Messages of Light 20120912 Archangel Indriel. “Strands Of Light Across A Bleak Landscape.” By, Bella Capozzi. September 11, 2012.



~ Greetings to all, I am Indriel.  To the Lightbearers and the Wayshowers, I come to you this day with words of love and encouragement.  To the Dear, Sweet Souls just now in the initial stages of their awakening, I tell you to have faith and persevere.  The road before you  may seem at first to be strange and unfamiliar,  yet I assure you that to follow it shall take you Home.  Far away from the uncertainty and struggle you face now in the 3rd dimensional world of duality, you shall discover peace.

~ With my words today, I convey to each of you a gift from your Divine and Holy Mother;  her glorious essence.  Experience it now as it envelops you as though it were a warm coverlet.  Feel her goodness permeating every cell, every atom, every fiber of your being.  Know this sensation as her unconditional love for you.  There is naught which you could do or say to ever cause your Mother to forsake you, as hers is the most sacred heart of forgiveness, acceptance and joy.  Take this gift from her, graciously, and lock it up-snug and secure, within the treasure box which is your heart.

~ Before you now lies the time of the joining.  Surely you cannot help but see that what is long decayed and obsolete is rapidly falling by the wayside.  This is in order to make way for what is new.  It is all right before your eyes, should you but choose to see it.  And yes, it is indeed a choice.  So now you must decide if you shall heed the persistent call of the Ascension.  It does not let you rest easy, does it, for that voice you hear does not take rejection well.  No, Dear Children, the call to service is relentless because the time for action is now.  Gaia sits perched at the very onset of her final ascent-up, up, up and out of the density and darkness.  And when she fully ascends there shall be no more heartbreak in your world, no more war, no more senseless suffering for God’s gentle children.  All creatures shall be free to exist in harmony.

~ If you are one who is drawn to listen to my words, then you are being called.  You are the leaders and trailblazers, and you are tasked with ushering in The Light.  In short time, you shall be faced with situations which shall test your resolve.  You may be shocked by what transpires, as what you thought were truths are exposed as blatant lies, and this shall sorely test your commitment and your ability to trust.  I advise you to never lose sight of the fact that these are all necessary steps which must be taken in order for the New Age of enlightenment and unity be securely anchored upon the planet.  Gaia requires a clean slate upon which to rebuild.

~ So come together, as one army under God. United in your common goal.  Synchronized.  Connected to one another like strands of lights strung across a bleak landscape.  Go about your daily lives and know that your purity affects each soul who’s path you cross.  You are brave and mighty warriors, engaged in a seemingly endless battle for truth and for change .  However, even the strongest of the strong are in need of love and reassurance, and for this you must seek out your Mother.  At these times, allow her to enfold you in her soft embrace, then you shall be healed.  Be blessed, Dear Souls, in all you do.

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