Good Vibrations from SIRIUS 20121022 The Council of Nine to Me – 21 October 2012 – by Tazjima


Lightbeings, I have felt troubled today as if I was wavering above the edge of a cliff.

We understand your dilemma. You and others like you have stepped beyond the confines of the known and into uncharted territory. You are still in the process of getting your bearings, so to speak. Do not fret; this feeling of uncertainty will not exist forever. Before long, you will, again, feel the higher energies lifting up your spirits.

We feel that the increased scrutiny of your work, of your life, has made a sensitive being like you feel the pressure of the attention, which is still rather new to you. In time, you will readjust to the new attention and be able to give your all to your work, acting as a liaison between our dimension and yours, at least until such time when the planet completes its shift.

Who am I receiving from right now?

We are the Council of Nine. We have watched your progress as a channel with great interest. You have done well. Your interpretations of our communications are put forth in a style of writing that is easy to read for even those who have English as a second language. Your connection is a pure one; of that we assure you. Perhaps some of what we and other beings have said is a bit repetitive (found in other messages from other sources). However, in this time of intense transformation and transition, it is important for all those who are involved to be aware of the minutest changes. We also prefer to repeat our message to those who are wavering in their dedication or who feel overcome by the increasing energies and fear that they are wavering, when they are not. The last little bits of the illusion still can play havoc with the unprepared and even the just weary ones.

Again, changes are not greatly apparent in the “real” world. The changes are emerging from within each individual. Think how long it has taken to transform your upper bodies, the mental and the emotional (astral). It takes a while for change to manifest in the dense physical world. Many of you, indeed, most of you who are lightworkers come from realms of light where manifestation is instantaneous. Even though you have spent your entire life on this planet, even lifetimes, still you have a memory and connection to the higher worlds that causes disquiet in your feeling body when changes does not come quickly.

Also, disclosure has been put off many times, but this has been done because we have not deemed the general populace to be ready for our sudden appearance in their skies and on their lawns. We did not wish to add to the already high levels of tension in many places throughout the globe. And we are quite aware of how just the possibility that we might show up has been interpreted as a threat of invasion and violence. We have no such desire to invade your world. We have long been your protectors. We have allowed darkness to play out in the world because you have invited it in; still large portions of your populace daily delight in watching games, videos and television productions filled with high levels of senseless violence. Rest assured, dear ones, we will arrive when the timing is right for all.

When a world has been caught up in a never-ending struggle for as long as your planet has, it needs assistance from the outside. That is where the plan for the lightworkers and starseeds to incarnate among the sleepers came to be; that is where our galactic volunteers entered the picture with their light. With your mastery, for all of you who were chosen are ascended masters, you came to this world and willingly underwent the process of birth, through the natural process of this dimension. Immaculate conception does not exist among the higher mammals of your world no matter what some church fathers would have their followers believe. Each of you emerged through the narrow channel of the birth canal of your mother into the world and began to forget what you were before. A total Veil of forgetfulness descended upon most.

And later, there came some who are called walk-ins, those souls who replaced another in a grown body. This process, too, brought its own set of difficulties as each of you had to deal with the sudden increase in density and the toughness of day to day life. Even some of you have had to struggle with the energies of the families in whom you came to be born. All of you have been compelled by inner urgings to overcome the hardships that have been laid in front of your path and you have succeeded most magnificently. Remember or try to, that what has manifested in your life, has been chosen by you at some level before your incarnation. You are masters; you can overcome any obstacle placed in front of you, if you only discover the strength that exists within each and every one of you.

In whatever manner you entered this world, you are the brave ones, who have worked against great odds and have succeeded to the point where you are now aware that you came here for a mission. Some of you have succeeded in reconnecting with portions of the galactic and even celestial families that you left behind when incarnating. There is much further to go, but you have done well. We encourage those who feel tired to remember, it is not an easy task that you chose to come here to do, but it is a worthy one. You, the lightworkers, are in the process of freeing an entire planet from the throes of darkness and despair. This is a process that has been being worked on for many centuries, even since the time the darkness first came into this dimension, even since there was a falling away from the Light.

We encourage you to connect on a daily basis with your Higher Self, through meditation, through journaling, painting or whatever medium that you feel comfortable. Through this kind of focus, you will succeed in bringing the higher energies to you. Through this kind of work, you will begin the process of integration with those higher portions of self that you left behind. We work quite willingly with those who are eager to connect. As noted in basic metaphysics and even in the Christian bible, always test the spirits before working with the unseen. There still exist lingering bits of dark energies, although for the most part they are unfocused and relatively powerless.

Yes, although the mass media sources present a terrible picture of increasing violence, the potential of war, suicides, and murders, we are aware that an increasing number of people realize that a good part of this violence is actually staged, between rival factions or are remnants of karmic struggles being worked out in the darkest corners of your world. Change must come from within; we bid you to turn away from the propaganda, the fear-mongering and the shield-banging and learn to listen within. Seek the peace that is there and you will begin to discover a new sense of belonging, a new reason to complete the task that you set before yourself so long ago.

We wish you well, lightworkers. Know that you are cherished and honored for the work you do every day by just being here on the planet. Your names are blessed and your renown has been spread to the far corners of the galaxy and beyond.

We are the Council of Nine.

Thank you, dear Council.

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