Ascended Masters 20120915 Master Serapis Bey: Being MIND-full is a ​Beautiful Thing​



Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ August 31 – September  07, 2012
Channeled by: Julie Miller
August 31, 2012
Every opportunity to speak to each of you is a blessing in itself. As we begin this transcription I have been patiently waiting to deliver, I surround you with my own energy to uplift you and heal you through any discord or disharmony that may have entered your spirit. May all discord leave as quickly as it came and in its place remains a person at deep peace with themselves and the world.
One of my favourite subjects’ dear ones is self-discipline. Today’s transmission is mainly about this particular field.
Dear ones to successfully control your mind, first you will are required to comprehend what the mind is. You already know the mind is a vast and progressive active structure that is not only connected to your brain but to the rest of your body. This form of gifted energy has been highly created by your consciousness; thus allowing you to think and see yourself through keen observation. The mind is vast and beautiful and part of your understanding, knowing of self and perception of all that you are. It does have an important role and that is to aid in your ability to think independently in order for you to have and maintain separate and different characteristics.
Society in general dear ones has been conditioned far too long into believing the mind is located within the brain. Spiritually speaking this misconception makes it difficult for anyone to understand what the mind really is. Your mind dear ones is not limited to the confined space of where your brain resides within your body. The mind, the body and the brain are intertwined into such a magnificent system of unified interaction of each other. This working of your mind and your body dear ones is a natural active method where your true thinking really does occur.
Your real true thinking does not take place within the brain dear ones. Your brain does not have the skill to discern what is real or not, and cannot tell what it sees to what can be remembered. The information stored within the brain as you know is compared to a computer chip. You take in information, you process it, and you decide consciously and sub-consciously where this information is to go. One of the differences when compared to a computer chip dear ones is that your brain processes the information you bring at such a high level that it ends up creating an illusion that the brain does truly think.
I have given you much to think about and I see this vessel raise her eye brow. I am sure she will want to research later on what I just spoke of when we are done. Even though there are many advanced souls on your Earth who understand what I mean when I speak about disciplining the mind, but there are still some folks that have been living in a state of fear for so long because of one circumstance or another, and through conditioning from upbringing, society and choices. One way to tell if your mind is disciplined dear ones is through your meditation attempts. If you constantly fight with yourself to empty your thoughts to gain calm then your mind is not yet disciplined enough. It when you finally have a quiet mind when all your daily burdens rush in for attention and it is then when you are to push them back until you are at peace from within yourself that your outer self immediately responds in a calm fashion.
You have been receiving information before you were born dear ones, and information comes to you even while you sleep. Now you have grown from the child stage into the adult and there is even more distracting stimuli that have an opportunity to enter your thoughts at a moment’s notice and some of these have negative influences. All the stimulating distractions you come across all have purpose dear ones. They help guide you to decisions and can cause various thought patterns to emerge. It is up to you dear ones on how able you are to resist the temptations that are always surrounding you. Some temptations could be food, excessive shopping, use of drugs, promiscuity, spreading rumours, lying, etc. The list of examples can be quite extensive when speaking of what can tempt you. It is up to you dear ones to walk away from the distractions and choose not be bought into manipulation. Your choices have great effect on each and every outcome. I urge you through my pure and divine heart to always choose to represent your God-self in every action and reaction. Learning is it to be embraced regardless of your choice and how your journey unfolds. Rejoice dear ones in the bounty of knowledge available to you and the great changes you can apply to your mind, body, spirit and heart. You are a beautiful creative being who is always changing and progressing. Where you now sit on your journey’s path is incredible, yet it is nowhere near over. So much is still waiting to unfold just for you.
It is always possible to free yourself from any and all negative distractions simply by the choices you make through even through your media devices. Watch less television; discover books that are about empowering the mind and spirit, investigate different music; music that is less distracting and more welcomed by your heart. As you take in time for yourself, your own awareness will increase greatly to the point you will learn to notice all negative energy as it approaches. This does not mean you have to befriend all the people you know. This means you will be more aware and you will be able to take sufficient precautions to protect your heart and spirit by use of your Light energy and still love purely and unconditionally at the same time. 
There are negative messages hidden, that are subliminal in many media forms you choose to watch especially in film. Don’t get drawn into the negative energies that surround many films. Enjoy the film without absorbing the negative energy that is intertwined within one of its frames. Your conscious mind will be inept to tell the difference. But your sub-conscious mind will. You may notice an energy change within your mind that may induce a compulsive reaction relating to what you are watching. This is found a normally in the means of advertisements.
What also has been greatly noticed that can easily disrupt the purity of your mind dear ones and that is any thoughts you have that contain fear. There are many kinds of fears dear ones. And today we are mostly conversing about emotional and mental fears. Fear is a huge emotion that has a great impact on your entire being. Fear is easily described as being destructive. When fear fills your thought-forms you have a disruption in your ability to bring peace and calm into your whole being. Fear instead invites chaos and discord. I see people fear many things, including themselves. Fear will prevent clear thinking and often what results when people react through fear is they forget they can combat all fear through love. Fear easily can give you a victim state of feeling. In some circumstances I know are harder to step away from than others, but nothing is impossible. Dear ones, if you allow yourself to be surrounded by too much fear, what you are doing is feeding your ego and it is the ego we wish to balance.
Yes dear ones the Ego is a part of you. There are a few precious souls who have not been born with one and there are some who have met with enough abuse and violence that the Ego does not exist but they also can become a victim from the Ego of others. It is up to you dear ones to control the Ego and to balance it within your thinking mind. When your Ego is under control you will find it much easier to discipline your mind and free yourself into a higher state of consciousness. There will be no more, “I think I can”. There will only be, “I can!” Any time you use the words, “I think”, “I’m not sure”, “Hmm…maybe” and others that begin on a negative note are usually signals of the Ego at work. When you create, move, act, speak and be positive, you are confident. You do not allow second guessing because you have developed a deep knowing of yourself through reflective self-discovery of your true SELF. Dispel all fear dear ones with Love, that is pure and unclouded that is found inside your precious heart.
So many want to control their Ego and they can very easily. You control your Ego when you become and demonstrate responsibility for your actions. When you are without responsibility for your actions and reactions, your Ego becomes in control and disempowers you. If you give you Ego enough of your own personal power, it can and will influence many of your decisions. I see so many shake their heads in understanding. They have been under the influence of the Ego before and they have also felt the Egos of others. It does take great inner strength and perseverance to conquer the Ego but it is worth it dear ones. As you will be left feeling lighter and the lighter you feel from the inside the more love you will be able to give and receive. And dear ones, each of you is a reflection of God. And God’s word is love. Even more reason to make a point of controlling the troublesome Ego and empower your deep inner self to reach far beyond any previous expectation for your spiritual and personal growth. Love will always be your solution. Believe in its incredible power, let your heart open up as wide as you can, dissolve that fear and live through your loving hearts.
I see time certainly has moved and I was not aware of how long we sat here conversing. Definitely I enjoyed today’s conversation. Beautiful and sweet children of God, you are loved so richly by me and by God. As we continue to close I encourage any of you, all of you when you are ready and in need of my energies, please do not hesitate to invoke my presence. I am a stern teacher, there is no dilly dallying with me. I will guide you and love you through truth and honesty that is alive within your divine hearts.
I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller




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