Ascended Masters 20121124 Your Soul Purpose is found through JOY – Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ November 23 – 30, 2012 Channeled by: Julie Miller


So many dear souls are searching somewhere, elsewhere to know of their soul purpose. Dear ones please understand when your present moment starts to feel perfect then you know you are living your soul purpose. When you are aware that you are already living your soul purpose you will then realize your relationships will also change dynamically. No longer will you feel the need to look for happiness in a distant future daydream because you already hold that joy and happiness within your precious heart.
You know you are already living your soul purpose when you finally end your conversations that begin with, “…once ‘this or that’ happens then I will be where I ‘want’ to be” – “Then I will be satisfied and happy”. What will change dear one is the wording, “Where I AM right now is exactly where I want to be right now – and nowhere else”. This level of awareness and change does occur when you stop looking so hard everywhere else and look within and see the beauty that is alive inside of you. Nothing dear ones is more perfect than where you are right now, living in the moment that is sacred and precious. Your future will unveil itself one step at a time through your choices. Do not rush your journey; there is much to learn along the way. When you reach this state of accepting and knowing where you are at right now on your journey is where you are meant to be you will feel a most incredible emotion and that is JOY.
Your joy is a product of total acceptance of your present moment. Each time you project your consciousness away from the present NOW moment to seek happiness in another time or place you are leaving JOY behind. Understand dear ones when all aspects of your being fully embraces where you are right now, you are compelled to feel elation and Joy.
There are some among you who have not reached this state of being yet because they are still busy looking for it through other means. Know dear ones; each of you has the ability within you to reach a true state of joy to be demonstrated in all you do in every aspect of your life. You will reach joy in time and understanding of yourself and the world around you simply by listening to your heart and the gentle prompting you will receive. Observe always your emotional state and compare to how you feel when you are in a state of joy and elation. You know yourself better than anyone. If you are truly observant of yourself, you will be able to pinpoint at each stage of your journey where your level of consciousness is at. You already know inner peace neighbours joy. If you are feeling powerless at any moment, know you are more removed from joy and the more you will resist being in this sacred state of Joy and Elation.
If you are in a powerless feeling moment, then you know you are far from Joy. Know dear ones you cannot just jump to this sacred state instantaneously and expect to stay there for any length of time. If you do try to just jump right in yes you may very well experience a temporary feeling of Joy, but whatever the situation that you are dealing with that is pulling you from feeling Joy always will draw you away. If you are fully conscious with your intent to reach joy, then with time, self-love and care to yourself you will eventually reach this sacred state of joy and elation and make this state of being your default way of living. To remain in a state of joy in all you do, you only need to continuously direct your life on the path that will bring joy by making better choices.
Understand dear ones each and every time you are faced with a decision, even if it’s just choosing to reply to a message left to you or passing by a fellow being you choose to speak, smile or do nothing. The most mundane of choices all hold responsibility because they involve you. We encourage you dear ones when you move through your day and you wish to include more joy in your life, they make choices that will direct you to living in a state of joy – choices that will bring you inner happiness and satisfaction. When you realize you have this option, the power you will feel from within will be incredible. Please understand dear ones, when you begin to make better joyful choices at first you may not feel so joyful and this will depend on where you are currently. If you are still influenced by negative thought forms or other negative states, you may not feel the elation of making joyous decisions right away. Begin changing your low energy thoughts a little at a time. It’s okay to take baby steps. The building of you has no time limit. You will discover dear ones there will be some choices that will provide you with a more empowering feeling than others. Begin with these. They will help stimulate your confidence and help to rebuild your self-esteem. Learn that you are very worthy of love and we love you deeply. Our love for you is infinite.
There are many dear souls among you who are angry. Understand dear ones anger is a higher state and is moved away from living in fear. The dear ones who react through anger and greed will eventually find a path that will lead to joy. There are always varying degrees of certain feelings and understanding the different of anger and fear is a first step towards progression to living in a state of joy.
It is okay and acceptable to angry and to feel this emotion. Don’t berate yourself for any length of time. Recognize where this emotion is coming from and know its actual root cause. Learn to move away from all negative states like anger as well as you can and in the best and most productive way possible. Love yourself and stop expecting so much if you are giving your best effort each and every time. You know all anger passes and through the confusion anger can bring, you will then see clearly the steps you need to make to raise your consciousness higher into a more positive state of being and living with joy.
Each step you take out of a negative way of living in time will eventually lead you to living in a state of joy. Know dear ones living with Joy and in Joy is a natural way for you to live. When you entered this lifetime you entered fully present in the moment. As babies you were not seeking to see into the past or in the future. Your focus was on the present. This can be reached again and it can be made your default way of living.
Before we continue I would like to remind each of you, the energy each of you give off – negative or positive can be felt by others. Just like making choices, you are responsible for the kind of energy you are sharing. There are some truly empathic souls that feel negative responses quite deeply to the point of illness and pain. Be conscious of your energy and how it’s flowing and of your emotions.
We know when you are feeling joyful – your light and energy flows easily. When you realize you are living in joy you then also come to the conclusion that your existence is no longer a challenge because you have ended your resistance of living in the present NOW moment and you will end the creation of problems for yourself.
Be conscious dear ones that any resistance will cause internal issues such as stress, fear and possibly illness and if not noticed this can escalate into external issues such as conflict, feeling of inadequacy, and possibly inequality. As you learn through gentle love of yourself and from choosing the direction that will bring you joy and to aid you to create more joy in your life, you will discover your whole life will become a joyful experience in every aspect every way possible. It is quite simple dear ones to accept, embrace and feel rejoice for your life when you are living in the present NOW moment. You will see dear ones; joyful feelings will create joyful actions which in turn will create more joyful feelings.
The sacred state of joy when you finally reach here will enable each of you to end worrying about your existence and end fearing what may or may not happen. You will notice it is a lot easier to satisfy your needs when you reduce your expectations of yourself. By making better joyful choices you will definitely propel your consciousness outward and be able to interact with your worldly community with ease and lack of fear. Remember positive attracts positive. Adopting this way of life will draw people to you like a magnet and you fill find yourself surrounded by other like-minded souls that will empower and encourage deeper spiritual growth and development. Through the support you will receive from these interactions and relationships you will discover and embrace your true soul purpose.
All you need to do dear ones is make simple choices that will bring you closer to living in joy each and every time. It is okay if one of your choices appears to far away from reaching joy. Know dear ones that every time you make a conscious choice to choose better the outcome will eventually bring you to joy and you will succeed because you have put your heart and soul into it. The choice is always yours because you are gifted with Free Will. And we of the divine will always be with you when you require a little help if you find yourself surrounded by uncertainty.
And so it is,
I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller 





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