Good Vibrations from SIRIUS 20121206 High Council of Orion – Ascension Channeling 15 of 30 Connecting to the Light Grid – Holly Hawkins Marwood December 6th 2012




As channeled through Holly Hawkins Marwood

Transcribed by Paul Marwood

Channeled Ascension Message from
the High Council of Orion
Countdown Day 16

DECEMBER 5th 2012


“Greetings.  We are the High Council of Orion.
Once again we come to you with a message that is always more than just a message. We want you to understand this about each and every one of our transmissions. For we are sharing words, we’re sharing ideas, and yet, at the same time, as we’ve said in previous messages, there is always an energy exchange that is happening within the course of your connection with our words. The energetic connection is made whether it’s heard through the ears, as you listen to the recording, or read with the eyes, or heard because somebody else has read it to you, or even as you might watch it through the sign language interpretation. Whatever way information comes to you there will always be an energetic transmission that will allow you to shift and change. Some of you will understand that there has been a shift. Some of you may not perceive it. Yet there will always be an energetic shifting; a loosening of the grid around you, within you that allows an easier flow of information.

Tonight we’d like to talk about light grids. Many of you are familiar with the idea of the Ley lines within the planet being an energetic system, a circulatory system if you will, of energy that supports the life of the planet and consequently supports all life within and on and around the planet. It’s a beautiful grid of light that pulses and breathes and lives and allows life to be sustained on that beautiful blue-green planet.

Above your planet there is an energetic grid system as well. Around the energy body, if you will, of the planet. Many of our transmissions are received by that grid in the space, if you will, beyond your planet, above your planet, surrounding your planet. They meet the grid there and our information is distributed out throughout this grid that surrounds your planet. There are many beings on your planet at this time, in both the human and animal realm, who are here assisting the dissemination of the information that we are sending down that is meeting your external grid, the one that’s off the planet and then bringing that information down onto the planet.

When we say “in the animal kingdom” that we have helpers, we mean that there are beings on the land and in the ocean who are assisting us. For as many of you know, it’s not just the human beings who are evolved on the planet. Many of your great beings on your planet are within the animal kingdom. For those of you who are animal communicators you know what we mean. You know the wisdom and the intelligence and the guidance that can be brought forth from some of the great beings in the animal kingdom on the planet at this time.

So why do we share this message with you this day? Because today we want to just shift your awareness. If your awareness has not included this concept that there is an energy grid surrounding your planet that is here in support: to support and nurture and sustain life, then it’s good to know that. For those of you who are hearing the messages from the star system Orion are those who have the ability to connect into and receive information from and work with us.

Many of you are lightworkers who are actively engaged in healing and transformational work, not just for oneself, but for the humans and the animal kingdom and the planetary body to uplift, support, move forward in this time of transition. So you are the ones who have this potential to connect into this grid and assist the download, if you will, of information from the High Council of Orion. As we’ve said before, you can receive our messages outside of the channelings by asking. Coming to that quiet space in your heart, allowing your otherworldly concerns to fall away, and literally imagine yourself, through your crown chakra, energy flowing from your heart, up through your crown chakra to connect into that grid.

See and feel and know our energetic transmissions that are infusing the grid, keeping it whole, strong, and our interconnection along that grid, allows the light within the grid, which contains the energy, which contains vast amounts of information, to flow freely. Some will be working with us to keep the grid healthy and strong; even repair places, junctures, that are not of the greatest integrity in terms of their connection. As you shift your awareness to the knowingness that we are here infusing greater levels of light energy into this external grid, as your awareness shifts, you have the ability to connect with it. As you do that knowledge in information can be brought down into your conscious awareness, sometimes your unconscious awareness, but it allows you to infuse more of these energies that are here in support of humanitarian evolution and ascension and transformation at this time.

As you connect with us, and as you connect with the planet by walking on the planet, interacting with the people who you see every day; connecting with family, friends; and as you connect with all those around you: whether they’re strangers or loved ones, from the place of the heart you are sharing that energy transmission. It takes no effort. It takes not even any conscious thought necessarily. All it takes is for you to be choosing to anchor your awareness in your heart. To see the world through the eyes of your heart; hear the word world through the ears of your heart; smell and taste and touch the world through your heart; and as you do so you will be sharing greater levels of light that will ease the pathway for many in ways that you cannot even understand. We ask you not to underestimate the power of a kind word, a caring glance, the smile, and the caring touch as many ways of altering the energetic body of anyone you come in contact with. We ask you not to underestimate the power of taking a moment and breathing and dropping into your heart and feeling that space before you respond, especially if it’s in an emotional or heated situation. As you take a moment to tune into your heart perhaps you feel the shift in your words, or in your level of stress or excitement or upset. As you connect with that ease, you energetically transform situations.

You are great and powerful beings of light and that is how we see you. And we endeavor to share messages with you, to help you connect more easily to that great being of light and love who you are at your core.

Be blessed!

We are the High Council of Orion.”

© 2012 Copyright Holly Hawkins Family Trust
This channeled message may be reproduced in it’s entirety provided it is kept in it’s original form and not altered or changed in any way, with the Author and website clearly included.




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