The manuscript of survival 20130213 The manuscript of survival – part 267



The time has been running out for the old system, and you can already see signs of disturbance emerging. Some of them may have been expected, others come as if out of thin air. Nothing and no one can be deemed as permanent any more, and you have yet to see the full extent of this. But for now, those latest news flashing across your screens can be deemed as portents of things to come. As we have talked about earlier, sudden reversals and a need to shout out and rattle one’s weapons may become apparent in more than one corner of your world, but again we remind you not to fall into the trap of going into fear. For these are the last cries of the despots, whether they rule the minds of millions of others or just a small place on this globe they call their fiefdom. Again, even if some of the happenings may seem to dominate your media, and as usual are being portrayed in the regular doom and gloom fashion, do not fall into the trap of taking it at face value. For, as we have talked about earlier, much is happening in the undercurrent at the moment, and what you see bubbling up to the surface in only a minuscule portion of that. So again, it is important to use discernment here, and watch it all in a detached fashion. For what you are seeing is indeed the last staging of the play in so many ways, and never forget, this last round before the curtain falls on the old illusion may be more than a little bizarre in so many ways.
We do not say this to scare you in any way, just to remind you that all the hue and cry that will erupt in the most unexpected of places is only designed to try to steal your focus away from the real news. And the real news, as you have all gotten more familiar with by now, are nothing but good news. For you have already started to separate yourselves so thoroughly from this charade of the third density world, and the more dust they kick up, the further back you move to get out of the fray. For you have no part in this battle for the old, as you have already stepped into tomorrow.
So let them scream and shout and wave their arms about in any way they can, but know that they cannot touch you no matter how hard they try. For you will see through all of their shenanigans, and you will see it for what it really is, just a pitiful show put together buy a threadbare group of falling empires. For no matter how powerful and evil looking they try to portray themselves, they are nothing more than little sullen children shrieking in the playground, angry because they cannot get their hands on their favorite toys any more. For they have lost you dear ones, as you are no longer anyone’s plaything. You have come into your own now, and as such, no one can manipulate you into stepping in line with their wishes anymore. So sit back and watch as they all start to self disintegrate. They have chewed up the very core of their giant tree with their greed a long time ago, and now, that seemingly mighty creature they have so diligently nurtured is starting to topple over. Slowly at first, but then, the fall will pick up momentum, and all you will see, are all of those greedy and angered little ants scurrying every which way trying to find a new hidey-hole. That will not be easy, as the dark has been left exposed to the light, and as such, their options will be very limited indeed. So stay in the light that you have already taken to your heart, and know that no shadow will ever obscure you again. For you have chosen from your hearts, and you have chosen well, and that choice has already been rewarded with a permanent place in the sun.

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