Ascended Masters 20130504 ~ You Have Done Well Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message May 03 – 10, 2013


You Have Done Well

Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message

May 03 – 10, 2013

Received by Julie Miller

May 03, 2013
Patience is a virtue that is will always come into play each and every day. Some of you practice being patient while others struggle with this and this struggle can develop into a challenge. Understand what it means dear ones to be patient. When you are applying patience, you are demonstrating self-control, your composure speaks of your ability to hold back without allowing any feelings of anxiousness take over that can cripple your success of holding back and creates panic as a result. We witness the difficulty of being patient by many of you. It is understood that is characteristic is one that can be difficult to adopt as a virtuous action. Applying patience and holding onto your composure does require dear ones a great deal of focus and discipline from you. When you illustrate good patience, you are quietly letting ALL know around you that you have grown in maturity, you have achieved a certain level of spiritual growth and learned how to maintain control of your emotions – you show us all just how balanced you are within all the areas of your life. Many of you have experienced some dear souls come by being patient easier than others, this does not mean they never become impatient, they just have a higher tolerance level and this is something each of you can achieve.
Whenever you have been in the company of another who has demonstrated impatience, this impatient person is reacting compulsively – they are not receiving or attaining the results that were expected. Many dear souls that are often impatient want immediate results when in truth some things just take time to evolve. The impatient ones are like young children going to the candy store, more often than not, they want almost all the candy in the store and the parent or caregiver has to apply patience and maintain control of the children at the same time, providing them with how many choices and amounts they are permitted to have. Most children are okay within simple perimeters but there are some that will require a little more diligence and of course…patience. Understand dear ones your success in this journey that is always moving and easily changing does require you to set your own pace; a pace that will allow you to solve each piece to your puzzle. You will notice dear ones while working on mastering patience into your journey you will realize the importance of discipline and commitment. When you work on one area, other aspects increase and improve as well.
Remember dear ones, when you are being patient you are telling the other person quietly that you know how to cope with your emotions and you are in control of yourself. Those of you with short tempers, or who have not yet learned to curb their biting tongues may have difficulties applying more patience, but nothing dear ones is ever impossible. When you want to achieve something and if it’s important enough you will make it happen. It is essential to know what triggers your anger and what it takes to defuse it. You may discover dear ones; it is time to learn new ways of handling outbursts and short-temperedness. When you learn to defuse your temper, you will be able to explore more of your whole self and truly begin to understand the rhythm of life that never stops moving around you. And dear ones, when you are tuned into your global backyard you understand at a higher degree what is happening around you and you can reach a peaceful state of mind. When you finally reach peace and maintain this peace you will begin to see things with deeper clarity and you will recognize your ability to make rational decisions to be better and easier.
We encourage each of you to understand; when you are being patient you don’t get to diminish the efforts that brought you to this peak of success within the virtue of patience. Understand dear ones; attaining patience requires hard work and commitment. In addition you realize you really are not alone while you are searching to reach the many goals you have set aside for yourself. There are many dear souls that share your Earth that may be struggling too within the area. Take the time to truly realize how many people you rely on, and how many rely on you. When you see this dear ones, you will come to an instant conclusion that your actions are very important. It is true not everyone is at the same spot as you on this journey. Each of you are going at a different pace, and in different directions. How you express to each other is important. Each action you do, each word you speak or write, how you feel, or how you think all carries energy. Your energy dear ones, depending on how you feel will carry an unspoken message of frustration or of joy. You alone are responsible for how you react and respond. Even while being irritated you have choices. During such circumstances is a good time to practice patience with the understanding that setbacks are par for the course. You persevere, you compose yourself and you allow yourself to learn from every situation. Within disappointments there are many valuable lessons that are not all negative, but highly positive.
Someone who is normally impatient will demonstrate a tendency to question another’s effort. It does not matter to the impatient one, how hard the other has worked or tried, their mind is set to see discouragement and disbelief. These dear souls have more self-doubt than they may be willing to admit and this frustrates them, possibly frightens them when something new and bright is offered. Instead of embracing the new openly, those that are impatient will find their thinking mind will reinforce their doubt and their false sense of perception.
The dear souls that are impatient may also feel more stressed than others. Impatience and Stress are companions. If you can learn to be rid of any impatience, you will discover your stress levels also decrease. Comprehend dear ones, if you lead a stressful life, this kind of lifestyle can trap you into a dense thinking pattern that can easily undermine your own physical health. Your own ability to think clear becomes compromised and the peace of mind that was once attained becomes lost until you learn once again to regain self-control.
We have witnessed many dear souls compromise their relationships because of their impatient attitude. Sudden angry outbursts when the desired need is not met are often the response. We have seen many dear souls cut off others in mid-sentence only because they feel what they have to say has much more importance. However, to us what each of you has to say and share has equal importance. And each of you can grow so much from each other if you can take the time and attentively listen.
It is irrelevant if you are a parent, student, employee, employer, etc., a lack of patience will create instability and illustrate to others that you are unapproachable. The manager of a business that shows impatience also tells a silent message that they have little to no time to listen to what their employees have to say or to hear what their needs may be. Many times these dear souls will create fearful situations because they tend to overreact to simple work place challenges.
Impatient people tend to be over-anxious; they are filled with an abundance of nervous energy. And as this energy builds, life around them can become increasingly uncomfortable. Family and friends often find it difficult to enjoy any amount of quality time with someone who is impatient for fear of upsetting them. Many dear souls that have a tendency to be impatient feel they have to work harder than the next person. They no longer enjoy the fruits of their labour and often prefer to work instead of enjoying down time with loved ones. This kind of development can cause sleep deprivation and other harmful effects to your human body. It is important dear ones, even for those that tend to be more impatient than others to find ways to maintain balance in their busy lives.
Impatience is often viewed as arrogant and many dear souls that are arrogant are Egocentric. Impatient dear souls are viewed by many that share your Earth as demanding and uncaring. Yes, dear ones the world which you live does require you move a little quicker but this does not mean you are permitted to be rude and unkind. Understand dear ones impatience is counterproductive. Learn to trust your efforts and remember all the hard work that you have applied will bring you to great success and completion. Give thanks to the efforts you gave, recognize the hard work you have done.
When you are patient and composed you know you will have the ability to understand more within all areas of your life. You demonstrate clearly that you understand what is expected of you and you are well aware of your progress on this journey. You have learned to recognize the many blessings that have come to you at each step of your journey and you have responded deeply with gratitude and contentment.
Being patient permits you dear ones with the chance to appreciate your own efforts, skills and all that you are. When you exercise patience, you are allowing an increase of personal growth and spiritual development and we encourage you dear ones to enjoy this positive increase of Self, it is from your efforts that brought you to your success. It is during this time dear ones that you allow yourself the time to reflect on how you made it this far and congratulate yourself. It does not matter how big or small your accomplishments are, what matters is that you persevered, you showed tolerance and patience and you have done well.
Each of you has the ability to be more patient. Even if you “think” you have mastered this virtue, at some point you will come across a trial that will challenge this positive characteristic. To further develop this much needed skill we suggest you learn to live in the present moment and realize that the future is coming when it should and not one moment before. Stop denying yourself the opportunity to enjoy your PRESENT life. Understand dear ones and accept just as many other dear souls has their own understanding of what truth is, they will also have a different understanding of what it means to be patient. Make a point to understand and possibly jot down what it means to you to be patient and while doing this explore the possibility of redefining what your expectations are. Look at them truthfully and honestly and determine if what you expect from your efforts is unrealistic. You just may need to give yourself a little more time to achieve the goals you have set out for yourself.
Re-examining your goals does not ever mean you are weak or unable to achieve, it just shows that you are in-tune realistically to the complexity of what you are aiming to achieve. You are trying to apply patience at a pace that is suitable for you that will still allow you to get the work done.
While on the journey to complete certain goals or tasks keep in mind of any limitations you may have. You may realize by spending more time developing your inner strength, your limitations will become more unlimited and you will learn how to manage your time much more efficiently and effectively. Your journey is not to be rushed, but enjoyed. While journeying dear ones, never be afraid to ask questions, or seek guidance from others. Whenever you seek the help from another, both of you are learning.
Work on empowering yourself while you are waiting for certain things to fall into perfect divine place. When you believe in yourself more, you have Faith that all will work out. Understandably it is you that must still apply the effort and work at completing each task, but Faith provides you with the Hope of a positive result.
No matter where you sit on your journey dear ones, you will come to realize that balance is key. It is important to make time to enjoy life while you are working on attaining your goals. Understand why you had to run around, learn what was important to you at certain phases and how to use this information once you have figured it out. This journey is yours dear ones. It is up to you; your decision to increase the level of patience that you carry and observe your own personality thrive with flourishing activity. Your new found poise will help create a stronger and more capable YOU.
And so it is…
I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller



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