Ascended Masters 20121021 ~ Learn to switch off and do NOTHING – Archangel Raphael through Isabel Henn


Learn to switch off and do NOTHING

Archangel Raphael through Isabel Henn

October 20, 2012 

My Beloved, we are facing a new portal which will bring you more energies.  Yes, we too, because we manage and monitor the opening of the portals and the energies that are guided through it. You all will be able to feel them, without exception. The number of those who will now be awakened, rises again, including Starseeds and Lightworkers who have missed their wake-up-call until now, or whose time has come. They are required for the further cleaning processes.

You can all help further in cleaning your homes and the environment energetically. Use the violet flame, fill your houses and apartments with it and demand it to transmute all negative and low energies into unconditional love. This you can expand on your vehicles in which you are traveling daily. Just in your public transportation there are many low and negative energies. You bring your anger and frustration from your jobs inside, where they accumulate. Therefore fill out the buses and trains, in which you are traveling, with the violet flame and give the instructions to clean and transmute.

You can also do this with your environment, your country or continent, in sending the violet flame to the site your want to clean. Afterwards you can send your unconditional love there.

To heal or clean your body, call my emerald green flame. Let it into your crown chakra and imagine how it fills your entire body and aura. Even more effective is if you lead it counterclockwise through your body. Visualize it until the light leaving your body by hands and feet, has the same emerald green color in which it flows into your body. It may take a while, it depends on how your body and your aura is energetically charged. Then you can fill your body with white light that gives you energy. You’ll notice that you feel better and lighter after this cleaning. Dare also to call me to support, I’ll be happy to help.

Let your days pass away more quietly. Rest more often and feed yourselves more lightly. You have your daily routine filled with commitments and deadlines. Already, you have the feeling that the days are not enough to carry everything what you have planned. This is not an illusion, but since the time collapses, your days are hours shorter than they were a few decades earlier. Look at your schedules and cancel everything that is not absolutely necessary. Provide yourselves with time for more leisure and relaxation. Learn to switch off and do NOTHING. You have been taught that doing nothing can be equated with laziness. This is false. In idleness you relax and give your soul leisure to wander, to connect with you, because your mind has yet too often supremacy. Make contact with your soul in withdrawing and relaxing. Be still and shift your attention from the head into your heart where your soul is at home. Hold dialogue with your soul and open a new world of knowledge and wonder. Your soul opens a door to a new world for you. A gateway to reality, out of the illusion. You do not need great techniques only just be quiet and command your mind to be silent, so that your soul can speak.

Call me if you need my help and support, whether day or night. In my great love for you I’m always there for you. I am your healer, I am the Archangel Raphael.

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