Time for Change 20120913 Sanat Kumara on An Hour with an Angel – Part 2/2 – How Does Peace Return to India and Pakistan?


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We continue with Sanat Kumara’s discussion with us, turning now to the situation that exists between India and Pakistan and how regional peace will be achieved. Towards the end we discuss a comment that Archangel Michael made in a reading that everyone will ascend. Raj, as he likes to be called, explains exactly what that comment was intended to convey.

Sanat Kumara is the Planetary Logos and Keeper of the Universal Law for Earth. Again thank you to Ellen for her speedy transcription.

An Hour with an Angel with Sanat Kumara, September 10, 2012

SB: Raj, we recently discussed events in China with Archangel Michael, and I’d like now to spend the second half of this program laying out for people in India and Pakistan how peace may be brought about between their two peoples and what they can expect to see in the weeks and months ahead. Can you tell us, what is the basis of the almost traditional hostility that exists between India and Pakistan?

SK: Hatred. Again, we are speaking of very low vibrations, of hatred and greed and the desire for control. But also within that — because it is never either/or — there has been a human desire for self-determination, for self-control. And even as you look at these two nations of India and Pakistan, they are as different as night and day.

As you know, my ties with Mother India are ancient and profound. And she is a sacred trust, and yes, one of the holders of much of the energy of the Divine Mother, but also, can we say, the sacred repository of many of the pathways to enlightenment, to ascension, to illumination. The history, the culture, the society is rich, and now I am speaking of the original India.

Yes, of course, we know and acknowledge the separations, and we will speak to that, because it has been a necessary part, in terms of human determination, not in terms of divine determination. But even as you look at India today, the history is very different.

And with the divisions that came in ’46-47, it caused such disruption, not only on a human scale, but on a soul level, of so many families, of individuals, communities, that the healing has been long and arduous. And even for those who felt that they were not immediately or intimately affected by this separation of nations, by this bitterness, it became part of the collective memory. And that antagonism, what you have called hostility and what I have called hatred, has been fueled in many ways.

So there is a great deal of healing to be done. And how does this occur?  It occurs through the spread of your energies, through the growing of your field. Because there are millions and millions and millions, within that billion and a half of souls in India, there are many, many, many bright lights, as there are in Pakistan.

Now, the energy of Pakistan at this time, at this juncture, is very different than the energy, the society, the culture of India. They are very distinct at this moment. But think of it in this way, that the umbilical cord of Gaia is equally connected to both, that both are fed and fueled, loved and nourished, and both are being guided.

One of the things that so often is not really examined or recognized by the human collective is that the land, the Earth, the soil, the buildings, the trees, the animals, the energy of the nation, has its own field, has its own reality. And we, yes, my legions and Michael’s legions, and the legions of the gods and goddesses, the Company of Heaven, work with these energies deeply, in addition to working with the human collective.

So often what happens when people are looking at nations or nation-states, they tend to look at the political structure and reality. Of course, I do not say that that does not have huge impact; it does, because it is a reflection of some of the attitudes and thoughts of the collective. Whether they agree with the current regime or not, it is still reflective of that collective.

So, how does peace return? And when we talk about this, we know that the topic of your discussion this day with me is India and Pakistan, but let us not forget all the territories, and Bangladesh and Afghanistan, because this is a parcel. Different histories, yes, and it is true that Mother India was once intact. But let me also suggest to you, she still is.

Now, when you look, energetically again, to India, what you see is a great deal of sapphire blue, down into the tanzanite, into the bright sapphire again. As you travel north there is more magenta, but still the core of blue, but more ruby. As you cross the borders to the west, into Pakistan, it is certainly more magenta and more masculine. It carries the energy of the masculine in Pakistan, whereas the energy, the core energy of India is feminine, yes, even with all the subtleties.

What has happened in this large arena, in this beautiful, beautiful, sacred, ancient place, is that the religion — and yes, we speak of Buddhism, of Islam, of Sufi, of Sikh, of Hindu — all of these are integrated into the culture, the skin, the words, the attitudes of the people. There is not, although it has grown in sophistication, but there is not the same — as you well know, my beloved friend — separation, even though there is a separation of what you would think of in western terms as church and state.

There is not a separation in terms of how you live, breathe, and operate between your belief systems, your sacred undertakings, your pathways, and the role that the Divine plays in society and in your life. There is not that separation that so many in the west have between what they think of as their mental-emotional body and then their spiritual path and self.

Now, why do I mention this? I mention it because of its beauty, because this has not been lost. Does it at times give rise to religious fervor that can border sometimes on fanaticism? Yes. But that is true in many nations, so do not just look to this collective for that.

Now, I go back to what I had said. How does peace come? It comes through the expansion of each and every being’s field, from the entering into new dimensional reality, where those differences come to be seen as gifts, as gems, as things to be treasured and not as points of differentiation.

This sense of “I am right, and you are wrong,” is disappearing. Recently, there has been massive electromagnetic re-gridding in both Pakistan and in India, particularly in northwestern India, so that some of this harshness, this bitterness that sits on your tongue begins to eliminate. People have massive amounts. People have been put into what we would call a human form of containment where they would have a period to simply reflect and to go into their time of understanding and back to some basic precepts of their hearts, of what is important and what is not.

So, when you look at some of the political or economic or even social machinery that has been grinding rapidly in the past decade, you will note that it has been slowed in the last year or so, last two years, as people are gaining a grounding and an anchoring back in the reality and the connections to Gaia, back in the connections to what is sacred to them.

It was never the universal plan for South Asia to become a cookie cutter or a replica of the west. Quite the contrary.

The other thing that is promoting peace, not only between these two nations, sister and brother, is the understanding and the breaking down of walls, not only by media, because often media, what we would say, your mainstream media, both there and in the west, have been sources of a great deal of misinformation and intrigue. They love to have a story that is filled with intrigue and mayhem. But with the growth of media, travel, social media in particular, the understanding between peoples, east to west, Pakistan to India, those walls are being broken down.

You see this as evidence in trade restrictions being lifted. You see this in travel visas being opened up. So you are seeing this in ways that you can look to and say, all right, there seems to be a gathering energy to deal with some of the more rampant totalitarianism or corruption. So you are seeing this.

India is a vibrant democracy. It is a participatory democracy that takes into account the totality, not only of all its provinces and territories, but of the people, of the climate, can I say. And do not forget, each and every one of these beings is being penetrated directly from the heart of the Mother/Father One, their star brothers and sisters, and their own guardians and guides.

But what is happening is there is a renewal in the desire to truly participate, to be part of. And that is reflected in the mood of the country. It is reflected in those millions and millions of points of light, those bright stars.

You see some shifting, some clean-up, also occurring in Pakistan. Yes, there is still some intrigue, and you will see further clean-up — can we call it that? — in Pakistan over the next several months. There is a great deal of energy that is being placed there to polish up that magenta and to help the softening of fervor, of fanaticism, because that is not the mood of families, of community. These are factions. And it will be dealt with.

So, if you are asking me, “Is reunification part of the Divine Mother’s plan?” no, not at this moment, because that will occur naturally as everybody decides that there is only one planet and only one Gaia. That is not on our agenda to push because it will occur. It will occur in the unity of heart. But the anchoring of peace, my friend, that you have raised is something different. And that is being guided and fueled dramatically.

SB: Raj, I think one question that many Indians have is they would like to know how NESARA will appear in India and Pakistan, how it will be spread. Who will be administering it? What are the mechanics of the introduction of NESARA into India and Pakistan?

SK: NESARA will be coming through the, what you think of as the, parliamentary system in India, so that it will not cause massive dislocation.  In another channeling, my beloved brother Michael has spoken of India as oppressive. And he has asked me to speak to this and to speak, when we are talking about finances…. Whether it is in Canada or India, it makes no difference…. In fact, there are many parallels between these two nations. So it is important to discuss oppression when we speak about money, is it not?

SB: Yes, Raj.

SK: Because finance and politics and poverty and lack, in any nation, in any village, in any place upon the planet, where some are granted food and some are not, where some are given shelter and others sleep in the gutter, where some are considered still to this day — and I do not simply mean in India — where some are judged as Brahmin and some are judged as untouchable, that is oppression. That is oppression of the worst kind.

And what makes the difference? Not simply history, because in most nations it is not history, it is about money. It is about resources and the equalization, the sharing, the generosity of heart, of resources.

And yes, there are many, and the ascended one Mother Theresa was a universal example, to work with those who are disenfranchised. Because there are many in every nation who walk by the hungry on the street and they do not share because they say to themselves, “I cannot give to everybody. I cannot fix this problem.”

But that is a misunderstanding, because whether you take a rupee or a loonie [the Canadian one-dollar coin bears a picture of a loon] or a toonie or a dollar bill, and you infuse it with such love and compassion and empowerment, and you share that, it is not a gift of money; it is a gift of caring. It is one heart to another.

So I am not ignoring your question, I am addressing the core issue. And this is the core issue that I have been working on with your planet as Logos for a very long time. And it is the sharing of generosity, of the heart. And the old illusions of your planet have been so cemented that much of this has just fallen by the wayside.

Now, you see the breaking of that wall, and if you do not, then come with me and I will show it to you. And what you think of as NESARA, it may not appear exactly as you think, but it will appear, and there will be equalization. Because when you are entering into a reality — and understand, this is one of the guideposts that is saying you are shifting dimensions — so it is fitting, because we do not wish to create complete breakdown and chaos, because that will result in fear, that will result in rioting, that will result in injury. So that would simply feed the old third.

So we will leave this in India to what you think of as the two houses [of Parliament].

SB: All right, Raj. Thank you. Could you give us a picture of Hinduism and Islam several months from now? What vital changes could we expect to see in those two streams of spirituality?

SK: In Islam, what you will see is a softening, a very deep, heartfelt softening. There has been, for a long time, a subtle belief in many ways that one had to fight or to adhere in very, can I say, rigorous manners to the precepts of the Prophet. And that was simply to protect what was held near and dear, as the pathway home, as a pathway to Nirvana, to Source, to One. But the outer demonstrations have been, can we say, violent and very restrictive, constrictive.

You are going to see a softening, particularly in the attitudes towards the feminine, towards women. And that is going to have huge impact. Because, do not forget, my friend, that all of us are involved in the unfoldment of the Divine Mother’s Plan. Of course it is from the One. You cannot separate [it], because it is unknowable. But that energy will soften.

So what appears to be sometimes stridency and restrictive, constrictive attitudes that have nothing to do with the core of Islam and love, with the adherence to Source, will begin to mellow. It has already begun. Look to some of your news media for this. You will see it.

SB: In many countries, both India-Pakistan and in other Islamic countries, women can be killed for making their own choice in marriage. They’re forced to live under the hijab and the burka. Will this softening eliminate those kinds of terrible deeds and excesses?

SK: It absolutely will.

SB: And will this happen soon? Or when will it happen, Raj?

SK: Within a couple of months. It will be right on the eve of the complete shift.

SB: And what would we expect to see? Women just simply saying, “I won’t wear this anymore”?

SK: It will be far more joyful than that! It will be like a flowering in spring, where someone decides that the weather is becoming more temperate and that they would like to shed a few layers. And where the husbands and sons, and even the mullahs, say, “Let go. Take this off. Let us see your beauty, and let us share your light.”

So it is that kind of renewal that we are speaking of.

SB: Okay. Well, I thank you for that.

We have about nine minutes left in the program, which I’m quite happy has… is so. And so I’d like to ask you some questions about Ascension, if I may.

SK: Yes, but you did not ask about the changes in Hinduism.

SB: Ah. Thank you.

SK: So let us say that there will simply be a deepening, again, of the understandings, and a return to the integration and the balancing…. For many of India it is more of a balancing act. So it is a re-embrace of what is of value. And let us also say that in India, even as we speak, there is a city of light that is beginning to make itself known in Pondicherry.

SB: In Pondicherry?

SK: Yes.

SB: Sri Aurobindo’s home. Oh, wonderful!

SK: So, now you wish to speak of Ascension.

SB: Yes. Recently Archangel Michael made a startling statement in a private reading, and if you could expand on that and explain what he meant, I’d appreciate it. I’ll read you that.

The person having the reading, said, “Now, I was told…” — in an experience of her own that she had with Archangel Michael, which Archangel Michael validated in this reading — “I was told everyone was going to ascend, and you asked me, ‘Do you want to know why?’ And I said, ‘Yeah. Why?’ And you said, ‘Because this is what you want.’ And Archangel Michael replied, “It is because it’s what you want. It’s what you the collective wants, and it’s what we want.”

I’m confused by this statement.

First of all, some people will choose not to ascend, and they’ll not ascend. So, of the remainder, what is Archangel Michael saying? That everyone who chooses to ascend will ascend?

SK: Everyone who wishes and who has the desire. And when we say “desire,” it is not that everybody is being given a free ticket. Or perhaps it is, that everyone is given a free ticket, but not everyone will cash it in.

SB: What do you mean by that, Sanat?

SK:  You understand that the Ascension of Gaia has huge impacts throughout the universe, and the multiverse, and the omniverse.  In this plan for Gaia, for this collective, for all beings, all who came — and yes, we are talking about the billions and billions of humans, starseed, Earth-keepers, and hybrids that came to the planet to play many roles, some which you have assigned as dark, some as beacons of light – what we would suggest is that many are in the middle group of following their hearts, trying to have a life, as you would put it. But everyone who came was aware that this was a timeframe, a period and a process, for the human collective to ascend.

So, yes, many got caught in the drama and the density of the old third-dimensional reality, which, more and more, simply does not exist. That is the division that we even made, and that you have heard us make, between the old third dimension and the third-dimensional reality which is an experience of physicality.

Everyone was given the opportunity and had the intention, when they entered into this density, that they would have the capacity and a one hundred percent desire to come and have the experience, even if they chose not to stay, in physical form to shift from the third dimension to the fifth, because it is a phenomenal experience! It is unknown in most of the universe, and certainly upon Gaia, and so, to everybody who came.

Now, has that changed? Does your desire to have everyone ascend affect who gets to go? Yes. Now, does it interfere with their free choice and free will? No. So, for example, if you were hosting a gathering in the evening, a party, a celebration, and you invited a hundred people and said, “Come. I wish to celebrate your light, your love and the fact that you were on Earth with me. Please, come to my home. I will feed you. I will give something to drink to quench your thirst, spiritually and physically. Please come. My door is wide open,” well, it may well be that some people decide they do not feel like coming, emotionally, mentally, physically, or that they get sidetracked in their own dramas. But all are welcome. All are invited.

And one of the things that Michael has been doing is asking you — and I do not simply mean you, Steve, or your beloved friend, who poses this question, because it is a very good question and I am glad you have brought it up — we want you to hold the vision that all can ascend.

Now, why do we ask you to do this? Because in you holding that vision, it is opening your heart and your mind. You are saying, “I love you. I may not like what you have done in this life. I may not like the dramas that you have unfolded, a 9/11, but I welcome you — not to the Christ consciousness, but to a level of awareness that is so far beyond what you have known upon your planet thus far.”

{Music starts.]

SB: Thank you, Sanat Kumara.

SK: Thank you for inviting me, dear friend. I bless you all. Farewell.

SB: Farewell.


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