Contacting Beings of Light 20120925 Sananda, September 24th 2012. Channeled by Julie Miller-


So many beautiful children of all ages fill this incredible world. Many of you began your spiritual journey when deep inside you felt a certain kind of emptiness, as well as a need to fulfill more than the routine dullness of your daily life. It is this exact journey that has been bringing you and your beautiful hearts home to God. He waits dear ones, for ALL and greets you with unconditional love and the warmest of light that fills your entire being.

There is a force within you that called to you to begin this journey and to discover your meaning of your life. It is the Light of God that beckons you forward towards the cognizance of your true self. Your true self beloved ones as you are all aware as a spiritual being opens your eyes to the realization that you are connected to all that exists.

It is relevant to accept the challenges of life that greet you and through them you learn beloved ones to love yourself and others that are closest to you and to those that are not with love to the fullest extent without reservation. It is essential dear ones to move with the current flow of life that is presented to you, take responsibility for all your actions, learning to express your Free Will without meddling in the Free Will of others. Your true self is a lot more than the body that inhabits your soul. Beloved ones, each of you are part of the dynamic life force that is the quintessence and temperament of all humanity.

The meaning of life dear ones is learning to love yourself and others unconditionally as God loves you, as I love you; you are meant to search for your truth and the greater purpose in life, including yours. You are meant to learn this without interfering with the Free Will of others that you meet along your way. The true goal dear ones is learning to become a better person, and to attain a loving and complete feeling of being connected to everyone and everything. You are also meant to discover the peace that is there within each of you and tune in to your true nature as being God in Action.

It essential now more than ever to make a true effort to learn and work together for the greater of good. With all the many diverse faiths an individual can choose to follow, remembering your connectedness is important dear ones and I remind each of you of the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule is a moral principle beloved ones that aids people to learn to live together in peace and harmony. Always aim to treat one another with tolerance, consideration and pure compassion. Yes there are many variations of this principle, and it is individual which one applies to each of you. The Golden Rule is created and used to describe your feelings and experiences, in addition it needs you to think about others and attempt to visualize or imagine how they may think or feel.

Dear ones when you make the effort to treat others respectfully and with compassion you are not at the same time making an assumption that all people are the same. You are already well aware each of you are equipped with your own feelings. Being considerate of others does not infringe anyone’s boundaries, instead by applying the Golden Rule as another extension of you, you are demonstrating your I AM Presence through your feelings, thoughts, actions, and words in all you do.

I urge you to live your life through your heart dear ones and embracing the Golden Rule as part of your decision making tool. Use this sacred rule to help you empathize with other people, especially those that are very different from yourself. Did you know beloved ones that Empathy is at the beginning of kindness, compassion, understanding and respect? These are empowering qualities that I encourage each of you to demonstrate always to all people no matter who they may be and no matter where they may be from. ALL people are equally loved by me and by my Father.

Before you decide to criticize another dear soul regardless of your reason, remember you have not walked and lived through their shoes. You cannot really feel what is like to be that person; you do not know what is in their life that has affected them or the amount of pain they have endured. But you can imagine this; feel their suffering through their own words and actions, providing yourself the opportunity to react with loving kindness.

Don’t allow any form of prejudice to form in your precious hearts and make a solid effort to not allow harsh feelings to grow and develop towards any other soul just because they are different. Promote love, peace and harmony dear ones through all your actions that demonstrate God in Action through all of you. Let your heart illuminate the great wisdom that is a part of you. De-clutter your path of frustration and judgment that may have developed towards other people. Even if your frustration is a result of another person being hurtful towards you, you do have the choice to react with love and kindness dear ones. The choice is always yours to make. *

The journey you have undertaken is a winding path towards eventual enlightenment. There is no time or schedule on your journey; you cannot set a time limit on when to arrive. You will reach your heart driven destination when you are meant to, when you have learned each lesson and how to open your heart to love all people including how to love yourself as God intended you to. You know you are on the path to spiritual enlightenment when you realize and feel your connection with others and with the world around you in a deep and profound way. Your journey dear ones requires you to believe, to have faith in God and in yourself.

Your journey to spiritual enlightenment begins with your awakening that uniquely draws you to find the higher power that is within each of you. There are some souls who are only partially awake, their journey will be filled with unique challenges just as your own is. The souls that are partially awake requires a little more patience to be found within themselves. They, like each of you will in time discover their divine purpose, but not before they are ready.

Once you have achieved all your journey has for you, you have attained deep inner peace and calm then you will know true enlightenment. You will never have need to judge another; instead you will demonstrate compassion and acceptance. There are many paths that will direct you to a form of happiness dear ones, but the path to God is where true happiness awaits. I know you want to achieve a deep lasting happiness, it a primary goal that speaks when words are not spoken. You will find true and lasting happiness dear ones when you discover what your higher purpose is by searching for and directing your journey that leading you to God. Once you truly find your higher and meaningful purpose, you will begin to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life, you will no longer desire material ‘things’ that never truly satisfy the needs of your soul.

Allow me to guide you beloved ones to your enlightenment and to the journey home to God and his waiting loving arms. God’s word of Love will never change dear ones; His word will live on inside each of you, just as I live within the spark that lit the moment of your awakening.

I AM Sananda through Julie Miller






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