Ascended Masters 20121109 DO NOT FALTER IN THE STORMS OF LIFE


 I am the Presence, the Light, and the essence of Archangel Michael.

You walk into a time plate of energies that insist the world shall be one way and contrary polar energies that insist the world shall be the other way. You all stand at the crossroads of what is decreed and declared politically personally and universally. You look out upon the unified fields of consciousness standing wobbly kneed looking over the Great Plains of things to come.

I Michael, lift my sword, not to fight an enemy but to cut the cords of chaos that entangles all of earth. You are being strangled by political entrails that keep you choking and your movements restricted in travel, in finances, in hope. You are being strangled with fear. Every morning you wake up and pump up with prayers. You affirm with affirmations. You declare and decree peace within yourself, peace upon your world, and peace within your day. The more you present yourself as this icon of peace, the more that you are pelted with natural and unnatural obstacles.

You have each come to earth to become and remember that you are warriors. You have been prepared energetically and physically for this time of earth. You each represent structures of vast universal light that is anchored in a physical body that walks on earth, gods amongst gods – you are. As in a great Greek Pantheon of mythology – the Gods protested one another. They fought with one another. They rejected one another. They avenged and revenged one another. Divine extremities that did not honor one another. Earth embodies the same enactment.

Your mission, if you so choose to remember in fullness, is not to let the outside external world manipulate you into choices that you would not pick naturally. Do not make your choices from fear, from lack, from hatred. Make your choices from the natural place of peace that lives deep within you. Then let your world and actions reflect and amplify that seedling of peace. It takes only one iota of peace per day to keep peace anchored on earth.

You stand alone within a tower – some days it is a tower of light, other days it is a tower of Babel, other days it is a leaning tower of Pisa. There are days that you are locked in the turret going around and around within yourself seeing everything. All that is to come, all that has happened, all that is truth, all that is false, all that is light, and all that is dark. When you are given the gift of seeing all outcomes it is up to you to hold the vision of peace in a way that can only be accomplished by you personally.

God made a promise that the Earth shall not be destroyed again by man or by universe. That promise will be held.. The rainbow of peace that you seek lives amongst you lives within you. You are where the rainbow touches earth. You are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You are the hope for peace as was the rainbow that was seen after the deluge.

I, Michael, come to ask you not to give up, not to falter in this storm of life. Stand firm in who you are and in what you believe, do not become a victim of circumstance, of planetary polarities and personal plights. I stand behind you in all of your heart choices.




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