Messages of Light 20121115 Heavenletter #4​374 Changing of the ​Guard.


God said:

In the extant world, you may feel that you cannot rely on Me because I do not always seem to be at your beck and call. I do not always play the part you would like Me to play. At the same time, I am your Creator and I embark on your voyage of life right with you. Beloveds, you are also your Creator. You pick out the clothes you will wear. You pick out how you walk, how you speak, how you hum and sing.

Here’s the thing: Reproach no one. Reproach not Me, not yourself, the self you see as you, the personality of you, for the life of you is different from your life that you perceive. You may see yourself as a person denied, thwarted, not heard, not even speaking up. It is you who carries the placard of yourself, yet the placard you carry is not yourself. You are so much more than the individual who parries in life and finds fault with yourself, with Me, with just about everything.

Beloveds, all responsibility for yourself is not to be foisted on Me. The buck remains with you. This is your life, and you are to live it. You are not entirely a creature of circumstance. Start to think of yourself as a creature of decision, vision, and enterprise. If you are the cook, and you cook a soup you don’t favor, make a different soup. You have all the ingredients to choose from. You can make a broth. You can make a cream soup. Oh, the varieties of soup you can make. Make the one you want. Make the life you want. You are your own Maker. You are your own fortune. Make it a good one.

You are not hapless in life. You bring the life you bring to you. When you feel helpless, you have accepted helplessness as your motto. Accept another motto. Choose powerfulness, not over another, but over yourself and the progression of your life. Whatever your life may have been in your terms, as you see it, you can remodel and refurbish it. You are not stuck with the doldrums unless you say so.

This is the case with illness and so forth. That is hard to believe. It is hard to believe because you have accepted helplessness.

Even in illness, you can give yourself mercy, and you can be helpful in the life you have on Earth for as long as you have it.

In world life, you are far greater than a clown who has pie thrown at his face. You are also greater than someone in the audience who throws the pie.

Do not think, not even for a moment, that I throw pies at you. Life is assembled. Certainly, there seem to be matters out of your jurisdiction, yet, beloveds, you are the jury of the matters, and your take on them matters. The Heart of God within you matters. Courage and honor matter. Life matters, and love matters, in more ways than you think.

You are not a pawn of life unless you say so, unless you concur, agree, accept it as the status quo. There is no status quo. Life changes a mile a minute. You may see changes in life as the changing of the guard, and you are fearful of the moment the guard changes, as if you are left unprotected.

You are under My protection, and yet that does not mean that all of your life is under My Will, as you understand My Will. Your life is also under your will and the picture of your life that you have designed and are designing right now.

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