Ascension Earth 2012: 20130502 Cobra Interview from April 30th – May 1st Critical Date for Lightwork: Please Listen


Alexandra Meadors and COBRA did their monthly review of Earth Events yesterday on The Galactic Connection show on BBS radio.

COBRA says today, May 1st, is a very important day for meditation and assisting with the Victory of the Light so if you feel so inclined, please listen to this interview (free) and lend your energies to the freedom movement.

They discussed the status of many events that transpired in April as well as upcoming things we can expect, particularly with the eclipses in May and the opening of the portal on May 25th. Exciting stuff!

He also suggested people get their money out of the banks and invest it in gold or silver so the cabal can’t have access to it. He is NOT saying the cabal is GOING to take money from the People’s bank accounts as they did in Cyprus, but it’s just good sense right now not to enable them to continue to fund their initiatives with our money.

The Event grows ever nearer.

→Click here to listen to the interview←




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