The manuscript of survival 20120913 Heavenletter #4311 A Palace of Love , September 13, 2012


Heavenlettersâ„¢, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God *
* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God said: 

There is a sea within you that flows to the Great Ocean. Back and forth, you sail on this Great Ocean. There are times that your awareness rises to the depths. Rises to the depths, I say.

In the Ocean Deep, I say you rise as you delve into the depths or the heights, for, at those Great Depths, high and low or left and right, do not exist. A sense of direction cannot even enter into the equation. There are no dimensions, directions, attitudes, formulas, absence or presence. There simply is Fullness which can be called the Fullness of Emptiness, or the Emptiness of Fullness. There are no up’s and down’s. There is no moiling at what is called the Depths. There is Stillness. There is Sereneness. There is the basis of Everythingness.

To reach this fathomless depth, there is a shift in you. The shift in you changes everything. Attitude does not even exist. Knowingness exists. Knowingness experiences itself. There is not a place for attitude, opinion, faithlessness, temporariness. There is the Allness of Nothingness.

You have been diving into these depths. You have been living in Heaven all the while you had no idea you were. You left the land of questions and answers and entered the World of Being. No longer was your heart in a sling. Your heart became free. You entered the non-place called Heaven. After a while, you stay here. You cannot leave. There is no place to go to. There is no way to leave, nor would you or anyone want to. You stay in Heaven because you have left the field of disturbance and entered My heart. You have discovered where you are and experienced Non-Experience. Once you have sighted and tasted the essence of the Ocean Depth, you are laughing so hard that you cannot stop laughing. All you can do is enjoy the Depth of the Ocean which you now have discovered is your Self.

What a discovery! What a nice discovery! You could have discovered this a lot sooner. Nevertheless, the discovery is yours. It is not an active discovery. It is more a silent awareness from which no one wants to leave, from which no one can leave, from which no one would think of leaving. There is no thought here, you understand. You are beyond the thought of leaving or thought of anything else,. You are beyond thought. You are beyond high and low. You are beyond mood. You are beyond ideas. You are at the non-place from which Creation and Creativity come. You have surpassed all portals. You are within. You are deep within.

I suppose We could call this place that is No Place at All an Inner Chamber, yet, of course, there is no inner or outer here. Actually, there is no here or there, then or now, or anything but the Essence of Love.

There are no stand-offs here in this non-place. There is no putting your hands in your pockets and debating anything because, not only is there nothing to debate, there is no one to debate with. You have settled all arguments. You no longer have a clue as to what argument is. You have forgotten all that is not useful to you. You have entered a Palace of Love and, so, you reside here in the Fullness of Being, in the Fullness of My Being even as there is no longer the distinction between Mine or yours, or yours and Mine. The only Mine is like a gold mine where, in Truth, is One Love.




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