Ron’s Channeled Messages 20130218 Rekindling Outer and Inner Connections on Nova Earth Day ~ Wes Annac ~


By Wes Annac

The day that’s been looked toward as Nova Earth Day, the day that One Billion will Rise and a few other things has turned out to be quite harmonious for me. It was also Valentine’s Day, so I thought it prudent to spend some time with my dear fiancé and our child. We ended up traveling to a familiar and favorite spot on the Mississippi river, near my hometown and near a canal that leads to two bridges.

I had discovered this place at around the beginning of winter 2012 and long ago (and not so long ago) I can remember having dreams about it and feeling myself in an area that was very similar and representative of this place. I personally feel these were prophetic dreams (which I’m finding myself increasingly able to pick up on) letting me know that I was soon to find a beautiful place out in nature that is secluded enough to be peaceful, yet vast enough to explore.

While my fiancé flew a kite with my child, I did just that. I walked all the way down past the large rocks that sit on this particular part of the river, and found an opening to walk down that led to a tucked-away little paradise. How could I best describe this place?

There were two levels of land that one could jump down to, and on the first level sat a fallen tree to sit on and view the beautiful river from. It was very muddy and slippery, but one could also jump down to the second level and sit on either a rock or yet another fallen tree and be closer to the sounds and whooshes of the river. Needless to say, it was much windier and colder on the lower level but it was still so wonderful to be there.

I used to think that there was no beautiful or awe-inspiring nature in this area, as I once thought that everything here was boring and far away from the rest of progressive society. What I hadn’t realized is that this area and plenty of others all across this world just like it contain some of the most beautiful and blissful nature and the most harmonious of vibrations that one can access, and I’m just beginning to discover all the places around here that give forth those very vibrations.

By making the effort to seek, to explore and discover new things, in many cases stepping out of my ordained comfort zone to do so – I have found the most wonderful of rewards and I have rekindled a relationship with the area around me and with the sentient and strong Gaia we both exist on.

My personal spirituality and ability to pick up on clear and pure vibrations has strengthened since discovering all of the places around here that I didn’t even know existed, and I owe the clarity and purity in which I am able to Live my Life to my personal quest for knowledge, answers and most important of all, anything and everything that will breed or feed the Love within that we can all feel and faintly remember.

This sentiment obviously parallels with our inner-travels. Some of us could be more comfortable sitting on the proverbial beach of our inner discovery, waiting to get in the water for fears that it is too cold or the experience will be too overwhelming. Perhaps some of us rely slightly on written or channeled sources to splash the water in our face a bit and prepare us for our dive into the water – but we are now asked to faithfully and, if we can, willingly, take that dive and discover everything that every opened up soul on our world and in realms far beyond the physical, have themselves discovered.

Even if we are wary about taking that dive and relying solely on our inner-realms and the experiences we can begin to have when tapping into such realms, from personal experience I can say that we will reap wonderful rewards for our efforts; if for no other reason, than for the large burden of density that can be lifted from one’s shoulders when they realize that with their own personal strength and power on their side, their experience of Life becomes much easier and indeed, more enjoyable.

However you find yourself a part of the general awakening occurring at present, you are tasked with fashioning the inner-connection that will see each of us whole beings who are able to express our infinity and power in a widespread and strong manner. It’s been spoken-to before that we must individually awaken if we have any chance of collectively coming together and establishing the new paradigm. So, what are we waiting for?

We will see upon unlocking and fashioning that strong inner-connection to our personal realms, that negativity and any form negativity comes in is a fading aspect of an illusory reality that we are helping bring to an end with our very garnering of personal enlightenment. We will see that we are all awakening souls, and the level of harmony and unity we will feel with our fellow humans who will themselves have found similar perspectives as us will grow enormously.

We are taking the first big steps now. We have been building ourselves up and laying a foundation of Light and awareness that we will now see evolve into a collective rebuilding of this world. The more we get active in raising awareness and the more we seek within to find that personal inner-wholeness and harmony that sees us able to rely on ourselves and our inner-realms for both the establishment of a new paradigm and our personal ascension, the more we will anchor the higher realms we have naturally come to this Earth from, to play the roles we are playing now.

Personally, I’m excited to see where our collective awareness and the resulting actions lead us.

One of the most exciting things about this time we’re in is that so many large groups are motivated to finally push forth and have real change enacted, and absolutely nothing can stop our momentum. Sure, we are a diverse overall collective with different beliefs and opinions about the things pertaining to our New Age, but if we allow ourselves to bicker and fight about those differences than we will only be feeding the old paradigm and obviously, we are done with that paradigm and we’re ready to see it off!

Harmony and acceptance of others will be crucial and again, a personal garnering of inner-wholeness and peace will see us each able to accept each other easily and with open arms. Our collective unity can only grow from here on out, and I’m more than jubilant to begin the next phase of the missions of each of us.

Oh yes, one last note before saying my goodbyes – during my happy quest to get as close to the shoreline of the river as I could, I was given a wonderful little sighting of a cloudy-orb type of ship. It slowly floated across the sky for a few minutes, enjoying my enjoyment of its presence and the interesting thing about this sighting was that, like many others, I had telepathically asked to receive a sighting before it happened.

In my honest opinion, this is just the beginning of everything!

Wes Annac – Energetically-inspired on Nova Earth Day.




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