Laitonn Pleiadian Dolphin 20130312: 2013 Will Be the Year of Disclosure and First Contact ~ by Laura Multidimensional Ocean


By Laura Multidimensional Ocean 

The more I look at videos about UFO all over the internet, the more I listen to my inner self, to my Higher Self, to the human consciousness, the more I see lightships in the sky, the more I can feel it: 2013 Will be the year when we will have ET Contact.

When, where, who? I have no idea. Even if I had, I would keep it to myself, because screaming it on roof tops is a sure way to make it not happen as I see it.

The world is heading every day into a chaos, most of it is engineered, have no doubt about that. The financial / job/ economy crisis has been carefully planned by those who call themselves our masters.

They have also engineered wars, nuclear “accidents”, political coups, propaganda, mind control through advertising, hypnosis, television, radio, harp waves, political incidents, killings of innocent children, women and men, the so called “global warming”, asteroid “threats”.

Basically they wish us to feel like a bird on steroids in a cage thinking that there is nothing else to life than being caged and fed when the time comes. They want to treat human being the same way as they treat animals, and you know how those poor innocent creaturs, how they are used and abused.

Reaching out to spirit, our own spirit and being thought by our higher self is the greatest threat to their control apparatus. Through our Higher Self we can have access to our past, our present and our future.

Through our Higher Self, we can contact being from higher realms of existence, such as angels, archangels, positive Galactic beings, and our sisters and brothers from Inner Earth.

Keep your feet on the ground and your heart with Mother Earth, with our family from Inner Earth and from our family from the stars.

I distinctively have heard today that this year will be the year of great revelations, changes, and reunification with our Extra-terrestrial families, with our Inner Earth families and with our Higher Self.

The coming together on all levels of the One Beings, which has been observing himself/ herself from any different angels.

This year the reunion will be many folds, but the scenario is not complete yet, the game is not quite over yet, all the scenarios have not ran out yet.

When this common matrix dream would have ran its negative course, we can all begin our awakening process and welcome our brothers and sisters from the stars.

They are many in orbit around our planet and our Sun waiting for the scenario to play itself out. Once this happens, we can all awaken and reintegrate our normal place among our own family from the stars.

Much love to you all, a wonderful journey is about to begin, but don’t forget that the journey always begins within. Don’t forget to connect the inner dots with the outer bigger dots.

Love and hugs, Laura Multidimensional Ocean.


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