AA Michael by Ron Head Eng 20130304 That is the power, and it exists in your hearts. – channeled by Ron Head



Today we shall speak to the subject of the cleansing of your world.  Although it is something which does not seem to have begun as yet in your eyes, we assure you that it has.

You, of course, look to see results, and everywhere you look you see continued polluting, what you call fracking, destruction of forests, and depredations of your corporate system.  As bad as that still is, we can tell you that it might have been still worse at this point.  But, referring to our recent message about manifestation becoming obvious only in its last stages, we say now that the same is true in this matter as well.

The progress in changing the attitude and intent of your collective consciousness has been more rapid than ever.  And it continues to spread at an ever increasing rate.  This must occur first, as in everything else.  When it reaches its tipping point, as it soon shall, when Gaia’s children have indeed had enough, the current practices will cease and the damage will begin to be reversed.

Efforts are being made now to keep things from progressing too far in certain areas.  Your air and waters are being protected as much as possible, for instance.  But much, much more could and will be done when we are working together as a team.  Well, why don’t you just do it, you ask?  We could ask the same of you, you know.  But we do understand that, at this point, you are not free to do so.  In truth, many of you do not yet understand even that.

What stops us?  You say that your star brothers would be welcomed.  We know they would be welcomed and shot at.  Loved?  They would be loved and feared.  And not just fear, but true terror would be felt by many.  Our presence would be used as an excuse to terrorize you yet further.  This is not acceptable.

But this too is changing rapidly.  There are many efforts being made at the present time to change this whole situation, and we feel that very soon almost your entire world will be aware that the secret of the existence of other beings around your planet is preposterous.  It is very difficult to deny the existence of something that almost everyone is seeing.

Efforts will be made to instill fear, yes.  But even that seems to be dying down.  And of course many believe that they would indeed welcome a personal visit today.  We tell you there have been such in the past, carefully done, and the results were not as expected.  Very few of you are even now prepared for such a paradigm shattering experience.  That is the reason for caution.  You are the ones being protected, dear ones.

However, it is felt that you are almost ready, and it is certainly plain to see that yesterday would have been better, in many respects, as far as the cleanup of your earth is concerned.  So how can this be brought about sooner?

Do what you are doing.  As we said, the progress is rapid.  It is felt that, between us, things are being brought to a head, as you say.  And do not forget that your own personal changes and readiness are of the utmost importance.  There are many billions of individuals to bring along on this journey, and you must focus on the one whom you can change, and that one, of course is yourself.  If you take care of that, you will find that, miraculously, it has affected everything.  That is the nature of consciousness.  That is the power, and it exists in your hearts.  We have stressed this many times, have we not?

Smile!  Many of you are understanding it.  The more you understand it, the more joyful and free you will be.

We have rambled a bit, but we hope you have enjoyed this conversation.  We will speak again very soon.  Good day.


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