Messages of Light 20121021 ~ Heavenletter #4349 – After All, Who Are You?


After All, Who Are You?

Heavenletter #4349

God said:

Even though We are all One and there is no We and there is no you, even though I am One, the designated We can say that you are One with everyone. There is amazing diversity in the world, amazing seeming diversity in the world. In the world, there is diversity. There is Oneness, and there is also uniqueness. Everyone is the same, and, yet, no two are alike. No two think alike, see alike, look alike. No one is the exact replica of another. And in everyone who does not see as you see, think as you think, and so on, you find yourself. You see who you are in the contrast between so-called others and yourself. From the perceived uniqueness of others, you begin to know yourself. This is something like seeing those photos that you can look at in two ways. In one way, you see a certain picture. In another way, you see a different picture. The picture hasn’t changed. The picture is the same. The angle you see the picture from changes. Of itself, the picture changes not at all.

In one way, everything in life is contrary. In another way, there is Oneness and Oneness Alone. Oneness is the basis. Contrast is the periphery. It has been said that Oneness is the Ocean Deep, and two-ness and infinite multiplicity are the waves of the Ocean Deep. Individuality becomes waves. Individuality fluctuates. Human Beings grow. Perception has its own need to grow. Oneness is the unchanging Ocean Deep. Nothing changes but perception. What is is. What is not is not.

Everything delineates you. The contrast informs you of yourself. It all comes out in the wash, and, yet, by contrast, you are known. How relative is the relative world. How Vast is Unity and how unending is multiplicity, and, yet, when all is said and done, Unity is. Multiplicity is not.

We can say that the relative world is the body of life. Your physical form is your body. And, yet, you are not your body. By the same token, the physical world is greater than it may appear. The physical world is a depiction of the world. The extant world is a conglomeration of Oneness.

Oneness is everything. The basis is everything. Without the basis, diversity would not exist. Without the basis, diversity could not exist. What could diversity exist in? Oneness is the platform that diversity stands on.

Diversity is illusion, and yet illusion is a race you run in.

We could say that you run in circles, and Oneness stays still. Oneness is core, and diversity is the circumference. In Reality, there is no circumference. There is solely Oneness. It is redundant for Me to put the world solely in front of Oneness, but never mind. Words are not Oneness, and yet words come from Oneness. Everything and everyone issues from Oneness. In Oneness, there is no complication. In Oneness, there is no contrast. The Whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In the Reality of the Truth, which is Oneness, there are no parts.

Oneness is above all. There is a seeming all made of many, and yet there is One. There is One God, and there is Oneness. You are seeming little beings running around. You are not a little being. It only seems so to you. I, God, stay still. In you, I run around, and, yet, We are One. There is not even a We. There is One. Whom did you think you really were?



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