Messages of Light 20121218 Heavenletter #4406 God’s Welcomer to the World, December 17, 2012



God said:

To be a great greeter of the human race is to welcome each person you see, meet, or pass by. If you live in a big city, your greeting can be unspoken, yet you give your greeting just the same. This is not a small thing I ask of you when I ask you to be My official greeter to the Universe. Please do not take it lightly. This isn’t a service to give only when you feel like it or happen to be in a good mood. What mood you’re in isn’t the issue. Your service is the issue. You are one who serves.

You don’t know what saving grace your welcome to the Universe might be to someone. You don’t know what your simple welcome might mean to someone you bless. You could be giving someone a new lease on life, yes, just your moment of welcome, your moment of meeting someone’s eyes, your moment of recognition. Let your face convey, “Hello, man.”

Even in a big city, you can welcome everyone. You can. In a small town, you can welcome everyone in another way. You are My welcomer to the Universe, not to this one and that one, but to all. It is important that you have this friendly intent. This is your mission. It is everyone’s. Welcome is yours to convey: “Happy landings. To your health. Cheers. Have a good life.”

A reason given to welcome all has been bruited around in the world. You don’t know in advance whom you could be greeting. Unbeknownst to you, you could be greeting Christ or Moses or Mohammed. True, there is good in it for you to welcome the Great Ones. You don’t want to pass up that opportunity, yet I am suggesting that your heart be generous and that you welcome all of My children, not just a certain select few you favor. I am suggesting that you become a Great One even in this seeming little daily thing. What a gift it is to welcome one and all into your generous heart. What a blessing to all, and what a blessing to you to be a Greeter of the Universe.

How close in sound are the English words Greeter, Creator, and Greater. Yes, become greater than you have perhaps allowed yourself to be. Perhaps you have been grumpy rather than great. Now, here is your chance. Welcome your wife. Welcome your husband. Welcome your children. Welcome the stranger. Be the Welcome Wagon. Be an Ambassador of Good Will. Be a willing recipient of everyone, every face, every Being. In all cases, you are welcoming Life, you are welcoming Love, you are welcoming Me, and you are welcoming yourself to untold happiness. Let your posture, let your mien, let your voice convey: “Good morning, everyone. Good morning one and all.”

You are no longer waiting for someone to acknowledge you. You are the chosen acknowledger. You offer a simple welcome first. You make a passage through the loneliness of crowds so that others can follow you. You are making way for Me. You are announcing Me. You are announcing: “God is right with me.” You don’t have to say that. You don’t have to say any words, yet, you are announcing Me just the same. You are the one now who heralds peace and good will to all men. You are the heralder of the good times to come. You are the one who lays down the welcome mat for all. You are saying: “Hey, you all, I’m laying down the welcome mat for you. How happy I am to see you.”

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