Laitonn Pleiadian Dolphin 20120913 The Crystal Dolphin Pod. “Rest And Relax. Live As We Live.” By Bella Capozzi. September 13, 2012.


 ♥ Hello again, Sweet Cousins.  We feel such joy and elation to once again be able to share with you, and on this day we wish to hold discourse on the topics of rest and relaxation.   Oh, but yes, we sense your immediate reactions to those two words and how clearly do we hear your incredulous gasps.  “Rest and relax“, you ask?  “However might I do that whilst I have so very many important commitments?  Others depend on me for their very survival, thus I cannot leave them unattended.   I must study, I must conduct my meditations and my clearing, I must keep house, I must work hard to keep myself afloat-oh, Dear Dolphin Brethren, the list I keep is many pages long!  Your lives are quite enviable, but I cannot live as you do.“

♥ We fully and compassionately comprehend the enormous pressures placed upon yourselves, both in service to your own and Gaia’s Ascension timeline, and also in devoted love and service to others.  How wondrous we find you to be, that you are able to wear so many hats and still remain sane, intact and unsullied by the chaos which swirls about you.  It is commendable, to be sure.  It is why you were selected to lead.  Yet in your dedication we also observe that far too many of you have become neglectful of your own self-care.  You are are worn to the bone; tired, both physically and energetically.  Whilst healers in your own right, it is clear to us that a great many of you are in need of healing yourselves.  You have taken on the burdens of those whom you serve so faithfully, yet without sufficiently clearing from your field all residual energy.  A weary body shall not be able to receive the full benefits offered by the consistent flow of powerful incoming activations, which are permeating the Earth’s atmosphere at this time.  We lovingly advise that you try to add an hour or two to your present sleep-schedule, as these energies are only going to increase in intensity, and your evolving bodies must be primed and ready to receive them.

♥ Might you whittle off a few things from your daily agenda?  Would you consider allotting yourselves the occasional personal holiday, at which time you spend the day doing only those things which relax and enrich you?  We lovingly advise you to slow down your pace, to stop and behold the breathtaking beauty that is around you. Look upon your own own reflection in the mirror and appreciate the sovereign being you see reflected there.  Mother yourself tenderly, as you would a tiny babe.  Swim wild and free in joyful abandon, Cousins. Dance, laugh and be happy!

♥ We promise you, the world shall not end, should you take a step back for a moment and rest.  Gaia’s Ascenscion process shall not stop dead in it’s tracks  were you to pull your energy off of the grid for a short bit, and dwell only within that sacred space which is yours and yours alone.  You cannot be all things to all people -and animals, nor to Gaia herself-all of the time, however much you might endeavor to do so.  You cannot save the world if you yourselves need saving.  It is a normal facet of the Human condition to wish to propel yourselves ever forward, to do more, and be the rock upon which your loved ones may lean.  But know that you are currently in the midst of an accelerated process of activation and growth, and such qualities as overachievement and perfectionism are two examples of Human traits you must allow to drop off.   Sometimes it is acceptable to have what you think of as a less-than-perfect result, for all is perfection already, under the Creator’s grand design.  You need not struggle so.  Be at peace with yourselves, and take pleasure in the journey, for all roads shall inevitably lead you Home.

♥ So we say to you, Cousins, attempt for one day to actually live as we live.  We mean this figuratively, of course, as we surely don’t expect for you to sprout fins and a tail and swim the seas all day long!  Ah, how we love to jest!  Although in truth, the days are not so far off when you shall in fact be able to shift your form at will, into whichever design strikes your fancy at the time or suits your immediate needs.  However, it is within your grasp now to emulate us both in attitude and our sense of playfulness and balance.  The freedom and exhilaration we enjoy can easily be yours, should you just believe it may be so.  State your intentions clearly and envision yourselves with us and like us.  Feel yourselves as one with all life.   And thus it shall be so.

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