Trip to the Mothership Part IV b

Before Mytre speaks with you, we wanted this opportunity to share a special message with our ascending ones who have been visiting our Mothership. We are so happy to visit with many of you in your Night-bodies. Do not be concerned if you do not remember us, for WE remember you. In fact, we remember when you, too, were Sixth Dimensional Beings.


Your Sixth Dimensional Self is a wisp of light seeking a new form to wear. Once you create your form, you take on the persona and milieu of that form. This shopping for a new form is great fun. But, most important, it is how your great Essence can check out and interact with the myriad realities to see if your infinite services are required.


If you find that you are needed, if you just want to have some fun, a unique experience, or a visit with friends, you insert your SELF into the 6D Matrix of that reality as simply as a third dimensional might slip on a glove. The reality of the formless ones is much vaster than the realities of form. In reality, within your NOW of the ONE, you are simultaneously relishing many visitations to many realities.


On the contrary, your insertion into your present matrix/life was not for fun or a visit. You came to Gaia because YOU were needed. Just as Gaia had called you at the fall of Atlantis, She has been calling you for the last two generations. She called you because she needed your great sixth dimensional light to counteract her impending darkness.


And so you answered Her call…


In your sixth dimensional SELF, you inserted your Light into the era that would commence the final days of ascending Earth. However, our dear, brave ones, you did not stay at the higher frequencies of this reality. No, you purposefully delved down through the fifth dimension, through the fourth to capture your Aura, you pulled in all your protection as you bravely traveled through the dark and murky Lower Astral Plane and inserted your Essence into the tiny, helpless form of a third dimensional infant.


Please recognize how much courage and dedication to the Light that it took for you to diminish your great Multidimensional SELF into such a dependent state. If that were not enough, in a very short “time” you forgot your true SELF and only knew of your small, weak physical form. You ALL chose a very difficult matrix upon which you chose to adhere your multidimensional creativity.


Many, more than our hearts could bear to count, were lost in the great darkness of the closing cycle of Gaia’s plight. However, upon your release from your illusionary form even those who have become completely embedded in the darkness will, eventually, return HOME to your true SELF.


This harvest has begun NOW.


It is VITAL that you remember who you are.

Release the illusion of physicality that you have wrapped around your memory.

Release the fear that you had to learn in order to survive this challenge

Release the guilt that you were taught.

Release to doubt that clouds your mind.

Release ALL you memories of darkness, pain, fear and sorrow.


These burdens are the heavy pack that makes your ascent to the mountain peak too difficult, too exhausting and too dangerous. With the release of all that over, you will more able to find your Way into that which is new. Always, remember that you are totally protected.


Whatever happens to you within this final leg of your life-long return Home is of no consequence. The dense body you are wearing will soon be transmuted into its true body of LIGHT.  However, your Path is not ending. In fact, this Path is just beginning, but it is moving into a frequency of reality in which the density is not so heavy.


Your return is moving into a dimension in which you are free of the darkness that has haunted you for myriad incarnation. We, the members of your Higher Expressions of SELF, are leading you into the Light that you have always sought. Yes, even in the darkest of nights, you have sought this light.


Our dear ascending ones, we salute your wondrous courage and tenacity. You have continued on and on through the darkest of times when hope seemed to be your greatest illusion. However, you didcontinue. You did not give up! Somehow you found more light, more courage and more tenacity to continue your Return, no matter what!


The peak of the mountain is very near, but you are more exhausted than ever. Fortunately, the hope that was once an illusion has become your talisman. Hold on to your hope, our dear ascending ones. Hold on to your faith—in your SELF—as you climb the final hills and journey through the final valleys of your discontent.


Polarities are closing and you are CREATING you New Life!


We, the Arcturians, and ALL your Galactic and Celestial Family, are holding our arms open wide to shine our Heart Light on the final steps of your long journey. You are coming to the Threshold now. All you have to do is step across!


The Arcturians*




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