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Posted by Steve Beckow on February 5, 2013 


The Divine Mother joins us today to discuss what has taken place with regards to ascension and what is happening in the future. She reveals the imminence of a series of events which will raise the blissful love quotient on the planet quite noticeably and assist us to recover our interdimensionality. She again calls it a tsunami of love.

She tells us that all that is real is her love and that we should never fear to approach her with any question. She tells us that NESARA is not far off. But explains that it is not simply an event but a total change in attitudes. She denies that it is being held back by the cabal, whom she says have lost their power.

She advises us to participate in building Nova Earth by doing only what causes our feet to dance. She suggests that we end gender persecution on the planet by exercising our absolute “no,” including financially boycotting those areas of the world that permit it.  She calls Nova Earth Day a unified celebration of love. Thanks to Ellen for a speedy turnaround.

An Hour with an Angel, February 4, 2013, with the Divine Mother

Graham Dewyea:   Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and Steve Beckow of the Golden Age of Gaia. It’s a pleasure to be with you. I’m Graham Dewyea.

Our guest today is the Divine Mother.

So, with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow:   Thank you, Graham. We have the Mother of the Universe on our program, and I’m aware of what an honor this is, Mother, but even so I do feel the need to speak a little bit at the outset of the program, if you’ll permit me, Mother.
Divine Mother:   Yes, of course.

SB:   Thank you. You’re not only the Mother of the Universe, but you’re also my mother, and I am your child. (1) I know that you know that that’s my devotional attitude.

And so I turn to you, as a child does to its mother, with thoughts that trouble me. I’ve been following the 2012 scenario since September of 2008. I’ve heard of wonderful events that were to happen by the end of 2012 — Disclosure, NESARA, Ascension — but here we are in 2013 and none of them has happened.

The Galactics say that their presence around the Earth in millions of ships ensures that this will happen, but that presence has not resulted in them occurring either. We were told that we crossed the galactic plane, that we entered the photon belt, etc., but nothing apparent to us has come of it.

Our trust in the Company of Heaven took a bit of a hit when nothing tangible appeared to happen on 21/12/12, and now we seem to be in a lull in 2013. All the time we hear that things will move fast, but they don’t seem to be moving very much at all.

We’re told that the human collective appealed to you to put back the date of Ascension, but none of us has had any experience of that. It’s a statement we have to take on faith.

And now we’re building Nova Earth, but it seems that we’re doing so without any significant help from the galactics or ascended masters. It’s a little like pushing the boulder uphill. We’re told that full restoration will happen in a matter of months, but it’s much harder to put credence in these statements given what’s happened so far.

So, can you address these difficulties we’re having, please, and tell us how to interpret what seems like a difficult situation?

DM:   Greetings. I am the Mother. And I welcome you, each of you, yes, of my children, also as part of me, as I am part of you. And I accept your queries, and can I say the continuation of this conversation that has begun eons ago, and that is also part and parcel of what you are realizing and acknowledging.

As your mother, and as creator, I have created you. I have birthed you, from my core, from my being. And part of that creation, dear heart, has been free will. And this understanding of your dismay or disappointment or discouragement that certain things have not occurred on December 21st, 2012, or that the galactics have not appeared in front of thee or intervened in any, shall we say, obvious way – because they have intervened in meaningful ways, but we will say obvious way – or that your financial system has not completely shifted.

One of the things that you are saying to me is, “Mother, why did you heed our collective choice to embrace ourselves as the creator race?” You are still not understanding, and I hope to help you in that understanding. It is my design to help you in that understanding of the magnitude of what this decision entails.

So, part of what you are saying is, “Why do you allow us this free will?” And as I have also said to you, it is one of the design elements, if you can think of it that way, that I will not intervene with or shift or change.

Now, many of you are also living in an illusion that things have not shifted or changed, and that is simply not the case. No, I am not asking you, or suggesting to any of you who listen this night, to be delusional, for you have brilliant minds and even more brilliant souls.

But you have need to acknowledge that the core of your being and the core of this planet, of this magnificent Gaia, has changed. And that is part, and a very significant part, of the unfoldment of my plan.

You — and I do not simply speak to you, Steve, but to each of you — have said, “I will step forward, and I will embrace the fullness of my creator self, and I will do so in harmony, in peace, in tandem with my brothers and sisters of this group called human beings.” And you are minimizing, and in some cases even dismissing, the magnitude and the significance of that decision.

Your Ascension is assured. And each of you are already well within that process. And whether you are acknowledging the shift in realities or not, you are upon a planet, my sentient Gaia, who has anchored herself in the 5th.

Therefore, whether you are choosing to acknowledge it or not, your being and the ability to access and to expand into that beingness is already primarily anchored in a different dimensional reality.

I am asking of you that you allow that awareness of expansion, of consciousness, of heart-centered consciousness, of love, to blossom and to live within you and around you. You have said, “We can create, yes, with you, Nova Earth,” which has always been the plan. Let me digress for you to fully understand what it means when we and my Company of Heaven refer to Nova Earth.

Do not forget that Gaia began this journey eons ago as an archangel, and she has assumed this form in service to me in physicality and in a very different form than what you would conceive of as an archangel or an angelic form.

Nova Earth is the positioning, the experience, the beingness of this beautiful planet as it was always intended in the fullness of how it was birthed from its very core, in complete consciousness and heart connection between all things, because everything upon this planet is living.

And this is where human beings fell into an illusion that somehow they were superior, the only living, true energy, even though they have been surrounded by it always.

And what you have declared is that you are capable, willing, able, as a collective race — which is completely hybrid — to assume this role and step into that consciousness of being in harmony with All.

It is akin to a child saying, “Let me try and do this by myself. Let me paint Michelangelo’s Last Supper, Picasso, the Aurora Borealis, let me paint it, Mother.” So we step back, not away, and we say, “All right.”

Now, that does not mean that vibrationally we are not assisting. And I do not simply mean in esoteric or spiritual ways, although I emphasize to you that in terms of importance that is most critical.

But what you have said is, as human vessels, trans-dimensional, human, physical vessels, we wish to give this a try and bring everyone along. And we are standing here with you in amazement and saying, “All right.”

It did not cancel my plan. My beloved humans and angels and starseeds and Earth keepers, I am afraid you are not capable of canceling my plan. Do I have the capacity to arrange an infinite number of variables to adjust to your request? Of course I do. And I have, and I am. But, let us be very clear, it does not cancel. And we are not talking 26,000 years or 10 years or 20 years.

But you are saying two separate things, and what is happening is your heart, which is your core, which is your key to Ascension, is not ruling as yet, because the mind and the ego is still saying, “But, what about…?”

Do I criticize this? Of course not. That is not within my realm. But to think or to hold on to a belief system that you are not part and parcel and co-creators of a Nova reality is inconceivable. Otherwise, you would all be dead. You would have all returned home to me, to what you think of as the Summerlands. But that has never been the plan.

So, has there been adjustment? Yes. Are the galactics working with you? More so than ever. But, again, you are raising the vibration of the collective. So it is in harmony with your star brothers and sisters. You are raising the vibration so that your systems are more reflective, completely reflective, of who you really are.

So, there is a disconnect at this moment, you are quite correct. Because you are saying, “Company of Heaven, this is not enough.” And we are looking at you and standing slightly back in awe, and saying, we are holding you in a vibrational field of unification and support, like you have never experienced, and yes, give it a try. And we will intervene, first of all, where your heart allows us, and, might I say, where it is in keeping with this unfoldment.

So you cannot say, “Ascension did not happen. Throw out that dream. The star brothers and sisters, they might as well be 20 million miles away. Our bank accounts are still empty.” You are saying these things because you are making peace with the 3rd.

And you may say to me, many of you who have been very diligent in your becoming, you will say, “Mother, I have done my work. What are you talking about, making peace with the 3rd?”

Well, dear heart, you would not be angry, you would not be in fear, you would not be in dismay or irritation if you had completely reached that place of peace with the 3rd. You would be moving completely into the creation mode that you are claiming as your birthright and your next step.

Additionally, yes, you have been diligent, you have been magnificent, but you are also helping as pillars, as wayshowers, as gatekeepers, you are helping your brothers and sisters to also reach this place of heart-centeredness.

Your Ascension is underway. You cannot, I ask of thee — and it is seldom that I make such requests — but I am asking of you, do not simply throw away the idea that you are ascending. You are in the middle of this, and part of what you are claiming as your Ascension process, the vehicle that you are using, is the participation and the anchoring in physicality where human beings can participate and live in harmony of Nova Earth.

This is much bigger, this is much grander than originally envisioned. You have stepped from childhood to adulthood, to maturity, and you have said, “Yes, Mother, I came to be part of this. But I think we can do more, and learn more and teach more, throughout the multiverse, if we do this diligent undertaking in this time and space.”
There are very few — I will use the word impossibilities because it is a word that you understand — it is impossible that the Company of Heaven, your star friends, your families, that Gaia or the mountains and trees and streams have abandoned you.

We are embracing you more reverently than ever before, because you are saying, “We can also create the miracle, and Mother, I acknowledge that I am the miracle.” And in that you are acknowledging not only the miraculous nature of creation, but my presence within you and your presence within me.

So do not think, yes, with your intellect and your head and your ego, that everything that has been discussed in terms of significant external, visible expressions of freedom upon your planet has simply been pushed to the side. It is not so.

Now, I know you will say to me, each of you who listen to this will say, “All right, well, if it is not pushed to the side, then, Mother, when?” And you know also that I honor the soul contract that this channel has set forth to not deal with dates and time, but I do suggest to you, this is not an elongated process.

And in many ways on Earth, in your human form, even in your mental body, your emotional bodies, which are becoming completely unified…. At the beginning of a project, you often muddle, and you brainstorm and you think and you consult, and you say, “Where to begin? What are the issues? What is the completion of this loop, so that we arrive where we wish to be?”

But at the start, which is the new chapter, the new book, the new adventure that you are already on, you say, “Well, we don’t have all the pieces yet.” And what I am saying to you with the entirety of my being, you have the pieces. They are within you and around you and accessible.

Allow them to emerge. And keep that sense of joy and love, knowing that you are at the beginning of this creation cycle, and the creation that you have claimed from Father and me, is your ability to create. This has been something that we have been waiting for.

And you are not doing it by saying, “Now I am in the 5th, 6th, 7th dimension.” In fact, you are hazy on that. But you are saying it with this sense of determination, not knowing exactly where you are. And that is why I say to thee, you are on a planet that has shifted to the 5th. So let go of the hologram.

So, sweet angels, dear Steve, you have made your opening declaration.

SB:  [laugh] Well, Mother, if I may, I’m simmering in bliss over here, and I wanted to say, for the benefit of our listeners that I have no fear in asking you the most difficult questions because you are my mother and I am your child, and even if I were chastised by you it would be like a feather on my cheek and I would benefit from it.

So I fear not in treading in any area with you. And I have a lot of questions, but so little time. So, let me transition to another topic.

(Continued in Part 2.)→




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