this harm affects everyone that is closest to you. If this behaviour isn’t controlled quickly it can spin out-of-control and begin to repel people instead of attracting them. 
It is no secret that mere words have destroyed many good relationships. Communication is so important in any kind of relationship, regardless if it’s romantic or platonic. But if words are not chosen wisely, they can easily become misunderstood and those precious relationships that you put so much energy into are swiftly destroyed. Many dear souls have lost jobs because of poor chosen words, and many customers have left department stores out of anger and upset because of ill chosen words. All relationships dear ones have the capability of encouraging the success of your journey. How you speak, the words you choose, even if written are your choice. We cannot urge you enough to understand their impact. 
Your words are filled with so much power dear ones that they have the ability to bring great change into the world you live. Your choices of words have the power to influence others in Light-Positive ways, which will result in achieving more peace and an abundance of success into your life. We suggest you to exercise this power often, to speak positively with those that cross your path, even if you do not know them. When you are standing at a bus stop, or in line at a checkout make the time to give a compliment to who is standing there with you or to the cashier. Your choice to be kind and to say kind words have the ability of changing a person’s day. If you know of someone that is working hard to achieve a goal, make a point to motivate them by saying something inspiring. Remember your words are incredibly powerful. Your words can express remorse for someone’s recent loss of a loved one; your words can express appreciation and respect. Don’t be awkward with your words; they are yours, so that means they are a part of you. Embrace this power dear ones, it is yours and we have great faith in each of you that you will use your words wisely. Bring light humour into your conversation, laughter is very healing and it will help brighten all spirits that are involved. Use your gift of words when you speak to God from your heart, thank Him for all the blessings He has given you thus far in your life. 
Today is a good day to begin observing the words you choose. When you choose to bring friendly words into every relationship you will develop healthy responses that will help spread positive Light-filled energy into the global world around you. Never forget the power that you have with the words you choose to express. Use the power of your words to empower yourself and others. 
Because of cultural diversity, age, etc., the words that are available within your vocabulary can easily express and create negative emotions instead of positive ones. Even if you do not say the words out loud, even while keeping them under your breath, they do hold negative energy and some dear souls are quite capable of picking up this negative vibration. Your words dear ones have the potential of defining your success rate on any task or goal that you have planned to achieve. As you choose your words, try to envision the impression they will have to the one who is to receive your words. When you are working towards achieving your goals, think about increasing more positive self-talk and less negativity and watch how your plans will rise in successful completion. 
Challenge your own self-talk. Instead of making excuses with “I can’t”, change those words to “I can” or better yet to “I will”.  To us dear ones there is no such thing as can’t until you have tried. Sometimes this may mean having to try achieving something more than once to figure out the best working solution. All you do dear ones is change your words when you are encouraging yourself. When you choose to use the word “could” instead of “should” you remove any possible guilt or other negative feelings that are often associated with certain wordings. Remember dear ones, there are no such things as mistakes – only opportunities to try again differently. 
We suggest that you keep in the back of your mind or written down and kept with you a positive affirmation that helps to encourage you when you find yourself not feeling too inspiring. We understand your energies can go up and down and we encourage you to be nice to you. When you bring positive affirmations into light and with regular use they help change your Inner Thinking and your awareness is increased. Remember dear ones your words have the power to destroy or construct. What flows from your mouth does impact those around you – this power is yours and we encourage you to use it wisely. 
And so it is…
I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller




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