Good Vibrations from SIRIUS 20121030 ~ Channeled message from Lady Mercedes of the violet Ray ~ Manu of the 7th race ~ through Mercy ~ 30-10-2012 ~


“You will fly like swallows among the Spring, this Spring can not be taken from you”


Dearest ones, finally I am able to lend my voice again, and what a feeling of freedom and love I bring along with this message, for you my beloved souls, my children of light.


I love you, and I am glad to breathe once again, to guide you with my words and to show you the beauty that lies in each of you, so very deep, so very powerful.

Reach out for me, call my name, for I am here to bring you light, reach out for me, for I AM the violet flame of forgiveness.


It has been hard for many of you to forgive your beloved ones, to reach out for them. Your feeling of sadness are known to me very well, indeed I incorporated all of them before I came to my home. I understand these feelings in order to transmute them, and so do all the beings of the violet ray.


Know that those that have awakened bitter feelings in you are waiting for you to stretch your hands to them, never judge a book by its cover, feelings are the deepest ocean that has ever been created, it would take several incarnations for all to understand, the complexity and beauty of emotion itself.


Know that just like I and the rest of us are stretching out our hands to you, you can do the same, for all that need to stand up again. There is infinite beauty in you, can you imagine this? Can you believe this? YOU must, because YOU ARE.


I have raised my wings for all of you, and though I know it is still hard for some of you to believe our words, trust yourself, have faith, become one, and become eternal beings of light.


I am your mother, you are my children, all of you, I will never deny my light to any of you. You are my mountains and rivers of hope.


Forgive yourselves, and learn that you are not yet on the finishing line, release yourself from the pressure that has been created, listen to your heart as it will tell you were the wounds need to be healed, it will tell you how to let go, it will teach you how to love, you know this so very well, you are love that came to life in this beautiful earth.


There are still “wounded warriors” among you, it has been hard for you to let go, of the illusions that you have experienced. The world is not only a place of harmony, right now your doubts are arising and you wonder what will happen.




Let your Higher self guide you, it knows you best, it loves you with the purest flame of love one could imagine, it IS you, it wants you to be freed.


When Saint Germain came to me and passed the violet flame to me I knew my work would start soon enough, I have returned to you as the Manu of the 7th race, your divine protector and mother. See me as a mother that will be here to give advice, for your highest good. Know me as the one that will free you from your chains of doubt, I AM that I AM, and YOU ARE (IN) ME.

We are one, my respect for you is infinite, my understanding for you is bigger than the one you now have for yourselves because I can clearly see who you are and I have no doubts about you. Please look and acknowledge your grandness, don’t be afraid to love yourself, to get to know yourself.


Right now you are your biggest fountain of knowledge, you are living knowledge.

I along with my Twin flame are here to help you, to guide you, to make you yours again, to return you to the origin. Believe in yourself, you must believe, your beliefs will paint the sky in your own color.


And if you doubt, come back to your inner core, grab it, hold it, feel how warm it is, see its light irradiating, feel the love emanating from it and accept this perfection that you are.


I AM Lady Mercedes, I hold the violet flame from my beloved Saint Germain and Lady Portia, it is my time to come to you, and it is your time to come back to me, my children of light, you are the miracle of life.


I will be assisting you as the Manu of the 7th race.


I have so much faith in you, we all do, and now we return to you, for you, like you returned to us. We are your guides, friends and equals, we are your family.


To forgive but not to forget, who you are and what was done, feel from the heart, it knows best, you know best.


Such simple advice to you, is all you will need, you have done well ans from now on you will walk with more ease.


I love you so very much, how could you ever know.


I AM Lady Mercedes and I return for all of you.




Copyright © 2012 by Mercy. All Rights Reserved.





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