Messages of Light 20120913 Gabriel’s Monthly We​ather Report Of Phys​ical & Emotional Sym​ptoms for September ​- December




We have reached a time that has received more attention than any other year we could mention… a year of major prophecy and change.

“The end of the world” as we have known it… What does that mean? it is a time when energetic shifts, as well as the transition of cycles will create more transformation, endings and beginnings, than anything we have ever known.

2012 is being called a Year of Prepration for Service (as you move through Disillusionment into Enlightenment) by Archangel Gabriel.

In the Overview of the Year, we have talked about the three quadrants (four-month segments) of the year. This channeling will be about the last four months of the year specifically.

“This is a time of preparing the lower chakras for the radiatory light of the soul to penetrate. In doing so, the gateways of the heart are beginning to open further, to facilitate the raising up of the chakras.

The lower 3 chakras have been the chakras of survival… and now as you awaken the heart chakra and the soul, you begin to raise up the lower chakras with the soul’s presence.

This is the beginning of the activation of the higher will of the soul, penetrating into the lower will of the 3rd chakra in the solar plexus. The lower will is the will of desire, survival and personality ruled by ego.

This influence will be slight for many at the moment, but for others it will be more and more influential, depending on your preparation and readiness. Each will be perfectly served, according to where you are.

As this higher will begins to penetrate, it begins the revelation of the first four archetypes of the soul… Inspiration, Revelation, Experience and Expression.

The higher will is the will for life, the will to direct the soul’s expression into the Divine Plan, in service to the whole of the Divine Plan. It will then come in with the authentic, inherent qualities of your being, as well as the talents of each individual.

There will be a transformation and transmutation of the lower self by your own Higher Self, transforming the personality. Each month will bring in some degree of this penetration as the 3rd gateway of the heart influences the lower self.

The lower will of the ego mask and defense is the false self that is caught up in the narcissism of gratification, as it never moved out of the first stage of love when you were young. You simply haven’t been ready as a planet to transcend this first primitive stage of development until now.

The narcissism that made your early experiences all about YOU was intended to give you a primitive sense that there is a YOU… and as this stage was fulfilled and nurtured, you were always intended to grow beyond into more fulfilling aspects of your lives.

But due to the wounding of unmet needs, you have been a planet mostly frozen in this primitive, wounded stage… seeking and yearning for gratification, as you have not learned to trust that your deeper needs could be awakened and met.

That is all changing now, in potential. The lower will is what has kept you out of the experience of meaning, value and purpose of life, instead focused on gratification and attachment to desire, always dependent upon something in the OUTER world… seemingly separate from you.

It can never be quenched or satisfied, as it is always separate from the seeming “source.” The higher will is interested in the fulfillment of deeper needs. It is interested in connection to Self as the source… and then expressed through talents and qualities to connect you with others and with life around you… to fulfill the various purposes of life.

This fulfills the gradual revelation of the first four archetypes of the soul and the love force. The love force is the creative force of the expression of your being. So the next four months will give you a taste of these four archetypes.

Sept – Inspiration
Oct – Revelation
Nov – Expression
Dec – Experience


This month will begin to align you more fully with the archetype of Inspiration of the creative force… directing your talents. These are the things you brought in within the soul’s choice for this lifetime. Just this one lifetime for now.

These are the things you will need for the fulfillment of your place in the Divine Plan for this lifetime. So the talents that you bring in help you to face your challenges and move into your place of service to the good of the whole.

You will be inspired by your inherent talents more and more… to utilize and value those talents.

You will also realize the conflicts of the outer ego mask and how it distorts the use of those talents, as a compensation for your past wounding. For example, you might use those talents simply to get validation or to distract from the essence of trusting who you are as a being of inherent value and sacredness.

This month of September will be about being inspired by those inherent talents, bringing them out in various ways… so that you begin to bring to the surface that is ready to be activated in the following months.

Your talents are the expression of the VALUE of your being, what is inherent that shows you some of your true value. This gives you more awareness of your individual expression of being. If you don’t utilize you talents, you won’t know and trust your true inner value.

You will also realize more of what is opposing this inspiration of your inner self and your talents. Your inner will of the truth of your being is inherent in the way meaning, value, truth and purpose are brought into the archetypes of the soul to fulfill all that you are ready for in this lifetime.

As you honor this, you fulfill the truth of your being. How you put it into eventual expression and experience.

In September, you will receive inspirations around your talents. Watch for this. You may not know what it means or how to direct it into expression yet. But use this time to get in touch with your inner will.

It is a good time, when you are inspired by anything, to keep notes… so that you become more and more aware of the energy of inspiration. The physical symptoms involves activity in the solar plexus and excretory organs as well.

Because what keeps this from being brought into experience and revelation are the control dramas and issues of the lower will. So there will be a lot of burning through these blockages attempted during this time.

The lower self must go through continued clearing for this process. and most focus will be on the 3rd chakra in the solar plexus, challenging the lower will. This will of outer focus needs to be interrupted, so that you can focus more and more on the inner truth.

So what comes up may seem in opposition to what you have thought was your inspiration in the outer world. You will be releasing old attachment of the lower will, that have kept you distracted from meaning, value and purpose… dependent and our ot your empowerment.

There will be activity in the heart, with pressures and movements becoming more obvious. There will be pressure in the back and front of the heart. The will centers in the back of the chakras are seeking to balance themselves with the receptive energies on the front of each chakra. Pulsations in the solar plexus, as well as contractions and pain, followed by openings will be common.


This month will focus on Revelation and the depth of MEANING in your life. This will be involved in how you take your inherent talents and use them to reveal your abilities, the ways you use your talents for expression and experience.

You will reveal more of the fulfillment potential through your abilities to direct your talents. This will bring about a challenge for the lower will, which is caught up in the repetition of old patterns. This has kept you from being more fulfilled with the use of the talents and abilities.

There are many things trapped in the lower will, with control dramas… once again in the solar plexus. You may experience nausea as this continues to be transformed and burned away. Pains, as well as digestive problems.

Every part of the body that has to do with flexibility may be impeded by the lower will’s desire to control and merely repeat what is familiar. The same old thing… so that I “know” what to expect and can react according to what I need to do to protect, defend and fulfill the agendas of my lower will (such as getting validation, approval, an ability to please, or avoid conflict).

The need to control prevents you from truly taking charge with your higher will. Developing meaning with your abilities will cause you to begin to see where you have given things in the outer world meaning that are really only illusions. These outer things are merely temporary hits, which you have used to distract from the fact that you have not known HOW to fulfill your lives on a much deeper level.

Your abilities may be in the realm of organization, your ability to use color as an artist, your ability to see solutions, your ability to inspire others, to listen to others, and any number of other things.

It is an infinite potential with all that is needed on your planet. if you have been exercising and investing in certain talents, what these months will do is accelerate the realization and fulfillment of those things.

If you have not been pursuing the depth of your talents, these months will be a new beginning impulse… a greater drive for this to become your choices.


This month will be about the EXPRESSION of the truth of your being through the development of your Truth of Being. Harmony of outer and inner in balance. Higher will that comes through the truth of your being comes out of the healing of duality, where you are focused on the outer as the source.

All things from the Soul honors the truth of what is inherent within you. This requires that you get in touch with your inner lives in a deeper way. Whatever your focus, there is a set of specifics that are inherent in knowing the truth of your being that brings the meaning and value into the TRUTH of your being.

Creative Expression through truth brings into your life the unique QUALITIES that are inherent within you as well. These qualities will then color your intentions to bring all of the inner truth into action and purpose.

For instance, the call of the higher will may be compassion (versus sympathy of the lower will). Or giving without expectation. This quality will then direct you into choices that serve this inner calling.

Fulfillment of meaning, value and purpose will bring you into a new EXPERIENCE on your planet. However, first you will see the contrast of what has been opposing and distorting your lower will. The lower will always has a self-involved agenda. What will I get? How will I benefit? Control.

This gives you a desire to dominate and manipulate to “get.” However, the revelation of the truth of Self has no agenda, merely a free expression of the pure Self.

It is in the celebration of self, from a quality of personal power. To be in charge and in the purity of expressing your truth, investing in the things that are important to you. The value of your talents. The truth of the qualities that are important to you. Compassion. Gentleness. Commitment.

There will be a lot of activity in the throat, the area of self-expression, as well as tensions of the throat at this time as new energies are opening, facing whatever opposes from the lower will. The self-expression of truth will begin to break through energetically as you work through the blockages and practice the truth of your being.

This happens when anything that is in opposition to the lower will comes up for expression. The lower will has used the throat to manipulate and control, to hide and avoid what you have “learned” you need to hold back.

What makes you the most charismatic is to be true to your most authentic self… celebrating who you are, through the expression of your qualities, honestly, simply and generously. It is ordinary to want to be “extraordinary,” based on how you are perceived by others. It is extraordinary to be willing to be “ordinary,” which is being simply and fully YOU. And it is deeply infectious and fulfilling.

It is ultimately the only path that can bring you peace of mind. So look to your qualities and how you can express and practice them. When you are in touch with your authentic self, you will experience an expansion of Self.

And you will feel a vibration that begins to move throughout your torso as you begin to move outward from this inner sense of Self. If you are in resistance, you will have problems and pains.

These four months are about moving into the power of higher will or being stuck in the control of the lower will. It is likely to be a constant dance back and forth, as you seek to move more and more fully into the higher will, letting go of the old patterns and control of the lower will that no longer serve you.


This month will bring you into the archetype of EXPERIENCE and Manifestation of the Divine Plan… based on how you move into PURPOSE through your actions.

The repetition of actions is how you manifest in the physical, brought into a specific focus of intentions. This will fulfill your talents, abilities and qualities of being.

There will be a transformation process based on how you are willing to take action, helping you to allow the higher will direct your lower will. Nothing opposing your manifestation. You will begin to see how the coming together of thought, feeling and action will make your manifestations much more immediate.

As the higher will penetrates the lower will, it raises your vibration and frequency. This speeds things up, with less friction and opposition. It will allow you to move into resonance of what is important to you, by being in your personal truth and willing celebration of all that you are and all that your truth guides you to take action upon.

By being in charge of Self and then focusing meaning, value and purpose, you will experience more inner fulfillment. It can be a time of a lot of very exciting new territory… of Inspiration, Revelation, Expression and Experience. Or it can be a time of a lot of opposition to change. It is likely to be a combination of both.

This is a time for the emergence of the higher will of the soul to deepen. Wherever there is a struggle, try to develop some neutral awareness and negotiation of that struggle.

All that is happening is that new layers and depths of Self are attempting bring forth more guidance and direction. This will reveal what is in opposition and resistance much more clearly.

When you respond and allow, you will know who you truly are in a much more direct and impactful way. You can open to a consistency of knowledge and experience of life, that is constantly in support of revealing more of itself… and bringing you into an awareness of your God-being.

This will be the end of the world as you have known it, through a struggle of survival of the lower will… to bring the inner and outer in harmony with one another… to see God made manifest in your physical experience.

You will see conflicts that take place in your own life manifested in the world around you as well… which we forgot to mention. You will see the measuring through old ideals of the outer world with new IDEAS that are emerging… things that will actually serve the good of the whole, that which unifies.

We thank you for letting us share with you and as we take your most joyous leave, we ask that are you are able that you remember to love one another.





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