Ascended Masters 20121206 The Ascended Masters: The Best Thing You Can Do is to Come Together -Channeled through Wes Annac-



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-Channeled through Wes Annac-

We see you constantly immersed in a Creation of your own making and we watch as [some of] you dear souls feel you are not getting the proper nurturing and attention that you feel you require along your paths.

If only you could peek beyond your own instated veils for a moment, you would see that all is truly in perfect harmony and there truly is never anything to worry yourselves with. Everything you are experiencing at this time is a fading aspect of the illusion and is making itself known to you one last time before your ultimate review, release and transmutation.

Honor and nurture yourselves, dear souls, for you deserve all the rest and relaxation you can get along your Earth journeys.

Many of you are experiencing difficulty and hardship and while miracles are abounding for many others on the surface of your beautiful, ascending world, we wish to address the concerns of some who feel that they are losing their grip upon their own Lives and Creations. We wish to remind you that we are all here for you and that your fellow Lightworker community is here for you; each and every one of you.

We truly mean it when we say that you are never alone, dear souls.

You have so many friends, guides, allies and colleagues all waiting to connect with you and you have so many dear awakening souls on Earth who are going through similar things as you. You would laugh perhaps, if you could see how coordinated your individual and collective experiences truly are.

Many of you have experienced such similar lessons that when learning about the similarity of such lessons, you will wonder how they could have been so strongly related to each other and this is because you are all going through the same Earth experience in your own individual ways, and we encourage you wholeheartedly to reach-out to us and all others whom you feel could help to Lighted your vibrations at any time you are feeling down.

You are sparks of an infinite Creator who Loves you more than you could possibly fathom, and you have so many higher dimensional souls and collectives who await your realization of our presence around you. All of you; each and every one of you have met us before in past encounters upon the surface of your Earth and we have shown you dear souls the other side of the veil whilst we spent our Lives on Earth.

We taught the Earth collective as you [Lightworkers] are now doing and we saw it in ourselves to overcome the dense and negative energies with our Light and truth, just as you dear souls are doing marvelously at this time.

Feel us as we are with you and as we cloak and surround you with our supremely-pure Love. This Love that we are gifting you is the pure Love of the Creator and can never be overcome or overrun by darkness. You as well can never be overrun by darkness and while mind will teach you survivalist and defensive traits to sustain and handle the illusion, we say that the heart will lead you onward to the future you wish to manifest for yourselves.

You have made it, dear souls, and we know that you can feel it. We know that you can feel the realms of Creation you are increasingly growing toward and we watch as many of you proclaim your dissatisfaction with the Earth experience as you see it play-out.

You are dissatisfied with the densities of your experience because they are no longer resonating with your natural state of being and your natural perspective. Your perceptions are being upgraded exponentially and this is why you are finding a greater distaste with aspects of your illusory reality that have been fed and seen as normal for so very long.

Focus yourselves upon the realms of full consciousness that are all around you and know that what you are going through as a collective and as individuals is more real than you could possibly imagine. Whenever you begin to connect with your Godsource, with your higher self, your innate spiritual center of knowing and Loving; you feel the brimming Source energies all around you and you find that you are able to access them at any given time you wish to.

In the realms of full consciousness, anything is attainable by a sheer thought or intention and your heart is open and brimming with the vibrations of Source. We are all connected with each other and we maintain a supreme energetic connection that feeds the harmony we experience toward one another.

We all know that we are one entity of pure consciousness and in the realms of full consciousness and understanding, nothing keeps us separate and the emotions you feed on your Earth are simply not prevalent here. We cannot feed the emotions that drive the densities of the Earth experience, nor could we consume the majority of the food and drink on your world because even much of the water you dear souls drink is not as pure as it should be.

Some natural springs have been polluted on your world and the water running from such springs has been bottled-up and reproduced, and this reason among many others is why we encourage a practice of blessing one’s drink and food before consuming them. Yes, the food and drink on your world has been vastly polluted but you dear souls have the full ability to neutralize and render useless, the worst of the pollutants that are manifested quite purposely in many cases, in much of what you consume.

Drinks will be much easier to bless and with the pure vibrations of Source at your full disposal, none of the dark’s tricks will have an effect upon you and your perspectives will begin to change naturally as you awaken more and more, from what could possibly hurt you to what makes you happy and fills you with the energies of the higher realms.

What you are experiencing at this time is setting the stage for magnificent change on your world.

You have been told this so many times, dear souls and yet, many of you do not yet see the change that you have been wishing for and growing toward. You are not yet seeing the change on the grand scale that it has been predicted to come about and will be naturally coming about but dear souls, it is important for you to focus on what you are seeing at this time.

You are seeing humanity begin to unite and come together. Entire countries and collective bodies on your world are claiming their independence from the tyranny that has sought to control their Lives and the Lives of every soul on your world. The worst of the dark’s plans have not been and will not be allowed to come to fruition and you are all reaching incredible and magnificent strides along your personal processes that are setting the stage for collective change.

How many times have we asked you dear souls to congratulate yourselves? How many times have we reminded you of the magnitude of what you are doing on this world? We feel the need to repeat the importance of what you are doing and many of you dear souls are beginning now to understand the importance and magnificence alike of what you are doing.

You are beginning to see the darkness that has been prevalent on your world and while many have seemed impervious to the dense energies of darkness that have fed and driven the lower dimensional experience, those of you who have found yourselves empathic and vulnerable to the densest of energies and tragedies manifested on your world are finding that you again, no longer naturally resonate with such energies and are leaving the very planes of consciousness that such densities have been manifested upon.

We do not exaggerate when we say that you are Living in multiple ‘worlds’ and levels of reality at once. Your conscious experience of reality is not linear, and you are experiencing more than one Life at a time. You are experiencing each past Life you have taken on your world in accordance with the Lives you are currently undergoing, and you are learning lessons in past Lives that are benefiting you in your current Lives, and vice versa.

What you are learning and finding now in your final Lives before ascending, you are sending to aspects of yourselves based in different periods of time. The Earth has been steadily climbing out of third density for some time and this process has been heightened and accelerated in intensity in the past seventy years of your time, while you have all been climbing the ascension ladder by finding the higher realms all around you and realizing that you are not experiencing a linear, singular reality.

You are beginning to become open to the very ideas and concepts of infinity and while this has been discussed before, it is important to remind you dear souls of what you are beginning to rediscover in yourselves, for it is grand and it is strong.

What you are finding within yourselves is your realization of the fact that you are not bound to your physical realities or the circumstances you find around you. So many dear souls have been immersed in physicality for a plethora of past and current Lives and we say that your realization of the infinity around you will turn your perception of what reality is, upside down.

We notice a tendency of some absorbing our messages to feel a hollow reaction to certain terms or phrases used during our chats with you lovely souls, and by this we mean that some of what we have said does not always “soak in” within some in the ways that are intended. For instance, when we refer to the fact that you are infinite beings, we are not using a simple term of endearment meant to open you up to your inherent infinity.

Rather, when we refer to you as infinite we are referring to the many different facets, aspects and versions of your Selves who are experiencing a simultaneous Life with you and who are going through similar experiences as you, while you all learn from each other.

You are all existing in multiple different Universes, timelines and spheres of reality and when we refer to your infinity, we wish to highlight these other aspects of your Selves who you will come to rediscover upon opening up to your own inherent Multidimensionality.

Oh, how you are going to enjoy your higher dimensional travels upon finding your ways back to these realms.

All that you have wished to experience but could not due to being bound to the current, physical and linear Earth experience you are going through, will be easily attainable and you will find great joy in utilizing your own abilities to travel throughout all different types of Galaxies and timelines. Using the Akashic Records, you will be able to look upon any Earthly time period and find information and revelations about your Earth’s history that are not yet openly known but that will be shared with your entire society in the time ahead; with the help of course, of the Akashic Records.

Many of you are looking toward disclosure and a plethora of other events to unfold on your world to whisk you away into the grand Galactic future you have heard so much of and worked with so much of yourselves to attain, and we tell you with Love in our hearts that you are in the home stretch and have been for some time.

In fact, your past few Lives on this world have been considered a “home stretch” in comparison to the thousands of other Lives that the majority of you have taken on the Earth. You have learned and done so very much, all in the name of bringing the vibrations of Source through to benefit each and every aspect and facet of your beautiful world that you have peered-into by taking Lives in such places.

We Love you all so very much and we could not encourage the actions you are currently performing more, because you are anchoring the Light upon a world that has been shrouded in darkness for much longer than had been intended. Disclosure will be designed to break the instilled paradigms in many souls who would feed the densities of the Earth experience forever if the cycles lined up in favor of them doing so, but the Creator and every aspect of the Creator is here on your beautiful world to make known the fact that the Light is here to stay.

Each and every one of you is a facet of the Creator and you are beautiful sparks of omnipotent, supreme Creator Light. The more that you realize this and again, the more you realize your inherent infinity, the easier your Earth experience will be and you will find yourselves breezing through your experiences with ease, grace, laughter, joy and Love.

Joy is a potent form of Love and opens one up to a heavenly perspective that is expanded-upon within the higher realms, and the joy you are finding now is a prototype and template for the magnificent joy you will experience in the higher realms.

We exist outside of time and can see your New Earth as it has already unfolded. Even as we deliver this communication to you dear souls existing within a certain time, we are assisting each one of you [in a future timeline] in understanding your Galactic brethren’s sound and frequency-based technologies

In another timeline we are working with you individually to fly around in your starships and personal craft. In yet another timeline, we are shaking hands with you, as we are all a part of an Intergalactic Council celebrating the successful bringing of pure Light not just to your world, but to the entire Galaxy around you.

So you see, we are able to exist within many different aspects of what you would refer to as time, wherein we are all rebuilding your world and this entire Galaxy. The density that has fogged the minds and hearts of the people is no longer to be prevalent, and you are Creating your future as it comes about in every moment with each thought, action, energy and emotion that you bring through yourselves express to those around you.

Try to imagine a world where all around you are working together in harmony to bring about your looked-upon New World. Imagine the vibrations of Source filling the minds and hearts of each and every one of you as you all find that you have never been separate and that in fact, you have been the same entity experiencing itself all along.

Imagine as you all work together and find assistance with every aspect of rebuilding your world, and imagine as you all discover things about yourselves and your world that will truly change your perspective and see you embracing Light and truth over darkness and complacency. In many cases, complacency has fed the very realities many are entrapped within and with the coming revelations that will be given on your world, your predefined perceptions of reality will prove to be no more.

While the energies of collective peace and harmony are beginning to make themselves known, we encourage and implore you dear souls to see that the higher dimensions are all around you. The peace, calm and harmony that you seek in your everyday Lives is all around you at all times and it takes your acknowledgement of the higher realms to begin truly begin feeling them for yourselves in the pure ways that you dear souls have been striving to feel them for so very long.

The world stage is proving hectic at this time and we assure you that the Light is making itself known in earnest in every area of your world. Areas of your world that are indeed Lighted in nature but are experiencing war and darkness at this time, are to be returned to their pristine condition as every soul in each continent of your world works together in peace and harmony to rebuild and repair the condition your world has been in.

While the United States had been considered the most developed country on your world for some time, other countries with Lighted agendas will be stepping to the forefront of the collective planetary consciousness in the time ahead and the real leaders will begin to step forward for the people.

The true leaders who are indeed working in the best interests of all people on your world, will make themselves known and [they will do this] with no more obstacles or darker-inclined agendas in their way, led by souls who would attempt to stop their spreading of Light and truth. The Light energies permeating your world at this time will simply not allow the old political and geopolitical ways to continue and rather, those with purity in their hearts and intentions that reflect such purity will be made known and put into positions of helping the people; not by us or your Galactic brethren, but by you.

Oh, how we enjoy delivering our communications for each dear soul to absorb and benefit from, as we can see the Light that is garnered within the minds and hearts of each dear soul who absorbs information and Lighted energies that they had not previously known or been accustomed to.

We are filling you with your own personal inner-held Light and while we are attaching our specific energies to each communication we give, the Light energies you feel from our communications are for the most part, your Lighted energies. When exposed to deeper parts of oneself [which can happen by absorbing channeled communications], one regains and remembers access to their own reserves of Light energy, which you all hold within.

How does your Light energy feel, dearest beautiful souls?

There is so very much of it around you now and at all times, and we wish you to know that you do not need to follow our communications or feel our energies to access your own inner-reserve of Light. You can feel your inner-Light at any time you dear souls make the effort and intent to in yourselves, and the only things that will stop you or hold you back from feeling your inner-held Light energies, are the barriers of mind you may employ when looking upon the mere possibility of accessing and feeling your Light.

Only you can hold yourselves back and the Lighted energies making their way to you and matching the Light energies you hold within are simply brimming to be made known within the entire collective consciousness.

Much of your world is still rooted in darkness and density and as you all realize the density that has been prevalent around and within much of your collective for so very long, you make your inner and outer proclamations that you are ready to transmute such density once and for all and that you are ready to see the violence and destruction come to an end and when you do this, you Create massive and powerful rifts in the planetary consciousness.

As entire groups of the awakened public make their proclamations together, your power and potential is magnified exponentially and this is why we always remind you of your powers, dear souls, because it is important for you to utilize them and anchor the energies that you wish to have anchored upon the surface of your beautiful, ascending world.

You dear souls are considered heroes because you are able to face intense densities, and you have anchored your Light despite the densities that will attempt to distract you and take you off of your paths.

You have all been led astray from your paths in various time periods throughout the history of your world, but you have always come back to your resolve and your ability to express your inner-held Creator Light to all those around you; many of whom did not believe in the concepts you attempted to put-forth in various past Lives.

Each and every one of you are so much more important and crucial to the manifesting of your New World than you realize and we call on each of you to do all that you can from the positions and circumstances you find yourselves in, to begin expressing and radiating peace, harmony, collective sustainability and the very ideas of such things, to those around you. There is truly nothing you can’t do to enact change on your world and it is again, only your self-instated barriers that will teach you that you cannot enact change.

The absolute best thing you dear souls can do is to come together. When you come together and declare and demand peace, truly nothing will stop you from realizing it. Each planetary consciousness is meant to be a single entity comprised of individual souls but the Earth collective has been kept separated, and the very rifts of density that have manifested as a result of your separation have been manipulated by the dark souls to keep you all in a state of limitation and inability to remember your Creator Light.

You have all broken the programming that has been prevalent on your world for so very long and as we make our final impressions for this communication, we ask you to utilize the God-given ability that you know and can feel you possess within. Where do you wish to go from here, dear souls?

You are proving to yourselves that you truly can enact every last bit of the change you wish to and we are here for you, to help you realize your natural ability to find and feel the energies of peace and harmony for yourselves. Such energies form the basis of the higher dimensional experience, which is why we encourage you to know, feel and anchor them unto yourselves.

You are beautiful starlights, and nothing will keep you from realizing yourselves.

Thank you to the Ascended Masters.





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