Ascension Earth 2012: 20121220 Transcript: Archangel Michael – The Light Agenda, December 19 2012, Final Episode


Posted by Stephen Cook

Stephen: A huge, HUGE thanks to the lovely Ellen McGuffie – our trusted transcriber extraordinaire! – for transcribing this final episode of The Light Agenda with Archangel Michael in world record time so we can all enjoy Michael’s own light agenda before our expected Ascension tomorrow.  Thanks also to Anthony Morrison for doing a final check-through.

In this 90-minute interview, Michael talks about his own journey, his beginnings, how he got his name, his family, sibling rivalry, his favourite moments, his artistry, his love of music, Lemuria, Atlantis, his fun side – he even tells a joke or two! – and, of course, he gives us all some last minute tips for Ascension.

You can listen to the whole show here:

Stephen Cook: Hello, and welcome once again to The Light Agenda. This is Stephen Cook. Now, firstly, thank you to Steve Beckow for honoring us all with his candid and open-hearted interview last week. And for me it was both a pleasure and a treasure. And, judging by the numbers of you who tuned in here to hear Steve talk about his own light agenda, I would say that that show has been very well received.



And on a personal note, I would like to thank Steve for his wonderful friendship, and also for his unwilting dedication to assisting so many of us to be as informed as we possibly can be about the world and times we live in and what lies just ahead — our Ascension.

So now, to today, the final episode of The Light Agenda. My special guest is the Archangel who’s become a friend to all of us. He’s been a guiding voice in all our lives for at least the past year, and, if not longer, and that is Archangel Michael. And I have to say, it’s been a rather interesting process in trying to prepare for today’s program, because no matter what you think is out there on Archangel Michael, and no matter what you can find from researching and reading, who knows whether it’s accurate or not? So, hopefully, today’s show will unravel some of the mysteries that us Earthly-bound souls yet know about Michael. 

So, with that in mind, please welcome to The Light Agenda, Archangel Michael…

Archangel Michael: Greetings. Yes, I am Michael, Archangel of peace, warrior of love, and I would hope friend and beloved of all.

SC: You are indeed, Michael. [laugh] Now, as I just said in my intro, we’re going to try and cover as much as we can today without completely exhausting Linda Dillon, as your channel. So, can you tell me, first, is much of what I can see out there at the moment, whether it’s been in the Bible, or in various books that I could find, is much of what we know about you accurate?

AAM: Yes, I would say that a great deal of it is accurate. But as you know anybody that is writing who even thinks that they are journalistic tends to exaggerate in order to capture people’s imaginations and interests. So, I would say that some of the skeleton outlines are accurate, but sometimes there is a great deal of exaggeration.

What is not in the Bible or in other reports and books about me is the quality of the interaction that I have with human beings and the many miracles that occur all the time. Those go unnoted, they go unrecorded. And that is fine with me, by the way. I do not wish to be known as an ancient or a modern-day saviour.

SC: [laugh] Saying that, though, what are some of those things that we may have read that have been exaggerated, in order to make you maybe look good?

AAM: My name, for example, means “as is God.” Now, that was intended to simply reflect, just like your name and your essence reflects, that I am of the Source and One, and that is whence I came. But there have been many efforts, both in the Bible and in other sacred writings, and in other cultures, to make me almost an idol figure, that everything good, bad, and indifferent that has happened to a people is accorded to me. And that is simply not so. That is part of where the human illusion has built up in terms of ascribing to me things that really did not exist.

SC: Now, you just mentioned your name “Michael”. When I looked it up, and I went back to the original Hebrew, it is as you just said, it means “like to God.” But Mi means “who”, K or KA means as or like, and El means basically deity. But in terms of that, is that just an Earthly-bound name that people have given you, or is that the name that you have always had?

AAM: No. That is my name. And that is the name that I am known by, throughout Heaven, Earth and far beyond, throughout the multiverse.

So, while there have been times where I have been incognito, my name has never changed. In fact, what I tend to do if I go incognito — which is rather fun at times, you know — is simply not say any name at all.

SC: So saying that, though, who named you?

AAM: It is a name that I chose in concert with Mother/Father One.

SC: And are they, then, your family?

AAM: As they are your family as well.

SC: So are you in the same way as God, where it’s said that God is and always has been and always will be, are you, is, always has and always will be as well?

AAM: No. I had a beginning. I would like to tell you a story about a lowly beginning, but it would not be true! But I did have a beginning. I emanated as a seed, a spark, an orb of light directly from the heart of One, directly from the heart of the Mother. And, like you, I was given the form…. Do you know that the archangels are amongst the first to be born or formed, and in that, both Gabrielle/Gabriel and I were amongst the first? And that is where my name comes from. So, in many ways, it was the beginning of creation. So, in that way, I did have a beginning.

I do not anticipate, nor have I been informed by the higher-ups, that I will have an end!

SC: I hope not! [laugh] Now, I’m not going to ask you what that could possibly be in our current linear time Earth — Earth years. But in saying that you’ve been around since the very beginning, where have you been? Where did you begin? Was there a place out there in the multi-universes that you began? Or have you literally just been everywhere, all of the time?

AAM: There was one time when I said to your beloved Steve Beckow that I could be in a million places at once. And that quite flummoxed him. As you can well imagine, that pleased me to no end, because he’s a very difficult being to puzzle. But let me answer your question. When I began, you can think of it as just being space. Infinite space. It was long before what you think of as planets or galaxies, or the solidity of universes or forms really came into being. So I have been around, while all this creation has been taking place.

When you ask, “Well, where have you been, Michael?” it is a very important and pertinent question, because what I am to say to you is exactly what you can do, and what you are learning to do, particularly as you graduate to higher or different dimensions. You can find yourself present in all of space, in all energy. Because whether it is a planet or deep space or a star or One, it is all simply energy.

Now, there are times — and we are talking eons here — where you bring your attention out of that huge expanse of space and bring your focus into one area to do a particular undertaking for the Mother, or for your family, because I would like to talk more about that, or because you simply feel like it.

You see, as archangels, as angels, as humans, there are varieties of choices available to us. We have referred to your planet, and to humanity, as a free-will zone. And in many ways it is unique to Gaia, although there have been and there are other planets and solar systems where free will is present. But part of our beginning and our alignment, our coming into truly inhabiting the space that you think of as Michael, was the choice and the alignment to be and to make only one choice, and that was to be part and always participating and serving the One.

So you can think of me in many ways, as the boy who has never left home.

SC: So when you say that, though, are your family…. Okay, we talk about how your family includes man. It includes all of time and space, I suppose. But in terms of archangels, the other archangels, as I know them, are Gabriel, Jophiel, Metatron. Who is your closest family, and how do you all work together, and how do you decide who’s going to play what role within that family?

AAM: My closest family are the archangels. We think of ourselves as a family unit, the same way you would think of yourselves, particularly with your soul family as a family unit. The archangel that I am closest to and that you can almost think of as my twin, because we came into essence and being right about the same time is Gabriel/Gabrielle. She is the sister of my heart, the brother of my soul, and we have shared names back and forth over time.

Then it is Metatron, Jophiel, Uriel, Ariel. We are very, very close. And while you think of me, or of any of us, for that matter, as having certain domains, there is a great deal of overlapping in this family business, and there is seldom a mission that any one of us undertake that we are not backed up or reliant upon or working with the rest of the realm of the archangels, my brothers and sisters.

SC: I was going to say that. So is there, then, sibling rivalry over who gets what gig?

AAM: Sometimes. [laughter] Sometimes. You know, I am known as the warrior of peace, but I also tell you that my background is as an artist and as a musician.

SC: Yes, and we’re going to be talking about that in a little while. But just sticking on family for the moment, Michael, you said that you wanted to talk a bit more about family. So what is it that you wanted to say about that?

AAM: The family is the cornerstone of existence. That family, whether it is your physical family, which is simply a replicator and not at all times a good replicator, but family is as important to us as it is to you, perhaps even — oh, far more so. So yes, sometimes there is sibling rivalry, and sometimes there is, “Why do you get all the glory and the front headlines?” And then we laugh about it.

For example, Gabriel is the one that is not only the central administrator, but the bringer of news. You may have noticed lately, in some of my interviews with you and with your InLight Radio family that I have called myself warrior of peace, archangel of love and bringer of good news. Well, what that is really doing is scooping Archangel Gabrielle’s gig, because she is the messenger. She is the trumpet of truth and the lily of love.

And so we joke about it. But because I have chosen this role to work with you, I truly am the bringer of news, and I would hope mostly good news, although there are some that would debate that. And so we will tease each other and joke. But Archangel Gabrielle got to bring news to Mohammed, to the Universal Mother Mary when she was incarnate with Jesus. She has gotten to talk to many upon the planet whereas, what do I get to do? Well, I get to go out and meet people and try and make peace. I try and calm the waters. I get sent to find my errant brother [Lucifer] who has strayed from the path.

So there are jokes and some sibling rivalry amongst us, but it is always out of love.

SC: Well, let’s just talk about that errant brother, because what I can gather, Lucifer is that errant brother. Am I correct in that?

AAM: That is correct.

SC: And he has often been called Satan. So if all the archangels are peace loving, how did Lucifer stray? And in a reading recently you told a friend of mine that you had sought out and found Lucifer and brought him back to the Divine Mother. What did that involve?

AAM: If you remember, a few minutes ago we talked about the need, the free-will decision point at which each of us decided to align with Divine Will, Divine Plan, and love. And that is true of all the archangels, now.

Lucifer is a wild guy. And he thought that actually he was being restricted and held under house arrest, as it were, by Mother/Father. And of course Father never talks or says much of anything. And so he got to this belief where he really felt that if he is of God, of Source, of One, then he had all the material, what you would think of as DNA, all the power to do whatever he wanted.

And so his idea was that he would go off and formulate his own universe, his own multiverse, and basically set himself up in business away from the family. He strayed too far. And this is an understanding that the human beings particularly, and all of you who have lived in other planetary systems, and gone through inter-galactic war after war after war will understand. He lost his way.

And that sense of power, of entitlement, of out-of-balance righteousness, made him forget that eternal link to the heart, the mind and the will of One. But because of that, does it mean that we forgot about him? How shall I put it? Lucifer is a hell of a guy! We wanted him to come home!

SC: [laugh] So, in saying that, though, Michael, how does an archangel grow up? I mean, is there such a thing as archangel school, or do you come into being, and you’re then all knowing at that moment as well?

AAM: There is no school. The moment of becoming contains all that you would need to know. Because the link directly to the Source is so intense. So when the Mother asked me, and she did ask me, to go and bring Lucifer home, I did so. Now, by that time, there were many angels, and although I have always gotten the credit for going and fighting the darkness and destroying what you would tend to think of as ego within Lucifer, I was accompanied by my family. I was flanked by my family. I would not go on such a journey alone. And the legions of angels that went with me, many of whom are listening tonight — and I take the chance to say thank you yet again — came with me.

It was not such a struggle, so much as a lifting up and helping my brother to remember who he is and the love that he is, and the love that was felt for him, known for him, held for him. And in many ways, yes, because it is a story about archangels and the rise and fall, it has far more drama, theatre. But it is really not that much different than what I have been doing with you, the collective of humanity, which is basically reminding you of who you are, how deeply you are loved and cherished and valued and honored and respected, and that we want you to come home. Not home in terms of coming back to what you think of as being dead and out of body, in Heaven, but home, to the dimension where we can share and where you can truly be what you were always intended to be.

SC: In saying that you serve us or you guide us here on Earth, and you’ve said that you are everywhere all at once, so are you serving other beings on other planets at all times? And if so, how do you serve them?

AAM: I must say that the focus of my intention for about, oh, several hundred years has primarily been with Gaia and Earth. Do I do other visitations and assignments? Yes, I do. And where I go throughout the multiverse is places just like on Earth, where perhaps there is a little bubbling and a hotspot developing. So I go and I work with the collective, or species, to help them remember that that is not their function, their mission or purpose.

SC: Now, over the last year you’ve talked about working with the Galactics. And I know you personally don’t like the terms of hierarchy, but obviously there are archangels; then there are angels such as the seraphim and the cherubim. And in saying “the Galactics,” how does that work in terms of working alongside angels? Because my understanding of the Galactics is that they are like us. They are living beings. They’re simply in another dimension from us.

So how do you come together with them? And how does that actually, I suppose in essence, work?

AAM: I treasure and love working with the Galactics, with the inter-Galactics, with the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies — you name it, I am there. You have a saying, don’t you, “They’re my kind of people”?

SC: [laughs]

AAM: Well, they are definitely my kind of people. And you know why? The Galactics aren’t too involved in high drama. Now, a little bit of drama is good sometimes to create change. And there are situations, planets, and dimensions, where creative chaos is a very active element. But when we are talking about the Galactics, and particularly the Galactics that have been around and present on Earth, oh, for thousands of years, they are very well organized. That is why Gabriel loves them as well. She is a central administrator, and with the Galactics she has very little to do. They have organized themselves exceptionally well.

So your question: How do I work with them? Well, they are beings, many of them humanoid, many of them different than the humanoid function. And they certainly have the higher dimensions available to them. Most of the Galactics that you work with, and that are assigned to Earth, are between the fifth and the seventh dimensions.

It’s funny that very rarely anybody asks about this. But nevertheless, I ramble on. How I communicate is heart to heart, telepathically. How I work with them is very much in strategy.

Now, you say to me, “Michael, what is your job? What is it you really do?” Other than be on the radio?” …. [laughter] And sometimes you think that is a full-time job, but it is not. So you can think of me almost as a foot soldier, in a lot of ways. I am part of the first wave, and I meet — sometimes physically, sometimes telepathically — yes, I have a form, and the Galactics are used to seeing me, so that is not a problem. And we formulate strategy. And often my job is helping them maintain their sense of perseverance, of calm, of perspective, of humor, and of light.

Think about it. There are many of these beings that have been waiting, not just hundreds of years, but who traveled here thousands of years ago, whose entire life has been on board ship. They come. They hold Earth in a golden pink cocoon, for what seems to them like eons. Finally, that cocoon is removed, the grid is shined up, everybody’s ready to go, and then there is a halt.

And very often, dear heart, I am the one that makes what you would think of as that final decision of not yet. And if you think that the humans are frustrated, that the lightworkers and lightholders are frustrated, your brothers and sisters of the stars are equally frustrated.

Now, they have a bigger perspective, a bigger understanding of the unfoldment, a stronger understanding of what has transpired and will transpire. But, you know, there are thousands and thousands and thousands of star beings already on planet. They have been showing themselves to the common populace, to the government, to all governments. There have been agreements reached, accords signed, invitations issued, and then I say not quite yet.

So part of my work with the Galactics is the working of the timing. And also working with the Galactics not only on ship, but those that are on planet. Because they have come into a human, third-dimensional realm to prepare the way, to acclimatize the population for their arrival.

And that has been a difficult, challenging assignment. And one that has exhausted many, because the vibration, particularly even of a year ago on old Earth, is very dense. That is one of the reasons we are not operating in front of you continually. Not because we can’t. It is because up until now, and even now to some extent, the energy is very dense!

SC: Now, Michael, you’ve just said that you’re the person who says “Not yet.” So in terms of some of the things that you’ve talked about over the past 12 months especially, people have been disappointed that things haven’t always panned out within the timeframe we’ve possibly been told, and you’ve just said that you have been the one who said, “Not yet.” So how do you feel when things don’t transpire, we are disappointed, and you’re the person who’s had to make that call?

AAM: Yes, and I do not suggest that all responsibility lies with me. It is always a joint, conjoined decision. But if you think of me as the front line in this undertaking, particularly with reference to the Galactics…. What I feel when I have to say to my brothers and sisters, the commanders of the various forces, that I do not think it is a good idea to go quite yet, “Do you think we can formulate this strategy once again to adopt to a different reality?” not only do I feel each and every one of your heartbreaks; I feel theirs, their disappointment. Because it is disappointing.

How do I feel? I turn to my brothers and sisters, I turn to the Mother, and then I turn to the All. I fill myself with the love that is my essence and yours. Then I pick myself up and I keep going. It is not so different, my friend.

SC: So when do you think — and I’m going to be very direct here — when do you think you’re going to say it’s all go, it’s all clear, let’s do it?

AAM: It isn’t a matter of thinking, because it is always attunement to the plan. But I would think, as you put it, that this would be a go in December of 2012.

SC: Which is where we are right now.

AAM: That is correct.

SC: Okay. Now, I know you don’t like dates and things, but you’ve just said December, 2012. So in two days’ time we are going to be in the day that everybody is hoping, praying, wishing and wanting, a new world, a new Earth, or rather the unfolding of the Divine Plan so many of us have come here to be part of or to see, feel, breathe and assist with. So, let’s go to Friday.

Now, in my reading just a couple of days ago with you, you told me that things will transpire differently for each one of us. So, can you explain a little bit about that? But, you know, everybody in this linear time is always looking for a direct answer, so can you try and be as direct as you’re able to be?

AAM: I will do my best.

SC: Thank you.

AAM: As I have said to thee, this is a time of divine convergence, of timelines far beyond what you think of as Earth, but it is a convergence of human timeline, Gaia timeline and Divine timeline coming together in a point, in a conjunction that allows a flow of energy.

Now, you have been wedded to this date, and it is something that we can accommodate. So, what we say to you, though, is that this process has already begun. And for some of you it began the moment you opened your eyes and realized, “Oh, my gosh! I’m on Earth! How did I get here? Oh, yes. I remember. I agreed to come.”

For others, it has been a year or two. For some it has been weeks. Therefore your experience of this unfoldment is going to vary. But there is an opening of heart consciousness. What you feel is a shift from your head and out of your head into the fullness of your heart existence. It doesn’t mean that we are eradicating your mental body, your emotional body. Even your ego will have a role.

And part of that convergence, that opening, that penetrating of love light into the plant does occur on the 21st of December. But that is not the beginning, the middle and the end. It continues on. And each person will experience it slightly different. But they would have to have decided not to be a part of Gaia any longer to not experience anything.

So that shift is going to occur. For some it will be rapid, like awakening from a long sleep. For others it will be a slower awakening. But it will be an awakening. Because Gaia herself is Ascended.

SC: Now you, at some point not so long ago, were very flattering about my personal vision of this intense bright light that hits the Earth, and literally we are all swathed in white light. Is that still what some of us will experience on Friday?

AAM: Yes. It is what you will experience, and it is really what everyone on the planet will experience. Some will be conscious of it, and some won’t.

SC: Okay. Even White Cloud through Blossom Goodchild last week said that it would be this intense white light that will make us fall to our knees. Is that what will happen, or how could you best explain it?

AAM: That is a very good way of putting it, because the energy of the light, what you think of as light, which is really a beam of Source energy — and I do not mean simply a god of one of your universes; I mean the Source — it is the energy of love, and it will be enough, if you are not sitting down, it will bring you to your knees. We are suggesting that you try and lie down in your bed, comfortably, when you begin to have that sensation.

SC: What about people that are working or might be driving a car or are doing something where they’re in action, that they’re, you know, not everybody’s going to be in the…

AAM: Well, that is because, well, we have all hands on deck for protection, for working, for attunement, for safety. The safety patrol will be in full force that day.

SC: [laugh] So you’ve got a big day coming up, then!

AAM: Dear heart, we have had a big year! And yes, the Galactics are on full alert as well for that day. So we are not anticipating that everybody loses control of their machinery at work, or their car, or their various tools. That will not occur.

But when you feel that dizziness, when you feel that pulsing energy, as if you have just put your finger in the cosmic light circuit, then sit down.

SC: Okay. [laugh] Now, you mentioned it’s been a busy year for you. And I’d like to just go back about a year and just do a little bit of a summary for the last few months. Because you basically came to many people’s, I suppose, physical presence when they first heard you speaking through Linda on that very first episode of An Hour with an Angel on the 12th of the 12th last year. And that was the first time I’ve ever heard an archangel speak live on radio, and I understand it’s also the first time you’ve ever found a channel for whom you could communicate through at that level.

But why you and not one of your other archangel brothers and sisters?

AAM: It could have been any of us. But as I say, think of me as the general, as the foot soldier, as the one that goes in first to make sure that peace and harmony are established before everyone else shows up. So, that is why it has been me.

And each of us, Gabrielle and I especially, we love to appear in front of people. As does the Divine Mother from time to time. So yes, we have used a channel — and there have been many channels that I have used, let me be clear about that; because that has been my way to establish such presence upon the planet.

SC: Well, saying that, though, at the moment, from what I can gather, the ones that I know of, you speak through Ron Head, you speak through Ronna Herman, you speak through Fran Zepeda, you speak through Linda Dillon. Obviously there are others all over the world who speak other languages that we may not know that you speak through. Is that correct?

AAM: Oh, yes.

SC: So, working through Linda, though, why did you choose to come through her?

AAM: I will tell her, and I will disclose to you, it was a soul agreement, and it was the reason why she stayed. It was to be the voice and the vessel for these transmissions for the entire Council of Love. So it was already known and agreed upon. This one in other lifetimes has been very close and dear to us. And the vibration was compatible. And so we knew that we would be able to match our vibrations, for her to come and for us to come down, and to use her physical body, her vessel, in order to communicate in this way. So it was a soul contract and agreement.

SC: And in saying that, though, throughout the last 12 months, how open have you been able to be with each of us? I know that you’re always sharing your heart, but because we currently live in this third-dimensional, duality-based existence, and it goes back to what you were just saying about what lies ahead in two days’ time, is there a part where you simply can’t tell us what lies ahead, or that it just would be too much information for us all? What is the determination you have when you’re deciding what you can and are able to tell us about?

AAM: The determination is two-fold, the determination is sometimes we could give you information and it would make absolutely no sense, because you do not have the context or the understanding, the wisdom or the knowledge, in which to translate what we would be talking about.

Now, when we have information of such portent that we know you won’t understand, we tend to download it. Many of you have had a feeling of a ticker-tape running across your forehead, of bundles of information. And that is how we handle that. But in terms of a general sharing of information, we give you information that you can first understand and that will prod you along.

Yes, I do use the word prod, nudge, help, assist. So sometimes we will give you information because it will catalyze you to your next step. We aren’t interested just that the Mother’s plan comes, plonk, and it is put in place! Because that is not the way of the Mother’s plan. The Mother’s plan involves your full participation.

So what we do is we give you the information that we feel will nudge you to the next step. We could not start initially talking about Ascension without talking about clearing, without talking about vasanas or debris, or letting go of the false grids, the old paradigms. So we give you what we know you can comprehend and integrate.

Now, your integration has been magnificent and rapid in terms of the universal scope of things. There are other things that it is simply not for your highest good to know, either because you would turn away or halt your journey, or you would take a different road.

SC: Is there also that sense, though, that if you tell us too much we expect something, and instead of living through the process and being in the moment of now that we’re suddenly there going, “Ah, Michael said this would happen now,” and “Ah, Michael said this would happen now,” and, “Oh, I thought this would happen now, and it’s not happening.”

AAM: That is exactly the truth. And the difficulty becomes that you don’t live your life, that you don’t participate and do everything that you intended to experience and do within your incarnation. So, for example, if I had come a decade ago and said, “Don’t worry about it, you’re all ascending,” well, then, you would not have proceeded, would you? You would have sat back and simply said, “Well, don’t worry about it. He went and got Lucifer. He’ll come and get me.”

And then you would be robbed of the experience, the magnificent experience of your life. So it is not always for your highest good to know.

Also, there is an assumption that we only have good news, that we always have good news. From where we sit, we are aware of tragedy, of death, of diversions in the path. Why would we tell you about that? Information is not always a gift.

SC: Speaking about those good things, though, you mentioned to me in our reading the other day that you wanted to talk about some of the wonderful miracles that have occurred on the planet that you’ve been part of that include openings in human consciousness such as we’re about to go through in two days.

So would you like to tell us a little bit about what some of them were, and what role you actually played in those?

AAM: Well, my role is minimal. I will have to give credit to the entire family! [laugh] And to many of the Ascended Masters as well. But yes, I would be delighted to share about some of those openings.

How far back do you want to go?

SC: As far back as you would like to go, my friend.

AAM: Lemuria was a wondrous opening. It was the complete balance when the mental body, the emotional body and the spiritual form came together in co-creation that you could spin the codes into whatever you desired. My job in that unfoldment was helping the — well, I guess that you would call them humans, but they did not have exactly the same form as you right now do. But to help them integrate into physicality, the energies that they wished to call upon as they moved forward.

I must tell you, I have worked with civilizations on and off your planet for eons. And out of that, the Lemurians were the kindest, most gentle, most agreeable, most placid, most peaceful. They are amongst my favorites.

Now, that was not simply my undertaking. During Atlantis, I issued the first invitations to the inter-Galactics and Galactics to come, and come they did, in droves. That is one of the first places I worked very succinctly with this channel, for we had a lot to do. And there was a great deal of vibrational adjustment.

Now, Raphael was very busy as well. But I was responsible for issuing the invitation and guiding, can we say, the fleets to come to Atlantis and create that wonderful open society. That is why above and below, and throughout the universe, why it was taken so personally when Atlantis did not ascend, when each of you did not ascend. It was such a joyous time, filled with such potential. Everything was in place. And then, of course, the ego and the desire for power raised its head.

SC: And how do we prevent that from happening right now?

AAM: During the time of Atlantis, we did not invoke or practice containment. That is the biggest change, the shift that we have put in place during this time of change. But you raise a very important point, and particularly now, as you are right at the portal, so to speak, and that is not engaging the ego, the fear, the anger, or the lower vibrations, the illusions o the old third dimension. Those are human creations that have been the destruction of you time and time and time again. Are you not tired of it?

SC: So we’re on track.

AAM: Trajectory is direct.

SC: Good. Now, we were just talking about moments in time. The other week on An Hour with an Angel you mentioned to Geoffrey West, who was hosting that week, that you created the Aurora Borealis. And what I’d like to know is, firstly, how you did it and why you did it.

AAM: I did it for fun. You’ve heard of fun?

SC: Yes. [laughing] And so have you!

AAM: You know, I love to play! That is why I love to gallop around the universe with my galactic friends. I love to play! Now, let me tell you, at heart I am an artist and a musician. And in concert with Gaia — because I would never do anything that was not in agreement with her — we wanted to pretty up things!

And what is more beautiful than painting with light? And having the painting constantly change and challenge and morph? It is a visual. It is your earliest movie. And it is your earliest light movie. So that you could look at it and say, “Look how the energy can morph and transform! This is the coolest planet to be on! This is the best place in the universe to hang out. Look at this beauty! I will never hurt her, or maybe she’ll stop the show.”

So I did it as a gift to humans, but also to Gaia. Not that she is not magnificent enough, but her field is quite magnificent, you know. And it is radiant. But there are times when you want just a little more. And so I painted it for her.

I added a little color to the Grand Canyon as well.

SC: Anything else that you’ve done?

AAM: Look to the skies, my friends. Now, the skies are very busy of course now, with your star brothers and sisters. You can’t tell whether it is a ship or a satellite or a star. And we make it even more confusing because they will put themselves, connect themselves, impose themselves upon a planet. And so you see the blinking lights and you think, “Oh, there it is. There is my starship. There is the Neptune. There is the New Jerusalem.” And then you think, “Oh, no, that’s just Venus.” Well, guess what? you’re being played with.

So yes. I have worked with the stars, the skies, the hemispheres, the oceans. Gaia allows me great latitude. I just don’t take it too far.

SC: Now you mention that you’re an artist, and when I looked back through the research that I was able to do, you have also been given a number of accolades here on Earth. You have been made the patron saint of the Ukraine; Pope Pius XII in 1950 made you the patron saint of policemen; you were also mentioned as one of the archangels in the Koran; of course you’re mentioned in the Bible and throughout Christianity, both in the Roman Catholic Church and also in the Church of England.

But there are also a number of buildings, chapels, mountains, et cetera, named in your honor, and they stretch right across the world. You know, from Toronto, Canada to Belgrade in Serbia, Qingdao in China, Cornwall in the UK, Quezon in the Philippines.

How do you feel about them? And then, in terms of the many, many paintings that have been done of you, are they accurate?

AAM: Well, first of all, I love the chapels, the cathedrals, and the churches, because no one can ever say, “I don’t know where to find him.” That’s a joke, dear heart.

SC: [laugh] Well, I was going to say, you’re in our hearts anyway. But go on.

AAM: That is correct. While I understand the human desire to ground me, whether it is in statuary or painting, or in churches or places of worship, I understand the inclination, and I appreciate it somewhat, but it is completely unnecessary, because you are correct, my friend, I am already in your heart.

Now, this has simply become a human way of expressing your artistic endeavors. Religion, whether it is east, west, or somewhere in between, has been a great source of inspiration for art. So that is nice, is it not?

SC: It is. But how do you feel about then saying, religion, how do you feel about religion itself?

AAM: If there are things like churches, cathedrals, synagogues, mosques, I wish them to be gathering places of heart and community, where the connection in love is made to the One. Forget about me! As I said, I am a servant, just like you. I am a foot soldier. Yes, I am fortunate, because I was one of the first-born, if you want to think of it that way.

I do not wish to offend anyone, but when you look at religion, look for the purity of heart and of love. We do not need all the decoration. Now, when it is truly ritual, divine ritual, sacred ritual, and coming together, it is beautiful, like a child’s prayer is beautiful. But too often that sense of truly sacred has been lost. And that is unfortunate, because there are very many people all over your planet saying prayers in every language, and they are rote, they are not from the heart. I would rather hear one, “Mother, help me! Michael, help me!” than to hear a million rote prayers.

SC: My feeling is right now, as you’re saying this [laugh] there’s a lot of people going, “Michael, make sure I ascend.”

AAM: I’m hearing them, and the volume is turned up to maximum. I hear you.

SC: Is there anything that we need to do individually over the next 48 hours to insure that?

AAM: Stay calm. Eat light. If you can, stay within your home. Have it be a quiet day. If not, do not worry about it. Your preparation is done. And if it is not done, then we are working with you overtime. There are legions attending to you. So stop worrying. The thing that prevents you from moving is fear, worry, anger, discouragement, disappointment. Let it go, please! Let it go.

SC: Now, that’s advice. But when I listen in and go back and we all have the choice to ascend, it’s basically once we have the intention we will, so, am I correct in assuming that?

AAM: If you have the intention with love, yes. If you have the intention simply because you are feeling obtuse and you aren’t going to be left behind, well, yes, the answer’s yes then, too. But if you decide consciously that you want nothing to do with love, then that would be very sad, would it not?

SC: Absolutely. Now, away from all of this, I suppose, work, as you call it in regards to being an archangel, you said that you’ve appeared to us in form. And yes, there are a number of paintings around the world that have images of you. Some of them have you plated in gold with your sword and shield; others have you floating above the ground in blue robes with your arms outstretched to gather us all in.

Can you tell me, will we see you in your form sometime in the next days ahead? And if so, what do you really look like?

AAM: I can look like whatever you want me to look like. If you think that your star brothers and sisters have the ability to morph, then you haven’t seen anything yet. Most of those paintings are defined culturally and by the period within which they were created. But if you were to see me right now, well, I’m rather tall. I’m much taller than the average human being. But my feet would be on the Earth. Glued to the Earth? No, but on the Earth.

I do have a preference to wear blue, but I will not come in billowing robes — I could, but it would not be my preference — to your culture and time, but I would be dressed with a great deal of blue, hair of brown, eyes very blue, and I would have my arms open, but I would also have my sword and shield. You will see the blue flame of truth burning brightly in my heart chakra, and I will be laughing and I will be welcoming each one of you.

Now, you can also look for the family as well, particularly Gabriel, Gabrielle. She has a very special interest in this Ascension. It has been one of her special projects as well. So, yes. Look for Sanat Kumara, St. Francis. Oh, St. Germain says he is never going to incarnate, but I believe that you will have a glimpse of him regardless. So, yes, look for us.

SC: Now, you just mentioned you’ll be coming with laughter. And you’ve told me in various moments — and in fact I said this to Linda and to Steve last week, “We’ve been a bit serious today.” But you love to tell jokes and share jokes. So, do you have… an archangel joke you may like to share with us today?

AAM: Well, I tried to share one with you, and you didn’t think it was very




SC: Well, I did, but I wasn’t quite sure. I never know when you’re going to keep speaking.

AAM: Ohhhhh! Yes, I do tend to run on, do I not?

SC: No, I wouldn’t say run on. I just never know when you’re finished saying something pertinent. That’s all. So in terms of jokes?

AAM: All right. So, what did one archangel say to another archangel?

SC: [chuckle]

AAM: Got a light?

SC: [laugh] Any others?

AAM: [laugh] I am glad you enjoy my humor. So, what do you think… one archangel says to the commander of the ships, of the Galactics? Got a human?

SC: I don’t get that one! [laugh]

AAM: [laugh] Well, if you have one human on board ship, it changes the entire vibration. Ask your sister. She knows all about it. What happens is, is that what it means is that the ship is in readiness to engage with all the humans. So if you just have one, you are all prepared.

So it is like inviting somebody over and saying… You have an expression, “Got milk?” Well, we always say, “Got milk and honey?” Those are our kinds of jokes.

What did Lucifer say when he lost his way? Help!

SC: [laugh] Isn’t that what we’re all saying right now?

AAM: That is correct. And I hear you. But more importantly, the Mother hears you. The Mother has a sense of humor. It is cosmic in nature. The planets play jokes on one another too, you know. You often think that there is no patterning, but whether it is a meteor shower, which is a great delight, by the way, to your star brothers and sisters, and to us — I can’t take credit — but they often will have, throw in things to a meteor shower or into an eclipse that causes a little startled moment. That is how we play jokes on one another.

SC: And you wonder why we’re confused?

AAM: No, I do not wonder why you are confused.

SC: So, why would that be?

AAM: Because you do not have full knowledge. You do not have complete wisdom. You do not have the competencies —  [chuckle]— of an archangel. But what you do have — and now I’m going to segue for you, my dear friend — what you do have is the golden compass of your heart, that gives you everything you need, everything you desire. It is the wealth of information, because you are, as a collective. you are information junkies. You know that.

And sometimes that quest for information, different than wisdom, and sometimes even different than knowledge, and certainly different than heart knowledge, confuses you.

It is not that you don’t have enough information, it is that you have too much information, you have contradictory information, and you have a tendency…. You know, you have this wonderful quality called discernment. And yet again, as a group — and I’m talking about the collective — you have not really practiced a great deal of discernment.

Have you gotten better? Remarkably so. But you have not been discerning in the information that has been fed to you by the collective over time, by those in power who have fed you exactly what they wanted you to know, and have touted it as truth. No wonders I had to step in!

SC: You talked about jokes just now, and in Doreen Virtue’s book about you she wrote that you have been often called in to fix people’s computers and electrical items. So are you like the Sparky of the universe?

AAM: No, I am not. On occasion I will help with computers, but usually that is left to your star brothers and sisters. And, interestingly enough, Albert Einstein has taken over that role as well, so I am freed up for other duties.

SC: [laugh] Well, you mentioned painting, and you talked about the Aurora Borealis. Is there anything else that — apart from the Grand Canyon I should add as well — that you have taken your paint brush to that we can sit out or sit back and look at?

AAM: I have not painted it, but I have certainly inspired the Sistine Chapel.

SC: That makes perfect sense. So, was Michelangelo channeling you at that point in time?

AAM: Yes, he was. He is a dear friend and a beloved soul.

SC: Now, you also talked about your love of music. Tell me a bit about that, Michael.

AAM: All music, the music of the spheres, the music of the universe, the music of the heavens, of the heavenly host, of the angelic choir, right down to what you think of as modern music, symphonies — yes, I have a preference for certain vibrations, but I love music. It is the sound of breathing. It is the sound of being alive. Even in this realm it is the sound of existence. Even the heartbeat of Gaia and the heartbeat of the Mother is music to my ears.

SC: Is there music amongst the archangels? Do you play?

AAM: Oh, yes, I play the harp. That is a big surprise, is it not?

SC: No! [laugh]

AAM: I also play wind instruments, what you would think of as wind instruments — flute. Of course Archangel Gabrielle has her trumpet and her horn. She loves the wind instruments. She is full of air, and sometimes I tease her, she is full of hot air. But yes, we all have our preference. And when we get together, it is the combination of sound, of what you think of as voice and instruments of the Divine that we play.

When your star brothers — and notice that I say “when,” not “if” — when your star brothers come and the sisters play for you, you will be amazed, not so much at how beautiful the music is, but the similarities in your music. Because it is a form of communication throughout the universe, throughout the omniverse.

SC: Now, when I asked you to choose your piece of music for today, you actually told me that your first choice wasn’t available here on Earth. So, why is that? Are we about to be opened up to a whole lot of sounds in the same way as we are in terms of vibrations and colors?

AAM: Yes. You will hear sounds that have not readily been available to you. You will see colors that have not been available to you. So think of the spectrum of what you experience as opening up. You will like it.

SC: I’m sure! [laugh] I’m sure we will! Now, in terms of your music for today, and your music to I suppose end the show, what did you choose, and why?

AAM: I chose the Hallelujah Chorus because it is full of joy. And if there is anything that I would like to impart to each of your hearts, as you say, “Help!” it would be to fill you with joy, with my blue flame of hope and truth, and leave you with the knowing that tomorrow is bright and that I am with you. That is why I’ve chosen this most joyful piece of music, of celebration, of jubilation. It is time, my friend!

SC: And is there anything else you’d like to add about what we have — or what we need to do, what we’re going to experience, what lies ahead in the next few days?

AAM: What lies ahead, each at your own rate and pace – you’re not being abducted – is your unfoldment within the Mother’s unfoldment.

Relax, please! Lean back against me. Lean back against your guides, against Gabriel. Let us lift you up and show you the way. It is magnificent, and it is yours for the taking.

You have honored me, and I love you. Go in peace. Farewell.

SC: Farewell Michael, Farewell. And thank you to you, too. Much love…. Ahhhhh! [sigh]

Now, as I said to you at the start of the show, this is indeed the very last episode of The Light Agenda. “And why is that?” many people have asked. And that is because no matter what happens in two days time for each of us, for the world, the galaxy and for the universes, right, everywhere, wherever they may be, I’m hoping that there will be no need for the light to have any agenda because we will all be living in the light.

And so, to all the wonderful guests who have bared their souls sometimes for the first time ever and they’ve come on this program and allowed me into their lives as they have also allowed you into their lives as they’ve shared their often intimate light agendas with you.

I would like to thank Cobra, Suzy Ward, Scott Mowry, Fran Zepeda, American Kabuki, Suzy Star, John Smallman, Sierra Neblina, Sheldan Nidle, Nancy Tate, Kauilapele, Nancy Detweiler, Mike Quinsey, Richard Gage, Wes Annac, Blossom Goodchild, Marilyn Raffaele, Geoffrey West, Marlene Swetlishoff, Genii Townsend, Marco Missinato, Ron Head, Christina Mahler, Graham Dewyea, Graham Dewyea again for interviewing me!, and of course Linda Dillon, Steve Beckow, and my final guest here today, Archangel Michael.

I’d also like to thank all my wonderful friends, colleagues, and my soul family here at InLight Radio, which of course is Graham Dewyea, Steve Beckow, Linda Dillon and Geoffrey West. I love you all. You have all been such a tremendous support to me on this show since it first premiered back in June.

And also to the 2012 Scenario team, Andrew, Anthony, Alice, Sage, Suzy, Janice, Andrea, Barry, and also to Dave Schmidt and Sierra Neblina who have since moved on to new challenges.

To the wonderful Hope Chest family, D’Arcy, Kathleen, Christina, Karen, and of course Casey, who works with us everywhere.

And to my wonderful partner, Anthony Morrison, without whom I couldn’t do what I do.

And also to each of you, for listening each week. I trust this show has helped you as we have navigated and trekked our own light agendas during this incredibly important year. And also a big thank you to those of you who have donated to The Light Agenda’s Paypal account (, which I did only put up on the viewing page this last week, and that was after much deliberation I might add… But as you probably all know, we all do our light work and service here both at InLight Radio and on the 2012 Scenario site as volunteers, so your gifts and thanks for the time I’ve put into the show each week for the past 28 are graciously accepted.

And while this is the final episode of The Light Agenda, depending on what happens in two day’s time, I hope you will all come back and join me should I be back soon with a new show, a new title, and a new format in the new year on the New Earth, once we’ve had some idea and a bit of time to process what is about to evolve for all of us in the immediate days ahead.

So, over the next two days I suggest you do as Archangel Michael has advocated, and that is: relax.

Meanwhile, this is Stephen Cook, and as always in everything you do over the next two days, may you only serve the light agenda. Much Love and Light and Galactic Magic to you and yours. I wish you all an amazing, incredible, astounding and long-awaited Ascension. I will see you in the new dimension in New Earth very soon.

And here is Archangel Michael’s musical choice — the “Hallelujah Chorus” from the Messiah, amazingly conducted by Andre Rieu, featuring New York’s Harlem Gospel Choir and Andre’s own tenors and sopranos.

And if you listen to the words as Andre introduces this, Archangel Michael has actually suggested to me that Andre is channeling him.

So here it is, the “Hallelujah Chorus,” Archangel Michael’s choice.

Music: “Hallelujah Chorus”


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