Time for Change 20121108 Freak Weather, Rivers Turning Blood-Red … Could Something be Happening?


Posted by Steve Beckow

UFOs flying into active volcanoes, freak weather, rivers turning blood-red – someone is asking the planet to consider the times.

Hurricane Sandy was not the only devastating instance of storms and floods to hit the planet in October. The number of events that could be described as freakish or extreme, combined with the number of instances of loud booms, groans from the Earth and “meteor” showers *(some “meteors” flying great distances horizontally) certainly has the media talking and people wondering whether we really are in the end times.

And, of course, we are, though not in a way that threatens worldwide-catastrophe. Instead the Earth is releasing negativity all over the planet’s surface and under it. And the “guys in the rafters” are drawing attention to themselves and their presence in as gentle and yet undeniable a way as possible, all in preparation for even more eye-opening events probably soon to come. Thanks to Barry.

I personally see most of these events as designed to awaken the world to what is to come. Some are designed to free the Earth from lower-vibrational energy. Some are designed to end cabalistic influence on the Earth. But the vast majority ware, I think, wake-up calls and will probably have their desired effect.

When people do awaken to the nature of the times, blogs like this one and others we link to have the information needed to explain what in the world is going on. And people do need to know so do spread the word.






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