Contacting Beings of Light 20120912 Blue Dragon Journal ​Communique, (from th​e Pleiadians to Tazj​ima)​



Posted on July 15, 2012

Channeler:  Tazjima.

I am Umbro, captain of the Tulya.  I know you and your companions.  Your names are legendary among the Star Ships as the Ones who answered the call of Gaia so many years ago.  We honor you for being on the planet during this difficult period of transition and change.  And we love you because you are part of our Star Family.  All of you have loved ones waiting for you on the ships, all of you.

I am interested in inviting you on board the Tulya as you and I are related.  I am your uncle.  Do you remember your favorite uncle of your childhood, M—-?  I am his Pleiadian self.  I have watched you from afar since you were a brave little girl taking on the heavy energies of your war-torn planet.  You, also, have a Pleiadian counterpart on board the Tulya, in the role of navigator.  When you were a child, I smiled when I saw that you had an instinctive love for maps, as well as a love for exploring new places.  These qualities were attributes that have assisted you in navigating through the turbulence and darkened energies of your current world.

Together our crew has made many explorations of our galaxy and beyond.  We are your Pleiadian counterparts and we welcome you to attend the weekly Saturday night meditations and dream walks, as well as coming on board whenever you are rested to visit us.  We are gratified to make this connection with you at this time.

We can offer you a tour of our ship, to get reacquainted, to heal heart and soul, and a connection with friends and family.  We rejoice to see so many of our Star seeds waking up in these latter days.  It will not be long before there is much rejoicing among our people as old connections are rebuilt, as you come aboard for a visit and when we finally can walk freely and openly among the peoples of planet Earth.

You are the Way showers and as such you are becoming the first Terrans to experience “disclosure”.  This is an ongoing process to anchor the realization of your own multidimensionality in your physical bodies so you can stand as living examples to those who know you in everyday life.  When your earth-born friends see that you are not afraid or crazy, they will be encouraged and eager to also open up to the possibility of relating to people from other worlds.

Yes, you personally are a Pleiadian Starseed and so was your father.  This truth is part of your human lineage.  You felt your soul connection to your father as his soul departed his body and you received a telepathic message from it.  Your determination to protect him during his last years on the planet, to address the remaining karmic issues between yourselves, brought you further along your own path back to the Stars.

We encourage you and your companions to keep journals and records of our encounters, whether through meditation, telepathy, through waking dreams or intuitive messages.  Indeed, we will be offering you and to all those who wish to apply, guidance and healing, so you can learn how to conduct yourself in other dimensions.  We do this in order to make your transition to higher planes a more loving and comfortable, joy-filled experience.  We are sure that you will relish the process of re-opening up to the fullness of your senses, to the fullness of your Beingness, and to the fullness of your connection to the Galaxy and all life.

We understand that the lives you have all led on Earth in this lifetime have been challenging ones.  They have been lifetimes filled with difficulties, ones in which you have been stripped of many of your natural gifts.  You have been reliant on inner guidance, at times feeling very lost and confused, but you have never been abandoned.  We have been with you every step of the way, sometimes alongside of you in body, sometimes in your dreams and always in your heart of hearts.  You have all been tested; you have all learned so much and have overcome all fear.  Now you are ready to step forth as the first ones on your planet to become fully pledged Galactic Beings.

In this intense period of change for the planet, you are here to anchor the energies and awareness of Light and Love.  There will be much consternation as the dark deeds of your controllers continue to be revealed before the peoples of Earth.  It is for you to stand fast, calm and serene, to give your fellow citizens, neighbors, friends and family a loving example of one who is steadfast in the face of much change.  This has been a sometimes difficult undertaking for your sensitive crystalline nature; for we tell you as Starseeds you are all crystals.  You were born crystals.  Stripped of much of your gifts, you have walked blind through the darkness, but have persevered despite all of it and have emerged, once again, into the Light.  The first wave Starseeds had a darker road to travel and they have assisted the younger generations by cutting a way through the forest of heavy energies, you who are the energetic explorers.  Now as you relearn your true identity and nature, your gifts and your inheritance is slowly being revealed to you.  Through the process of transmuting the darkness of ages through your own physical bodies you have made it possible for others to do the same and more.

All the generations of starseeds, along with various kinds of walk-in souls, all of you have faced and transmuted the many difficulties in your lives and they have been many.  On purpose many of you have walked into dysfunctional families and relationships, difficult jobs and careers.  You have taken on these challenges like the true warriors of Light that you all are.  Yes, even you who have naturally gentle natures are warriors for the Light, as you have anchored the light and in so-doing you have split apart the shards of the dark shell that has surrounded this planet for millennia.

Understand, also, that although many of you are starseeds and have an origin far from your current home planet, you have also chosen to be born into lineages with Pleiadian and other galactic roots.  Those of us who peer down at your planet are your relatives.  Our races are your progenitors.  You are your own fathers and mothers.  We have a right to be here to assist you through this process and you have a right to participate in it.  We are family.  And we are eager to see your planet restored to her original breath-taking beauty and to welcome her people to the Stars, again.

We are the Shepherds of the Stars.  We guide many races through the stages leading to galactic status.  We do not presume to conquer or coerce, but to gently guide those people who are ready to open to their multidimensionality, to the reality of encountering people from other planets than their own.

Your journey has not only been one moving through your physical world, but it has been an inner journey as well.  Along the way, you and your companions have discovered inner strength, a sense of balance, an ability to discern truth, to trust in your inner guidance, to listen within, to overcome fear and loneliness.  You have become stronger and resilient at the same time, flexible and strong.  Through gaining an understanding of your own trials, “mistakes” and tribulations, you have all grown in compassion for yourself and others.  And you have learned to forgive and to remember the lessons that you have gone through.  The knowledge that you have all gained through these experiences is priceless, as it can be offered to other souls and races in their journey to the stars.

Your personal journey, Elizabeth, has taken you through more than one dark night of the soul.  We have seen you blossom forth in these last years as you gained more self-awareness and assurance in your own abilities and gifts.  You have instinctively understood that you could not compromise your inner growth by entering a relationship with one of dissimilar vibrations and awareness.  You have stood alone, fearless and brave, proving your commitment to your as yet unknown mission.  Although you early on realized that you were different than other people, you carried on, discovering the source of that difference and exploring along the way and finding wonder.  For only recently you have been told categorically that you are a Starseed.  You knew this in your heart but could not acknowledge it at first, but as the evidence piled up, you have, at long last, opened to the Light and truth of your being.

This has been a long message, but we are overjoyed to establish this means of communicating with you.  We will come for you in your dreams now that we sense you are unafraid.  And look to the evening skies.  One night you may see our ships dancing in your summer skies as you sit upon your mountain top.

Be at peace, dear one.  Your family and loved ones are close by you always.  We love and honor you very much.  Now we give you an energetic hug to say Aloha and Namaste.






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