Ascended Masters 20130222 Ascended Master Sanat Kumara ~ The Journey before You is Not at all Mundane ~ via Julie Miller ~ February 20th, 2013


 By Ascension Earth 2012

As channeled by Julie Miller

Blessings of Glorious Delight dearest Children of God! How wonderfully grateful I am to be here today through your sister once again. 

The energies have been quite high for some time now, quickening the vibration as a result of so many dear souls finally awakening for the first time in this lifetime. As each dear soul awakens from their deep slumber they begin to touch through their spirit others that have awakened before them. Each dear soul awakens exactly when they are needed and not a moment before. The more you explore of yourself, the more awakened you will become – striving forward each step to satisfy the curiosity and urges that are coming from deep within your spiritual heart. We encourage each of you to explore, discover and learn what it is your heart is leading you to; allow deep satisfaction enter your being and fill your soul with knowledge that will feed your wisdom. 

The acceleration that you are feeling from within you is not new. The energy and the feeling that there is more for you on a grander scale has been speaking to you, trying to gain your attention for many lifetimes before this one. Now is the time dear ones for you to walk among others who have woke before you and take your place uplifting humanity on a global scale. There is much to learn from times that have past. As you wake, you in time will begin a journey of self-discovery and through this incredible journey it is here where you learn that some of the old traditions and belief systems that you have carried with you are actually weighing you down. It is through your silent reflection that you learn what it is that you truly want; you learn what it is you definitely are ready to be rid of. Through this learning curve of your journey it is also necessary to learn to let go of all past wrongs. Forgive those that have harmed you and forgive yourself – forgiveness is never one-sided dear one. True healing begins when ALL is forgiven and we do this one-step-at-a-time. 

All that you have gathered so far has been valid and essential at the same time you must make time to revisit what you have learned and remember dear ones that some of what you once believed in has changed and that is because you have changed. And change is something that happens every day. There are many who try to avoid change, but change is inevitable. By going within during the development of your Self you will explore various sacred points of interest that will become key references to your growth. Never think for an instant dear ones, that your efforts have little effect. Everything you do, from what you think, feel, speak, write, react and respond all carries energy and this energy effects everyone because of the energy that is involved in all you do. We know it is hard to always have a mind that is clear from worry, concerns, frustrations and so forth, but we also suggest and encourage you to learn how to dissipate this busyness when it occurs and replace the negative energies that occur within the mind with love, compassion and forgiveness. You cannot be accountable for what another person says or does; but you are responsible for what you do and how you respond. 

As you manoeuvre deeper within your Self reaching higher consciousness and awareness you become increasingly aware of others and your perception will change. You discover the need from within your soul to reconnect with Mother Earth. You learn in your own way to cherish her and respect her and return she provides you bountiful of gifts. The more open you become to the endless possibilities that are available the more you will become, and you will become all you are meant to be in time for there is great learning ahead. And learning is not only for the newly awakened ones, learning continues for all that are walking their spiritual journey and learning never ceases. 

There are many masters such as myself that are ready to guide you and support you along your journey. Each master assists within different areas that will become pertinent to your journey, and they often get revisited as you grow and become enlightened for a more in-depth understanding of your Self. Through our teachings and guidance many sacred truths and knowledge will be bestowed upon you in order for you to adopt newer and more efficient ways of accomplishing your daily tasks and challenges. As the energies quicken around you, try dear ones to now get swept up in the commotion. Progress at a pace that is best suited for you. Don’t belittle yourself if you are managing one subject or task at a time – learn what has peaked your interest well with no distractions or the feeling of being rushed before you move to the next interest. All that is waiting for you to reach is not going anywhere. Enjoy your journey. 

Each person that has awakened has been given a gift of opportunity to help humanity restore balance, to assist with nurturing and caring for the Earth and the people that are global neighbours. Change does not happen over-night. Change begins with each person wanting to make changes within themselves and they go through a committed plan to bring those changes into fruition. Every time you make the effort to bring positive change into your world, you are helping to change the world that much more. With practice I know you will become consistent with bringing in positive change and I also know dear ones that you will aid others as anchors along the way; as you know this journey can be quite bumpy. 

With so many diverse people that walk and work among you it is even more essential now to begin loving each other as equal persons. Each of you has something to offer that is useful and appreciated. As you learn to work together for the betterment of mankind you learn to be less competitive and you become happy as you are and less wanting to be like someone else. Yes there are people who are on missions that are appealing and many of these missions you may wish for yourself but remember dear ones, you are also on a mission and is it unique to you. No matter how different each person’s divine soul mission is, there is much that is equal that will bring each of you together, united as a healing collective of Light Loving individuals that whole-heartedly demonstrate the purity of their intent that is found only from the blessed beautiful hearts. 

No matter how new you are on this journey of spiritual delights, allow your Self to truly be open to all that has surfaced for your learning pleasure. Honour the spirits that work with you that have committed themselves to guide you through various stages of your walk. Knowledge has always been sacred dear ones and it still is today. Even in your modernized era of electronics and clever gadgets bias on certain teachings and understandings still exist. Many dear souls resist mystical knowledge; they fear what has been hidden for so long even if that knowledge is of great benefit to them. But through compassionate perseverance, and loving persistence your sharing will help break those learning barriers and allow on a whole scale to share the wisdom from all teachings, regardless of the culture or the ones who practice it. It is imperative to accept all people with love and respect, to end the damnation of foreign beliefs and values – each blessed soul has a worthy contribution that is equally sacred and important as anyone else’s. Change has never been easy has it dear ones? For many it is unwelcomed but it is very necessary, now more than ever. We urge each dear soul that has learned to adapt to the constraints of life they have been conditioned for so long to live to take the courage step forward and break those constraints and discover the many teachings that will help guide you to living a much fuller life that is rich in happiness and love for God. 

As your journey moves you from one instance to another, fear is one obstacle that will be faced more than once. It will reappear in different disguises until you recognize the root to any stagnation or hindrance of your journey. Push the fear away dear through pure unconditional love for yourself; take time to care for yourself through compassionate inner work. You will discover new territory where old boundaries once existed. Embrace the new; rejoice in the challenges that face you. Learn to see the positives within each trial and tribulation. We know how easy it is to see the negative from a situation, but dear ones with every negative you find there are always positive ones to help balance the learning and knowledge building you are accomplishing. Sometimes it does take Time to see with such clarity because you must learn to overcome your Ego in order to see the positive-ness of each situation you have endured and succeeded. Do not rush your growth, enjoy discovering who you are and revel in the fact that this discovery will continue on a daily basis if you allow yourself to see. 

As beautiful Children of God, each of you are considered precious and each of you are loved. Most definitely we embrace you and take delight as you learn to embrace the bounty of what life has given to you as gifts from God. The gifts you are given each day are incredible and dear ones realize that you YOURSELF are a gift not only to the world but to yourself, to your family and those closest to your heart. Make every motion to grow your awareness, raise your consciousness to new heights and see before you a world that is not at all mundane, but spectacular and filled with wondrous joys for you to discover. 

We will continue our discussion in a few days. A pleasure it has been to speak with you, to deliver our words through your Divine Love filled sister. God’s love is always with you Know this as truth. Even if you cannot see Him, and some still may not feel Him, simply KNOW he greets you each day as you wake and His light is what beckons you to step forth and begin anew as each waking day provides you with new opportunities for growth and development not only for the spiritual journey you are one, but to affect every aspect of your life and what an important and special life that is. 

I AM Ascended Master, Sanat Kumara through Julie Miller




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