Good Vibrations from SIRIUS 20121026 Sananda and One Who Serves – November 4th Announcement


Note from James:

Although, I always type or transcribe exactly what is channeled, I hesitated to put this date (deadline) on the Internet as these things have thus far shown to seldom come true. However, it would seem that at some point, things will have to begin in earnest and this is the first time my sources have given an exact date, so here it is. Also, I am aware that Ashtar also gave the same date of November 4th. We will know shortly if this is accurate.

One Who Serves:

Greetings. Good to be here with you in this way, so enjoying these times that we can be here with you and be of service in any way that we can, for certainly that is what we are called, we are The One Who Serves. And, that is what we do, we enjoy it so much when we can be this way with you, but understand that very shortly many of you, if not all of you and then others that read these words after this, will be experiencing us in a more personal way because as you know there is that which is called the ascension process that is upon you now in a very short time. You will be experiencing these things that have been talked about and have been spoken of through many different sources and in many different ways. You will have experiences that are beyond your mind, what you say will blow your mind. You will have these experiences and they will be wonderful but you have no idea yet of what is to come, what it is going to be like. Several of you do here but others do not and you will experience much that you have been preparing for eons of time. Now, I will release here for another. Sananda willl speak with you and then I will be back, ok.


I am Sananda, and I come to be with you at this time, in this momentous occasion, this time that is fast approaching now, times you have been waiting for, for a very long time. For long, long time ago and yes in a galaxy far, far, far away, you experienced what is called a conclave. Many of you were there if not all of you in this room and many others that will read these words, were there at that time with me and many others who were ready to experience a new evolution on this planet for the earth. Earth was calling out, earth was calling out in dyer need, that there needed to be a change, a transformation on the earth and in the earth, and those people that were there at that time, those of you that were there, you experienced a tremendous love, a love that was unbridled at that time. You were in a direct connection with the God Source. If you could remember back to this time as I am speaking these words, you will know and understand that which I speak of here. For, it was a grand time, a grand reunion, a grand union of people coming together to be of service, for that was the only thing that mattered at that time, was to be of service and you knew you were going to come to be of service to the earth and to the people of the earth. But, understand that at time many of you were called to this conclave but very few were chosen. You had to be chosen to be a part of this, you had to be of the Elect and yes it is the same as the Elect from your bible. They are one and the same. You are the Elect, you are the ones who came to be a part of this expression of the earth, to bring her out of the dark ages and into the ages of light and you each one, knew you had a tremendous up hill battle you might say.

From the very beginning you knew that is was going to be difficult times, you knew you were going to have tremendous travails to pass through and you knew all along that your path would be very difficult to follow at times. But you also knew that there would be those who would mentor to you, those who would be within you, those who would be within earshot of you where you could reach out and speak to them and ask them for their guidance and they would lead you on and guide you. They would give you that little bit of inspiration that was needed to carry on when it was time for that. Know and understand, that at this time and at this place and at this moment, you have reached the end of those travails, You have reached the culmination of all that you came here to do, for certainly these are the end time that have been spoken of in the bible. These are those times when you have prepared to be a part of the new expression on the earth. It was said a long time ago, by myself as Jeshua, that there would be a new heaven and a new earth, and yes that time is now. There will be a new earth, there will be a new heaven on earth, and you will be a part of that, each one of you, to be a part of this new expression, this new love that will cascade across the entire planet and it is already doing so because as we look from our vantage point we see millions of flickers of light everywhere and those lights are becoming brighter and brighter and they are spreading through the darkness that has once been there but is now fast diminishing.

So understand that those of you that came here with me in that time long ago, those of you are ready now to move and take the next step, those things that you have been brought here for, that you brought yourself here for. You are being prepared now to go into action, to go about your mission that you have been called here for. Several of you here have already been on your mission, have already been working on it, and others of you will be called very shortly to assume your position in this mission that you have taken on. Do understand as you continue this process, as you continue this journey, you have all the help from the celestial heavens that you could possibly ask for. We are all here to assist you, no one will be left behind, understand that. For as the times come very shortly, you will be experiencing that which is the Ascension process, that which has been spoken of in many different realms, from many different sources you will experience that very shortly and it will be different for all of you. All of you will have your own experience of this. Several of you have already been having those experiences and you will fast be approaching that which is the next experience for yourselves. That is my message but also understand that very shortly, very shortly indeed there is an event that is coming a special series of events that will be a part of this expression and you will each be a part of that and know it is very soon, very soon indeed because it is before your fourth of November. Remember that date, for many things are going to be changing before that and even very shortly now. When those times come, when you begin to see those changes developing you will understand that which we are speaking of here. That is my message, I am Sananda, my peace and love be with all of you.

The One Who Serves:

Greetings to you once again, One Who Serves back with you. We will not have any message here for that is already been given Are there any questions. Would there be any questions that you would have at this time, pertaining especially to that which has already been given here?

“I have a question. Sananda said November 4th, did he mean that there would be an event on November 4th or the culmination”?

Or before yes.

“So the understanding of the events that would occur during the time before November 4th would be fully culminated on November 4th and then we would understand what was happening”?

Yes, it would be in terms of many will be looking at this now, many that are not in this group that you find yourself in now but in many other groups, in mainstream you might say, and for the first time, they will take a look at this and might say ‘Oh my god what is happening here what is occurring?’ (Laughter) And you, those of you the lightworkers, will be on your mission at that point, if you are not already. And, you will know and understand, what you are to do, what you are about here. That will be completely obvious to you at that time, what you are to do when the time arises. For understand that times are growing very short in this process, for on the December 21stof this year 2012 there is a mass ascension coming and you are all to be a part of it, if you aren’t already by that time.

“I Have one more question”. If each one would experience an individual ascension process and have a different outcome how could we better prepare that we would have the best outcome that we could have”?

That is very simple my dear sister, be in love at all times. Be in love, love with yourself, yes that certainly, but in love with all around you, everything, the birds, the plants, even the rocks, you see? For all is consciousness, find yourself expressing your love for all around you and within you and then you will have the greatest expression the greatest experience you will have when the time comes. And as was said earlier another time, that you would go with the flow. This is very important. Go with the flow at all times, let go, stop the resistance. The resistance creates much anguish in your life, let it go. What is the saying from the old Beatles song, “Let it Be,” go with the flow, let the current take you wherever it will. For understand that the current is God, the God Source moving through you and it will take you as it will. But when you try to swim against the currents, how far do you get? You see, let it take you and experience love all around you, for that will certainly propel you into the higher dimensional frequencies. Does this answer your question Joanna?

“Thank you yes”

Other question here.

“Yes I have a question. Some people are talking about the three days of darkness. Can you connect it with what’s supposed to happen in November to that day?”

No, not before that but understand that the three days of darkness you are speaking of was metaphorically. It was not to be a three days of darkness directly. That was in the old times, that was the prophets of old times that talked about this. But understand that was also another time line, that was a time line where there were going to be catastrophes and many things like earthquakes and volcanoes and many things destroying much upon the planet, but that is the old timeline. You are in the new timeline now, you are in the timeline of ascension, you see? And many have tried to block this timeline from your understanding but they cannot and have not and cannot do that. So the three days of darkness is not anymore here now. That is not to say you will not experience a little bit of darkness within yourself. You will have that experience but it does not have to be anything in terms of negative expression, it can be very positive because you will be finding yourself at a time in what is called a void and that can be a term of darkness but it is a good darkness you see? Other questions here?

“In my situation I’ve lived with someone that’s very much into fear of what’s going on with the government and all that stuff, how can I best balance myself from that energy and be able to serve her and myself at the same time because I find myself just wanting to block and protect myself”.

Yes, and that is number one for you, that is important for you, to block out all negativity, all fear, all of these things for yourself. As to the other, it is good to love that person as much as you can, but do not get caught up in their expression of fear and all of these things, you see? There are many that will experience this fear in this society, in these cultures, in the world. They will experience that and that will be their expression their understanding of the dangers as the ascension process moves closer and closer. But you yourselves, who know and understand these processes, you do not have to be a part of that. You can be a part of the love expression, just sail through the whole experience you see? If you go with the current and not against it, you will have a grand experience through out it all. But there will be many who are experiencing fear mongering and all of these things that have been set up previously by the powers that be here on the earth, but that is to be over. Does this answer your question?

“Yes, thank you”.

Would there be further questions here? Very good energies here extremely good we could go all night here but we won’t. (Laughter)

“Do you have a message from Ashtar”?

Ashtar, my brother yes. He also has said the same thing that was given by the Sananda. He has said also that there are changes coming directly in terms of even time period here. But understand that we are very reluctant to give time frames because in times past when times have been given these have not been met, but also understand that there are points of no return, there are points where these things are written in stone, so there is going to be great change coming very shortly here and the Ashtar himself is a part of this great change, as is Sananda and many, many others. For many of us, all of us have been waiting for this time period for a long time because you see, as you ascend ,you will be moving into our place and we can move further on you see? So as you are of service to us, we are of service to you. It is a synchronicity, a relationship rather, you see? Does this answer your question?

“Yes”. Is there an opportunity to see our star brothers come to Phoenix or some place in Arizona?”

Are you talking about your galactic family? Yes, certainly you will be experiencing that in many different ways and many of you in this room and again many who read these words, you will be experiencing incredible times here. You will be reuniting with old friends and family from long ago that you have forgotten here in your three dimensional understanding at this time, but you will be reuniting with many of them. And many of you here will be on ships and experiencing those levels of expression that you once had at that time, and there are many who are ready and waiting to welcome you with open arms, and as has been said before by other sources, there is a great ceremony planned, great ceremony indeed to welcome you back to the higher dimensions once again out of your duality. It;s been a tough road, has it not? (Laughter) Aren’t you ready to get out of this?

“The earth herself, will she not be present in third dimesion anymore?”

There will be time, an expression of time here, where there will be a three dimensional earth and the higher dimensional earth at the same time in terms of those who go on early in the ascension process will be coming back to assist those who lag behind. You might say, in terms of a race, if you were to be in a marathon race, there are those who jump out to the front and make it all the way in high speed and they are the ones who finish first, you see? There will be those of you who will do that. Then there will be those of you, who will kind of chug along but they will finish the race, they will come after those that move into the forefront. And there will still be those who will at times stop and walk and at the last second, at the last moment when they can, they will be ready to kick down the door of ascension and move into that because they do not want to be left behind you see? But it is important for those who do not even know about ascension and that is many, many people here, do not even know what ascension is, no idea except in terms that which Jeshua went through, had to die on the cross and then to ascend in that way. But they have no idea that it is not necessary to die anymore to have this expression, you see?

“So the earth will remain in the third dimension”?

There will be a portion of it, yes that will, but it will not for long. It is only enough to allow the others to move forward. Those that are not ready to move forward and there will be those who have not chosen either through their soul contracts or through their conscious knowing self at this time, they will choose to remain in three dimension you see, and they will be acclimated into a new understanding a new expression for themselves in a sense a new planet you might say.

“So whats the difference between those that stay behind and those that choos to go forward, whats the main difference?”

The main difference is that they will be at a higher frequency vibration they will be experiencing what you call nirvana, you see. And you will be out of that which is the duality expression that you are used to here, which you have been doing for many lifetimes here. Anything further here?

“Yes, is an encounter with the galactic family is that ascension portion or is that just a welcome or a visit or encounter of our galactic family?”

Are you speaking in terms of going up on ships and that is your ascension? That is not correct. You will not be beamed up on ship and that type of thing and that is your ascension. You see, you must ascend first, you must have a higher frequency vibration to then be with your galactic family. But you who are asking this question, certainly that is your expression, that is what you come from and that is what you will be returning to with your galactic family.

“Well I’ve had experiences before with the fourth dimension, but now in the three dimension, is it going to take me to fifth dimension, the ascension?”

Yes the ascension process is to move from the 3rd dimension to the 4th and 5th dimensional frequencies but understand that those that do go on in experiencing this ascension process, there will be times when they will be drifting back and forth you see? They will go on and experience higher frequencies and at times be pulled back because the body tends to pull you back the sense of that which you know will tend to pull you back a little bit but be ready to let go. This is why we say, let go, be with the current be in love and then you will experience all you want to hear you see.

“What will happen with our bodies, our three dimensional bodies?”

Your three dimensional bodies will be converting or changing into a more crystalline body to be able to take the light in more fully. The more light that you can take in the higher your frequency vibration moves. Is this understood?

“Uh sounds really difficult”.

You will not be doing it in terms of a classroom and you have to follow the teacher, it is not that type of thing, and it cannot be done wrong. There is no wrong or right here, that is why we say go with the flow. Your Higher Self, your Higher God Self knows how to do this process and there is a portion of you that is part of that, of course and you have done this process before. You see, each one of you here in this room, or you would not be here, you have each ascended previously in other time and many of you are what are called the system busters. You have gone through time after time, lifetime after lifetime, experience after experience, planet after planet, system after system, and you have gone into those systems and changed things and you are doing it again. Here now, the question will come, when the time comes, do you want to do it again and many of you now would say, “Hell No” (Laughter) you see, not just “No” but “Hell no” not doing this again, time to move on and you certainly have earned that right to do so. Anything further here?

“ I have a quick question in reference to November 4th. I don’t see anything in the mainstream”.

And that is a good thing.

“Is that going to matter, as far as what I hear about the changes? Will we still get word about what is happening?

Yes, because you will not be able to not know it. It will not be possible to not know what is happening. Anything further here? Then we will release the channel. Understand now as you continue on in your journey, in your experience, in your expression of love, find more and more that expression within yourself because that is what is going to catapault you onward. Find it within your heart, open your hearts to the light and let that light flow in and you will have a grand experience and we will be here waiting for you when you come, when you cross the threshold. Shantee, Peace be with you. Be the ONE.

Channeled by James McConnell




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