The manuscript of survival 20120917 Heavenletter #4313 Now, Look to the Light, September 15, 2012



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God is always bringing us closer to Him.

 God said: 

It is the light that you must look to. You must because this is the only way to manage life in the world. Look, you have in the past done plenty of looking at the darkness that you see before you. Now, look to the light. Even in tremendous darkness, there is light. If you can’t see it, look for it. You can conjure the light. However dark the world may seem to be for you at a given point in time, then imagine the brightness that is waiting to shine on you and the world.

You are essential to the world. It is you who has to shine light on the world. You cannot wait for the world to shine light on you. Your mind is a like a magic brush, and your mind can paint the picture you would like to see. Your mind will paint the picture in your heart, and then your heart will take over. Your heart is, of course, the key to light. So then you must light up your heart.

Whatever may be troubling you, let your heart sparkle on the trouble, and perceived trouble will recede. Look, trouble is going to diminish anyway. Why not diminish it now? Simply don’t hold on to the heartache of trouble. To what avail do you belabor your heart with anguish? What earthly good is it? What any kind of good is it anyway? The good of perceived trouble is that your heart can move away from it into ease. If this easing can happen later, it can ease now. You can shift trouble aside. Yes, beloveds, make room for something better than denial of your heart’s mission.

When you are in emotional pain, you are not loving. You may think someone or life has betrayed you, yet you are the betrayer of the love in your heart. It is you who has put love aside for something else, for pride perhaps. No matter how innocent of wrongdoing you may be, you are not innocent of infringing on love. No matter what, keep your love intact. Then where can such turmoil you have taken into your heart be? With love, turmoil does not have a leg to stand on.

Perhaps you are unable to love at this moment. Even so, what you can do is to turn in the direction of love. No matter what hurt has been handed you, keeping it is holding a grudge. Holding a grudge is self-punishment. You may wish to hurt another back because of the hurt they gave you. This is not love, and this is not what you are meant to seek.

You may feel that the hurt another has inflicted on you is unforgivable. Isn’t that what you are feeling? How could they, the offenders, hurt you like this? How could they? How could they hurt you who has been so wonderful to them? You may have been wonderful. The others may indeed have no right to hurt you and reject you after all you have done.

No matter what, you have to let go of the insult and infraction upon your own good will. Anything less is holding a grudge. Grudges are to be let go of. You are to let go of hurt. When you hold the hurt, you hold a grudge. No matter how deliberate the other person or persons, they made an error. You have to forgive errors, You are not to hold them to you. Errors are not a badge for you to carry. Errors are not a shield. And you are not virtuous to hold anything against anyone. Move forward in your vision, and let the past go. You can do it.

I know you want the other to apologize to you. You are sorry for the upset even when you see the other person or persons as the cause of the upset. Even if they are, you are the one who has to set it right. Set it right with yourself, beloveds. What else is there really to do? Waiting is not an option. Ill-will is not an option. Get into a different frame of mind. Do it now. End the internal fray now. Thank you.




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