Contacting Beings of Light 20121102 Heavenletter # 4​361 A Field of Love.​ November 2 – 2012​


God said:

Where love seems not, love is. Love in the world wears many disguises. Even as there is the appearance of non-love, love is. Love is the fount of life on Earth, of life anywhere. There is no location to love. Love cannot be separated from the Very Self.

We can say that love is on a journey to see itself. Love can be seen, and love can also not be seen, and yet love is all there is. Love cannot be torn, yet it certainly may seem to be ripped apart. There seems to be an end to love or an opposite of love, and, yet love cannot be opposed to love.

A human being may seem to shoot arrows that are not love, and yet he displays love calling to love. “Love, wherefore art thou,” cries the heart of man. “Give me love,” he cries. He who is love and love alone seeks proof of love, and therein lies the description of love.

There can be no absence of love, yet that is too much for the human mind to conceive, so it has conceived less than love. It can attest to this. Love that is risen is seen as Love on the Rise. The perception of love may falter. The evidence of love may falter, yet love shines through it all. Even the perceived absence of love is a testament to love. You may try to lasso love, capture it like a fish from the Ocean. Isn’t it rather absurd that the Ocean tries to catch the Ocean while it denies the Ocean?

Love That Already Is is sought after. It is so sought after that Love forgets itself and digs up evidence that Love does not exist here and there in certain spots. Love cannot be cut in two, for Love is One, and One is Love. Hail to love. There is no contest, yet Love is the Winner. All else is illusion. Illusion may bear a wayward seal of approval. The gavel may bang that love is not, and, still, the gavel is not. Love has no use for a gavel.

Truth does not have to prove itself. Truth cannot be proven. Proof is not even in the ballpark of love. You are barking up the wrong tree, beloveds. Remember love, and forget about such folly as proof. Love is in another league. In fact, there is no other league. Love is the glue of the Universe. You are the upholder of the Universe. You cannot have Me two ways. I cannot be dissected. Love cannot be dissected. I AM God, and I AM Love, and that is the content of your heart. Your heart is Mine. Confess. Confess you are an Angel of God, and be it. If you must have proof, I AM the Proof. You are the proof. Love in your heart is the Truth. Your search for love and your search for Me prove My very existence. Even your search to disprove Me proves My very existence. We are Love in a Field of Love, and love and the field are One.

I AM the God of your Heart. You really cannot accurately take the pulse of your love. You really cannot accurately analyze love, for love rises from a different realm, and it is My Love in your heart that rises. You who were given My love are My love. I love love, and I love you. I sanctify you love. I sing from the Highest Heaven that you are Love. When I say, “Be My Love,” I am saying that you are My Love. I declare you Love. I declare that you have always been Love. I love you Who art My Love. Know you are. Say it.

Say, “I am God’s Love.”

Say, “I am God’s Love that shines in Heaven.”

It may be true that all that glitters is not gold, yet I, God, am gold.

Say, “ I am God’s Gold, and God’s Gold is Love, and Love is not tin. I am truly God’s Gold. And now I reveal my Self.”



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