Awakening News 20121126 Notes from Drake’s Vital Weekend Update; Nov 25th



by 2012thebigpicture

1. For those who weren’t on Drake’s call, you MUST at least listen to the first 20 minutes and take in Teri Hinkle’s eloquent appeal to We, The People, to once and for all stand up for our rights and Re-Sign and Ratify the updated Declaration of Independence and the accompanying petition. Beautifully done, Teri.

The Petitions to Secede signed by all 50 states sent a message to the cabal that cannot be ignored. Even the media acknowledged that act. This is the next step. This tells them the game is up. We don’t answer to them.

This is a historic event. When they say it’s time for all good men to come to the aid of their country, they mean NOW. It is time. We need 25,000 signatures ASAP! Hopefully we’ll have millions. When we have 25,000 they MUST respond.

This petition and revised Declaration are all that stand between us and our freedom. The original declaration encompassed the Thirteen Colonies. The new version references all 50 States.

The addendum was prepared by Dennis Schuelke, author of Attorneys Above the Law,  and both he and Teri left the audience with a swelling of pride (and I’m not even American!) for what so many have spent much of their lives doing to put right the tragic circumstances contrived to enslave Humanity.

No one has to join a militia, load their gun and march on Washington or go anywhere—to do their part to free not only Americans, but the World, from tyranny. All one has to do is go to one of the many websites with links to 1. the Petition to register as an American citizen with the right to vote and 2. the Declaration of Independence.

I’ve posted those links on my blog. You can also go to Removing the Shackles, or Drake’s web site or Soldier Hugs. There should be many blogs sharing this same info in a matter of days.

Once you’ve signed the Petition and the Declaration, then send those links to everyone you know. Is there one person in the USA who does NOT want to be free? Give them all the opportunity to say for themselves.

As we’ve stated before, the paperwork to declare The People as The Republic of the United States of America has been done and registered at The Hague. The People are no longer part of the corporation called The United States of America, Inc.

Before anything else can be done to cement our freedom, We, The People, MUST declare ourselves FREE.

Make no mistake—preparing the paperwork does NOT do that. SIGNING the Petition and Declaration do that, so go now, if you haven’t already, and do your part to free America. The World is watching. If we can do it—so can they.

The petition is required to register as a legitimate being. Without the registration process, signing the Declaration would be no more meaningful than casting votes on a rigged voting machine. We must bring integrity to this process.

Why would one more piece of paper or petition make any difference? Here’s the difference: THIS paperwork tells our shadow government we mean business. We’re awake, we’re aware, and they must answer to US. We are telling them they need to take us very seriously.

Our militias, which are growing exponentially, are here to back us up on our word. Do we want war? NO!

We already voted on that back in the spring, remember? We voted for a ‘peaceful transition’ when one faction of the cabal volunteered to negotiate a surrender.

The purpose of the militias is to show the government in no uncertain terms that we are deadly serious, we’re here to back up our word, and if necessary, we will give our lives to defend our right to freedom. It’s unlikely at this point that we would need to bear arms to do it, but that is the difference with THIS paperwork

Until this documentation is complete, and We, The People show that we already ARE free, the rest of the initiatives to further that truth must sit waiting in the wings. THIS is THE next step.

2. Drake shared a document called the Threat Policy, issued by the White House Press Secretary for immediate release on Nov. 21st. It’s a National Insider Threat Policy, basically saying there are known threats within and that they will be addressed—meaning threats to national security—and it’s telling the corrupt traitors that we’re coming after them and they will be removed.

This document has been passed up to the very highest levels of the government and now they know the score.

Drake says the cabal is having massive problems and are holding meeting to discuss their options. There have been massive arrests in the government, but you haven’t heard anything in the media.

He relates that there are many things going on right now, as we speak, that have been discussed on previous shows. He said he’ll “put the icing on the cake later”, but for now SIGN THE PETITION AND DECLARATION.

3. Minuteman Rick Light told us about the formation of the United American Militia Advisory Council, and that he was asked to sit on the Board.

He says we are VERY close to being free and there’s nothing the cabal can do to stop it any more. Very serious issues have been attended to, he says, so why has the media been silent?  It’s time for them to partner with The People.

The militia, Rick says, is the ‘teeth’ of the paperwork. We’re saying, “We are not your slaves any longer and we want to make sure you understand that.” We’re saying, “If you don’t want to take our word for it, we’re prepared to die to prove how serious we are.”

Denise said there were already hundreds of signatures and not to worry about endangering yourself when you sign. They already know everything about you and probably even MORE than you know about yourself.

Rick said even though he tried several different email addresses, the government site wouldn’t let him sign the petition. Some people may need to create a new free Gmail account, use a laptop, or go to a location that offers free WiFi to enable them to sign, but as Drake always says in his closing comments, “Git ‘er Done!”




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