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The Cosmic Keyboard

With a little over three months till the end of show many are wondering what is going on and is it really going to be the end of show? I would like to offer my own take on what is going on in the hopes that it might help someone.

Like the piano keyboard, the cosmic keyboard has many keys and many notes spread out over many octaves. There are harmonics as one key is struck others begin to vibrate in harmonic resonance. Currently high C, middle C and low C are all at perfect pitch and causing all the others to change their vibrations up or down to match. This is what is going on and this is what many feel as the problem or distress.

High C is represented by the chakra about two inches above our heads and only those able to reach 8th density have been able to perfectly harmonize with it. Those of 7th density and below might come close and be coming even closer but they are not as yet entrained with this new vibration of light.

Middle C exists at the cellular level, the level of the DNA and at its very root. The root of organic life is perfectly harmonized but the higher levels have not yet caught up. This is why people have been asked to ground to Gaia at this time. Grounding to the root level allows this new vibration to come in and release toxins in an upward movement rather than in a downward manifestation.

Low C is crystalline earth herself at the lowest and deepest elemental levels. She is at this time perfectly attuned at the lower elements but the higher ones are still locking into place. Again this is a bottom up process and not a top down.
Strictly speaking the action is both top down and down up because all three notes are being struck at the same time in perfect harmony as perfect octaves of each other. This is why not much is happening in terms of major geophysical events. The lower levels are becoming stable. It is the upper levels that are still trying to find the proper levels of vibration.
In practical life experience this means that parts of our physical lives are already locked into place while our souls are still in torment as they struggle to adjust. Not every person resonates with the note C. There are six other notes as well and each is equally represented in nature. Each person is of a specific ray or color. It is the stabilization of these last six notes that we are currently experiencing with varied amounts of difficulty or ease.

In summary the ascension activity is taking place on three different levels, the soul level, the organic level and the atomic level. The notes of high C, middle C and low C have been struck and stabilized but the other six are still struggling to fall into step.

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