Messages of 20120914 Commitment to Positi​vity​


Written by Wes Annac

Fill yourselves with everything that makes your heart sing out in joy.

Joyful, happy and celebratory emotions are natural and they allow our chakras to open up clearly and to funnel-through the energy we bring through ourselves by expressing joy, happiness and celebration.

Allow yourselves to feel and literally be all that makes you happy.

Throughout every single day of your Lives, notice only that which makes you happy and turn away from all that doesn’t. You are not being naïve or even ignoring a prevalent aspect of Life by doing so as some may suggest, because our reality is truly what we make of it and what we Create in any given moment. Darkness and density have been prevalent on this world for so long because the darkness has been instilled unto the people who have fed it!

Once we learn to break through the matrix of density, we can quite literally eliminate the negative from our Lives. It first takes garnering the positive perspective that, rather than seeing you hide away from the lower aspects of Life, literally helps you to get past those lower aspects and find a prevalent happiness at all times – no matter the circumstances.

You will find that all along, it has not been the outer circumstances that have been ‘bad’ and that have squeezed a negative reaction out of us; it has been those reactions and the fact that we allow ourselves to feel bad about any situation in our Lives that we would brand as negative. Once we begin to change our overall outlook, we will begin to see that our emotions and judgments of the events placed before us in our Lives will determine what happens.

Karma, the Law of Attraction; these are one and the same Law and they both essentially state what has been called the “Golden Rule” in yet another label for this Divine Law; that is, that we receive whatever we give out. We receive what we give to others as well as what we feel within ourselves, and by beginning to find an almost biased positive outlook on every event that unfolds in our Lives, the general upliftment and happiness that we will feel will emanate out to others, and they will receive and integrate such happiness so that they can utilize it in their own Lives to garner an ultimately positive outlook.

You will find yourselves as well, able to interact with others in a more positive manner and rather than noticing everything about another that you may not resonate with or may label as ‘bad’, you will instead find a common ground and even an inherent unity or connectedness with others, because your positive vibrations will be aimed toward them and your Love will be felt as well as expressed.

The finding of an easier and more flowing Life quite literally starts with you.

Of course, finding a free-flowing of the energies being brought through our chakras as well as finding an expansion of such chakras, is a personal process within oneself that entails finding healthiness within the body, mind and spirit in your own unique ways but an important part of finding the spiritual and even physical wholeness that we all desire and have attempted to gain through materiality; an important part of finding this is changing our everyday outlook and utilizing our gifts of introspection to determine if the energy or emotion we are bringing through ourselves at any particular time is putting us on the path that we wish to be on.

We are becoming opened up to the idea of ascension and many of us are in fact beginning to make the necessary changes within ourselves to see us aligned and in resonation with the continually-pure energies being gifted to and through us, and as we find these energies we will find that they help to uplift us and they assist us in attaining the ultimate positive perspective needed to open ourselves up fully and purely to the higher dimensional experience.

While many of us have begun to hear of ascension and integrate and accept the idea while still adhering to personal densities that can include forgetting that the most important aspect of attaining ascension is keeping a positive outlook, the energies we are opening ourselves up to serve to expand our chakras [in accordance with our Life-path work] in a way that sees us naturally understand the simple higher dimensional truths so that we can act upon such truths and become shining examples for others.

Stressful and frustration things are going to happen to us, even as we begin looking toward everything with a positive mindset and for some of us, especially as we begin enacting such a mindset within ourselves, because our guides and those higher aspects of ourselves wish to test us whenever we instate any type of positive change within our Lives.

Attaining a happier perspective among other positive changes we are meant to enact in our Lives, is an important change to make and once we put forth and act upon the idea to make such a change within ourselves, we will naturally find catalysts and tests of our ability to remain steadfast in keeping to such changes and on the Earth, every test and catalyst is magnified. That is one big reason we are here at this time; because we wanted to be tested in such ways!

Because of all of this, we are going to be tested in our Lives with the manifesting of frustrating events. If, a week after you have made the commitment to positivity you are finding frustrating events manifesting themselves before you, take the manifestation of such events not as a sign of failure, but as a natural test of your ‘ability’ and resolve to remain within your personal Lighted spiritual centers.

We have come to Earth within such centers and they are our natural state of being. You will find that upon being able to remain within one’s center at all times, the full and necessary commitment to positivity is more than easy to attain. “Easy” does not even do justice to the description of how easy finding positivity will be within one’s center!

The center is where we find meditation; where we find and attune ourselves to the pure energies upgrading our temples; where we communicate with the Divine souls who gladly gift their energies and communications through us to assist in our ascension; where a pure interaction with the higher realms of consciousness which takes place within such center, will deliver our Master-perceptions to us as we increasingly and continually attune to the Master-energies that drive these perceptions.

This revelation has been received and built upon, by myself and by many others as well who have become open to it.

I have to say that as this is written, I am feeling a strong ‘pulsating’ and flowing-through of pure and uplifting energies. The energies of the night and day have become increasingly pure and I personally am feeling a very strong resonation of energies every single day [and night] that are indeed seeming to be purer and purer with each realization of them on my part.

Ascension is ours to attain now! Never has it been easier and more wonderful-feeling to access the higher dimensional energies being gifted to us. By committing oneself to feeling a balanced, appreciative and uplifted perspective at all times, the negativity that tries to hold us back from realizing our ability to access our ascension energies will be diminished easily.

It will keep coming up, tempting you to feed its energies and to drag you down to its perspective so that it can influence your mind and heart into believing that things are unfair, that you are a victim and that what you are going through is anything but what it is – a Divine, joyful experience that little have the opportunity to undergo and see through. Take such surfacing in stride knowing that it is only a fading aspect of your former Self and of all that used to drive your former mindsets, heart sets and ways of being.

We are all ascending Representatives of the Divine realms that we are finding, and we are finding them one step at a time!

Wes Annac – Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC




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