Ron’s Channeled Messages 20120916 The Ascended Masters: You are Initiating Everything


-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Can you feel what has been commencing on your surface, dear souls?

Can you feel the strides that you are reaching and the willingness of the higher realms to make ourselves known within the fore of your perceptions? Your realities and perceptions have been in the midst of a continual shifting process for some time as you pair together what you recognize as pure [higher dimensional] reality, with what you recognize as realities that only feed former ways of being and by performing this pairing, you are finding higher dimensional perceptions that are quite literally upgrading your temples [as you realize what no longer works for you].

As you grow into purer perceptions of what reality is, you naturally begin to be exposed to all that which you have held dear to your hearts but which has been feeding in yourselves, a prevalent lower dimensional experience.

No dear soul is ever judged for the choices that they wish to make along their paths and all of you are Loved infinitely, by us and by our dear Creator and we know that despite the actions you have made on your path, you are all finding the realms of Source and will eventually be existing within the pure realms of our dear Creator, wherein you will experience a total unity with the energy that you truly are within.

We ask you to consider the idea of existing with no wish for an identity, and we wish you to know as well that if you do not wish for such an experience, you can stay within the realms that do not yet garner such an experience until you find yourselves comfortable with experiencing the next stage and octave of growth and consciousness.

Imagine feeling and being the pure energies of Source, and needing nothing else.

Rest assured, dear souls, you will go through a plethora of stages and octaves of harmonic reality still before you find yourselves in the realms wherein you will take no identity or memory, and simply exist as Source. Many of you have many, many ‘Lives’ and stages planned-out for yourselves that include existing as planets and stars which help to Create and sustain reality for beings existing within a lower consciousness.

Upon entering the realms of the fifth dimension and upon entering realms that many of us speaking to you [naturally] exist within, you will find the desire for service-to-others as being fashioned into helping others to evolve. As you yourselves evolve into even purer realms than those of the fifth dimension, you will find your desire to serve others in their growth become so strong that you will quite literally want to host Life within yourselves and on the surface of your structures, so that you can assist the souls who will be existing upon you to evolve by quite literally hosting their experiences.

Many of you will indeed choose to exist as planets and Suns and you will realize upon doing this, the collective, connected nature of all planets within their respective Solar Systems.

You will find upon ascending to the fifth dimension that your entire Solar System is quite connected and that even those planets who have been hosting lower dimensional Life and disconnected societies throughout their history, have at their higher dimensional cores retained a strong and connected bond with the rest of their Solar System. It is truly quite a beautiful unity and it is one that you are all to understand in the time ahead as you absorb continually-pure Light energies, which you are assimilating into yourselves at present quite marvelously.

We have made the decree after holding meetings with the Highest Coucils overseeing your world’s ascension, that the energy you are being given now be increased each time it is sent down to your world rather than the energy only being pumped-up in purity along [synchronistic and important] dates.

We are doing this in preparation for a mass opening of gates of energy all around your world. This [mass opening of portals] has been known of and discussed for quite some time, and you dear souls can see our discussions of it at this time as a simple confirmation that it is indeed to occur.

Indeed, this opening of energy gates throughout your world for all to see and feel in yourselves has been planned for every bit as long as your dear Earth has hosted your Life along the [lower] stages of growth which are to end ultimately with the openings of such gates, and this will see the collective of Earth initiated into a higher dimensional consciousness and into realms that are being tailor-made and fashioned by you dear souls in every moment with your thoughts, feelings and actions.

You are to find the opening of such gates as quite literal representations [and results] of the opening of your chakras, as these gates of energy are indeed the chakras of dear Mother Earth and you will find that many of them exist within the sky and atmosphere of dear Gaia. Many of these gates are as well where your Galactic brethren can be noticed at times zooming in and out.

Your Galactic brethren have a cloaking feature accompanying their ships but we say that this is not always what you dear souls who experience the sightings of their ships are seeing whenever they ‘disappear’; at times you are quite literally witnessing such ships going in or coming out of your specific reality structure through gates of energy that are to be fully opened and made known on your world in the immediate time ahead. You are to feel connections and openings in yourselves get much stronger and more expansive as you discover the innate abilities that you have always carried within.

Some of you are beginning to expose these abilities as you are just beginning to discover them, while others are on a fast track to Mastering such abilities as you learn to Master the balance that is essential for you to keep during your experiences that lay ahead.

There are to be many different entities vying for your attention in the days ahead as the old ways become exposed to you dear souls and the lower entities find themselves not wanting to be transmuted. You will find distraction after distraction, external stimuli after external stimuli and all of these happenings will be quite designed to take your attention away from your unfolding higher dimensional perceptions and experience, as you are entering a time at present that is very important to your overall growth.

As always, we implore you to keep the balance that you have worked so hard to find within yourselves as this balance will be essential to your realization of all that is no longer in resonation with your continually-ascending bodies and spirits.

You may find quite volatile emotions and former heart sets coming up for your review at times, and this will happen in a way that, for the specific growth of all of you, will attempt to get you to either realize or continually feed that which propagates it; as a wish on the part of what is surfacing to stay within your sphere of experience [rather than being transmuted] is meant to act in accordance with your growth.

You will see such times as literal ‘testing periods’ wherein you can find what parts of yourselves are ready to transmute the lower and former mindsets and heart sets and be able to find and maintain the essential balance that will see you transmuting such former aspects of yourselves, without becoming attached to them in a manner that would see you feeding them and continuing to bring them through yourselves.

You are all tested every single day of your ascending Lives along your path, and especially at this time each bit of testing that you go through is essential to the development of your Multidimensional Self. As you hold the focus and balance that is allowing your former pains to be transmuted, we are working to maintain a connection and interaction, even if only on an energetic and not inherently personal level, with each one of you who can find yourselves open to our presence and to the specific assistance that we will be giving.

You are all encouraged to call upon Archangel Raphael at any time you are feeling that your continual processes are getting too difficult, as this soul has trained specifically in the avenue of assistance with transmutation and healing pain for quite some ‘time’ and will be effective and helpful for you dear souls in such avenues.

External things have helped many of you to cope with the lower dimensional Earthly experience and with the continual transmutations you are performing quite Masterfully at this time, you are to find even the ‘need’ to utilize any time of external stimulation or validation of your unfolding higher dimensional experience, to be quite a bother or chore to continue to feed as you find that you wish instead to simply feel the Multidimensional energy of Source that will be coming through yourselves at all times.

Meditation will assist you greatly in finding the energies being given to you at this time and we happily note that many of you note while you are meditating, that the energies do indeed seem to be increasing in purity as you find yourselves much better-able to access such energies and we say that it is indeed becoming easier for you to access and attain these energies because you have deserved to [access them], dear souls!

You have been performing the work that is seeing you access these energies [and the accompanying limitless realities] in the pure and clear ways that you have wished to and we ask you dear souls with Love and respect, to realize that there are no more physical, concrete ‘knowings’ for you to experience and feed; as the energies coming to and through you now are tearing down quite literally and energetically, any perceptions of normalcy that have been fed on your world.

Concrete mindsets will become no more as you find that truly anything is possible. You will find that even that which you have assured yourselves of as a reality may be more hollow than you have realized and you will find that no concrete mindsets exist within yourselves anymore as you find an expansion and understanding of infinity that sees the feeling of ‘impossible’ completely erased from yourselves.

The unveiling of the fifth dimension on your world quite literally signifies the end of duality and the end of any type of limitation in general. No longer will you find yourselves limited in any avenues of your Lives and no longer will you find yourselves inhibited in working with the higher realms and finding a higher dimensional experience, as you will find that you are the higher dimensions.

You are as well, a combination of all that you have experienced throughout the lower [and higher] dimensions and this is why many of you will see former aspects of yourselves whenever looking at yourselves from an outward point of view. You will see former aspects, pains and mindsets as they come up for review and you will see as well that since you no longer wish to feed such mindsets, the parts of yourselves that such mindsets kept locked away begin to become freed and expressed through your continually-evolving body structures, and this is something that is already happening to many of you at present.

Many of your continually-fed mindsets and many of the very actions you have fed and seen as normal, are being exposed as having been fashioned by you in an effort to cope with the lower dimensional experience and as this happens, your pure, Golden Selves are able to shine forth without any limitation or inhibition in their ability to do so.

We ask you to bathe in the real, clear and pure waters of your perceived imagination and to realize that every interaction that takes place within your imagination is a real action that has been manifested in realms past your current, physical perception.

Feel yourselves all maintaining your new realities as the old breaks down around you. This is indeed a theme that has been discussed endlessly [the old breaking down and the new becoming known] and this is because as you break through the former parts of yourselves coming up for transmutation, it is very important for you dear souls to have a good grasp on this subject and on this process which is occurring through your bodies and spirits at this time.

It is good to have a foundation of information laid so that you dear awakening souls can begin to understand many aspects of your ascension that have baffled some of you. It is important for you to understand the mechanics that are driving your Creation and as well for you to understand the mind and heart sets you bring through, which are continually Creating your reality every single moment of your beautiful existence.

Many of you wonder why you seem at times to be hit with ‘walls’ of difficult events manifesting along your Lives and we tell you that these happenings occur in accordance with the freewill-based and karmic energies you have brought through yourselves and they are as well attempting to expose you to the walls that you have put up within yourselves whenever willfully and at times, unknowingly employing lower dimensional mind or heart sets and [finding] the resulting experiences within your Lives.

You are all picking up on the energies given out by yourselves and by the entire collective as well and this is why there have been the few on your world with negative intents, who have wished to manipulate the overall collective consciousness and by doing so, manipulate each individual and you dear souls are breaking through this collective programming as you are witnessing it in action all around you.

Indeed, we could not even understand the Earth experience in as real of a way as you dear souls can whilst you undergo your experiences, but many of us have spent time on your world in a plethora of Lives and as a result, can peek back into our own experiences upon your world. However, do understand that [besides taking such Lives] we do not choose to lower our consciousness further than the fifth dimension, as doing so would likely see us drawn too far down and this is something that we do not wish to Create for ourselves.

Whenever bringing our words or impressions through, you dear souls are extending parts of yourselves out to beginning-thresholds of the fifth dimension that we are able to meet you upon and this is why one with a fully cleared-out temple or at least one who is making the honest, tried and true effort in themselves to bring through a communication, will be capable of reaching such thresholds and reaching our energies and impressions.

You dear souls make your energetic ventures ‘up’ to such planes, even if only temporarily, upon cleansing your bodies and spirits and being able to bring the purest possible stream of our energies through yourselves that you dear souls can.

Many of you who are quite far along your paths at this point are noting that you are again, seeming to be met with unending difficult moments in your Lives wherein events seem to ‘pile up’ on you and we say that you are undergoing some of the most rapid and as a result, difficult, cleansing experiences of all that is no longer in resonation with the realms of the fifth dimension which, with the recent strides reached along your Calendar in conjunction with the strides which are about to be reached, are seeing you closer to such realms than ever before.

You have the opportunity to feel your closeness with the realms of the fifth dimension now, as your surface and you all have been traveling throughout the fourth dimension, on varying levels for each of you.

Even many who are branded unawakened have been venturing the beginning-realms of the fourth dimension for longer than they realize and those of you who are undergoing a considerable awakening at this point are able to act in accordance within yourselves and with the dates being reached to actively assist in bringing through the energy that is decreed to come through on such dates.

You are all beginning to collectively work within the realms of the astral and you have long been working within your dream state to help your world and your bodies to ascend.

While many of you only remember the ‘lesson phases’ of your dreams wherein you and your Guides construct sceneries and places for you to go in your remembered dreams that are meant as encoded message and lessons; while many of you only remember such ventures which take place most notably in your morning time while your bodies lay sleeping, you are performing much more work than you realize within the astral realms of your world and within realms quite beyond the astral.

As your bodies lay sleeping you are all out visiting a plethora of realms, many of which are past the vicinity of your Earth, which you discover upon reaching your higher dimensional selves after having departed [for the night] from your bodies.

There are many souls who choose to stay within the astral realms of the Earth and many who choose not to access their higher selves upon exiting their bodies, but those of you who are awakening at your surface at this point are seeing a rapid understanding each and every night that your bodies lay sleeping, of your higher selves who you are becoming increasingly, and we ask you dear souls to understand that your day time is the hardest period for you at present.

We say this because upon experiencing even a day with much difficulty, you depart your bodies and undergo the most amazing and for you, long and intense healing sessions and higher dimensional travels. Dearest souls, you are literally remedying yourselves and all of your Earthly ventures upon leaving your bodies at night, and you are as well communicating actively with us, with your Galactic brethren and most importantly, with each other.

Each and every dear soul on your world who is directly assisting the ascension of your world via the internet, television or any other means; you all hold routine meetings [with us and yourselves] as your bodies lay sleeping on how you are to coordinate exactly what is written by you all or given through you via channeled means, to ultimately assist the awakening Lightworker public in better-understanding a plethora of issues.

Some of you remember these dreamtime interactions with others but for the most part, the majority of you do not remember your ventures and many have not remembered fully the dreamtime interactions between fellow bloggers, truthseekers, channelers and in general, anybody on your world at present who is bringing-forth Light and truth for the general public to benefit from.

Many of you have also been convening to plan methods that will see you accessing the Light ships and Motherships of your Galactic brethren whilst your bodies lay sleeping, and we encourage wholeheartedly this practice as you are quite literally remembering real experiences as they commence.

Indeed, many of you dear souls have, in your sleep time taken to cutting meetings short and finishing up the [dreamtime] tasks you had set out for yourselves so that you could consciously remember inhabiting a Starship of your Galactic brethren!

In essence, dear souls, you are enacting the change that you have wished to enact for yourselves and this is [one reason why] there has been a decreed push-back on the issuing of disclosure until a certain needed time.

You are Creating the change that you have wished to see, one interaction with each other at a time and as you connect to spread awareness in the strong and pure manner that many of you are at this time, you are Creating a strong karmic energy for yourselves which is also aiding in the collective being able to understand and absorb many truths in this initiatory period directly before disclosure on your world.

Rest assured dear souls, you are existing within a temporary initiatory period before many exciting events begin to burst forth on your world and it is simply that this period has been expanded so that you dear souls could yourselves break through the matrix of the lies of the dark and the false realities that they have Created for you, which you are doing quite wonderfully at this time.

We wish for this truth not to be misunderstood or distorted into claiming that your Galactic brethren have not disclosed themselves solely because your dark have had too tight of a grip on your world, as while this has been a slight factor, [the reason] has actually been quite the opposite.

It was seen how wonderfully you dear souls were and are breaking through the darks trickery as you realize the existence of a plethora of other realities and you find the true hollowness of the realities that the dark have Created for you. The dark souls have long meant to be exposed to you dear souls and they absolutely will be, and until the biggest disclosure announcements begin to come forth we say that it is you who are bringing forth the exposures of the dark; not us, and not your Galactic brethren either.

It has been explained, the Godhood of Man, so routinely that many of you have quite accepted and began to understand in more positive ways, the true powers of Creation that you hold within.

You are all realizing that your energy need not be lent to an outside source as you begin to find an inner-peace and harmony within, and the efforts of your Galactic brethren as well as numerous other beings [who speak] via channeled communications are meant to assist you in finding our energies for yourselves, as our energies help to expose you to the specific signature of our frequencies of energy and you begin to pick up on them more and more as you find a personal connection with us and guidance from us.

It is you dear souls who are initiating everything and while we and your Galactic brethren have done much to assist the inevitable events that are about to commence on your beautiful blue world, do not let yourselves believe for a second that we have acted alone in this effort. We truly could not have done anything on your world without the awakening of you dear beautiful souls and your resulting desire to spread your awakenings and your truth, which is the truth of our Creator, to every dear soul on your world who has existed within a false matrix of reality.

We Love you all so very dearly and we encourage you to encourage yourselves; especially if you are submerged within dull or off-putting moments in your Lives. You are bringing forth every last bit of change that you have wished to see and this change is boosted with the efforts you are making now, which are to expand exponentially in the time ahead.

Remember dear souls, you are the ones you have been waiting for.

Thank you to the Ascended Masters.






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