Ascended Masters 20121020 ~ Focus with Pure Inte​nt Message from Arch​angel Jophiel Channe​led by: Julie Miller​ October 18, 2012


Focus with Pure Intent

Message from Archangel Jophiel
Channeled by: Julie Miller
October 18, 2012

When you begin to make changes that are based on the intentions of the heart, sometimes dear ones at first there are no results. And it is here that many easily give up the effort to keep trying. But as the many of you that do know and understand the value of perseverance do realize that when you continue to hold faith, and love with the intention of bringing change into your life, be that of a new job, a new relationship, focus on improving your health, or other areas that are able to receive the benefits of positive change created by you. Eventually dear ones as you continue to persevere, what you are intending on succeeding begins to manifest and become real. Many times the outcome to what you have been trying to achieve comes upon you suddenly, an unexpected yet beautiful surprise. During the waiting period of all endeavours you will encounter new people that will synchronize with your heart that also through a spiritual connection help make your intention more possible, demonstrating to you, the simplest of interaction between you and another connects to your intention furthering your success. A smile between strangers walking by is not a chance happening, all has meaning and reason dear and ALL affects everything through the connectedness you share with all living things.

Sometimes what you are trying to manifest takes a long time, and I do know some of you have experienced long bouts of waiting. What commonly happens dear ones is that you stop holding onto what your intention is. Remember dear ones your thoughts, intentions are very similar to electromagnetic waves that spread throughout the universe as if you are sending out radio signals. The universe does receive your thoughts and mirrors them in return to you through the physical world. The more pure thought and emotion you add to your intention, the more intense the wave you will send out, and yes the reflection of your thoughts and intent will be that much stronger. When you let go of an intention, what is really happening is you haven’t put enough effort out, so the wave of energy you send out will only reflect back an energy pattern that is weak to the point of it not being detected by you.

You must be persistent dear ones with your intentions, never waver. Understand all outcomes are derived by the energy you supply. You are the power behind all thought forms and it is you that brings success to what you are manifesting. Understand dear ones when you are focusing intently, if you have put out a steady stream of energy consistently for a few weeks, you will come to realize they have been working for you when you are not looking. A list is a sure way to keep track of your manifestations. Work at one at a time in order to not overwhelm yourself. Set yourself with small tasks first and discover the power of manifestation when met with the pure intent of your heart in action. You can achieve anything dear ones if you put your heart and mind into it, an equal balance of effort.

You must be clear and passionate about what you are aiming to achieve through the intention that will manifest your results. Ensure what you are aiming to achieve you are doing so because you truly want to, not to show someone else you can. You must bring value into your energy and the value must be your own, nobody else’s. Be truthful and honest as to what you are wanting and be specific. Don’t speak at great length of something that can
be described in a couple words and focus dear ones clearly and unwaveringly.

Remember dear ones, every thought you hold is considered an intention. What you must learn to do dear ones is let go of all thoughts that will bring conflict to what you are truly aiming to bring about. You cannot manifest happiness when your inner thoughts speak of how much you dislike being miserable. Positive thoughts bring positive outcomes. There are no explanations required as to why you are aiming to manifest one thing or another – the reasons are already known.

Stop dear ones acknowledging what you do not want, instead manifest clearly as to what you want – what speaks through your heart. When you acknowledge what you don’t want, what you are actually doing dear ones is intending it into manifestation. Shift your thoughts by changing the words as to what your intentions are, say what it is you do want as clearly as possible. Recognize the reality you wish to create to be stronger than the one you want to leave behind.

Take a look at what you are intending to manifest, if the intention that you are trying to hold conflicts with your strongest beliefs, realize that particular intention will dissolve into ineffective energies. Be aware of your own beliefs when you are attempting bring change into your life. If the intentions are strong and do not have many conflicts with your beliefs that these intentions will indeed manifest at a much quicker rate. You are in power of the flow of energy and effort dear ones. There are no excuses only realization. Your life dear ones is governed by your choices. When you bring change into your life, this is also a representation of choice and responsibility. Because you choose how much effort you will apply, how pure your intentions are, if you waver with uncertainties or with perfect clarity – this is your life dear ones and YOU are the ones in control of where your path will take you.

Yes there will be hurdles along the way to test your beliefs and strength, but you learn to work around them and carry on. Be patient dear ones. Yes you may slip during your manifestations; your positive thinking may crumble occasionally, simply turn your attention back to what it is you want to achieve with self-love and understanding. Dissolve all resistance by focusing purely and intently what your heart is directing you to reach and what you will attain once your outcome has been met. Be compassionate towards yourself dear ones. Your journey is incredible, filled with so many possible positive outcomes and each and every one of them is there for you…all you have to do is really, really want to make the effort to reach to what your heart desires in union with your mind, soul and body working together in perfect harmony.

And so it is, Archangel Jophiel through Julie Miller



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