Messages of Light 20121220 Heavenletter # 4409. The One God. December 20, 2012


God said:

I have never forsaken you. You may have wandered off from yourself, but I wander from you, never. I gave you life. I sent you on your way. I have never left you. I have always been right with you. I have never veered from you. There is something you are looking for and have not yet gotten in your mind’s grasp. Therefore you think you are missing something.

There is something in you that makes you look outside you. You look for Me outside you. You look for proof of Me, and you are bereft when you don’t find it. You may even think: “God has betrayed me. He certainly has let me down.”

Beloveds, you have looked down, and you have looked up. You have looked everywhere to find Me. I give you that. And yet what does it mean that the Kingdom of Heaven is within you? It means that this is where you will find Me. Yes, inside you. You are the carrier of Me. I am that Still Voice within you. I cry out to you, “Find Me, find Me.” All the while you are muttering: “God, where are you?”

It often seems that rather than seeking proof of Me and Our Love, you are seeking proof that I am not. “Aha,” you may say. “See, You’re not here. So much for You, God. You’re a great idea, yet You haven’t shown Your face to me.”

And I say: “I cannot say to you that you should look to your face. I am not your face. You might see Me in your eyes, however. So look into your eyes, and meet your gaze. I do exist within you. I am within you. I am not hidden. It is you who hides yourself from Me. There is some rascal within you who refuses to recognize the depth of wealth that is yours, mightily yours, yours always and forever. Yours,” I say.

You went out for a stroll and you forgot your way back, and still you stroll or still you troll looking for that which you are sure belongs to you that you are, at present, unable to claim. Your name is written all over it, yet you miss what is right in front of you – rather, what is deeply within you. It belongs to you. It is yours. I gave Myself to you. I give Myself to you now. I wave My hand, and I yell, “Here I am. Right here,” and I pound inside your chest, and you hear Me not. You may think you are having palpitations. Stop diagnosing and simply open your heart and mind to Me. I am calling on you.

You may have somehow gotten the idea that I am to submit to you. I submitted Myself to you from the beginning. Somehow you seem to feel that submitting to Me is tantamount to giving up yourself. Well, go ahead. Turn yourself into Me. Give up your stubbornness. Concede. Concede to My love which is stored within you. Take Me out of storage. You have kept Me hidden from you for far too long..

Accept that I am One with you. Therefore, you are One with Me. I may dance in front of you, trying to get your attention. I point to inside you, and you say that I am absent. You, beloved, have been absent-minded and absent-hearted. No longer refuse My Presence within you.

Where would I be but within you? I would never be without you, and you are never without Me. I accompany you. I AM you. There is One of Me, and it is you. I reside within you. It is time now to stop looking so much for Me outside you. Here, here I am, right in your heart. I await your recognition of the God Who loves you no matter what you say. You do not know better than I. Your thoughts wander off somewhere. That’s all that has happened. Know Me, know yourself.

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