AA Michael by Ron Head Eng 20130107: Archangel Michael: Keep Always In Your Hearts Your Connection To The Whole


As channeled by Ron Head – January 04, 2013


We greet you once again and wish to continue in our explanation of your current circumstances. Most of you have begun to emerge from what you would describe as a ‘funk’. You do have some wonderful words. Now what is to be done?

It is only necessary for you to maintain your focus on your inner selves, on connecting more and more closely with your hearts. Learn to act from that place. You will find that among the things which will happen are a knowing of what you must do next and the arrival of circumstances which will allow movement. The ‘bravery’ or ‘faith’, or whatever you wish to call what it will take to make the first step, you will find in the same place you found that knowing.

These are not simple things, my friends… unless they are. These are the steps of masters. Masters do not always need to do vast world changing things. Masters just must take the first step and then of course the next. But you will agree that you may not begin by taking the second step. And you need to also understand that you are where you are because that is precisely where your first step must be taken. There are many billions of you there at this moment, each in the position to take a first step. You only need to worry about your own.

Imagine tomorrow’s world in which everyone had taken that first step today. There are first steps being taken today, dear friends, as well as second ones, and indeed, some which are very near to final ones. Only concern yourselves with what it is your heart wishes to accomplish where you are. The rest will be handled quite nicely by your fellows.

You will find now that, as all of the former obstacles are discovered to be gone, much more will begin to be accomplished than you have seen in your lifetime so far. You will also find that the obstacles to your own personal growth are no longer so formidable. This year you will discover how very powerful you and your fellow humans truly are. But the final steps will not come first any more than they ever have.

Many times you may find it necessary to return to your hearts and renew your strength. At those times, do not forget to ask us for our help. End each day with gratitude for what you have done or learned, and begin each day with gratitude for the new opportunities it brings. Do what is yours to do, but keep always in your hearts your connection to the whole.

That this is no ordinary year will soon become apparent. We think you are beginning to understand how very special and wonderful you are and are becoming. We are overjoyed in what you are doing.

Do not berate yourselves for needing a bit of respite now and again. It has been a long, long road. You have always stood again and re-entered the fray. We know you will not quit now that the fruition of your efforts is so very near. You carry our deepest love and respect as you build now a world never seen before.

We will continue to speak with you often, dear friends. Good day.

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