Ascension Earth 2012 Greg Giles: 20120910 Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 9/9/12 ‘Creative Manifestation Tutorial’


Picturesque visions of a new world may be entering your minds and filling your imaginations, and this is just what you should be doing at this time. It is imperative for all of you to envision and imagine, thus creating, everything that it is you wish to experience, for this conception process is so very important to the creation and manifestation process. The proper way to realize your hopes and your dreams is to at first decide what it is you wish to experience. Then it is important for you to focus upon what it is you desire for yourselves and lock this vision in your mind, lock this feeling in your mind, lock the emotion in your mind that you would feel when you were presented this gift, this dream, the reality of what it is you wish to create. Locking in this emotion, this joy, this surprise, this relief of realizing what it is you wished to create is the key, is the secret, is the essence of successful creative manifestation.

This is a concept that is and will be new to many of you, for you have not yet begun to consciously create the future paths you wish to travel. Many of you have been unconsciously or subconsciously creating these future timelines for yourselves. You have been doing this for many long eons of time and some habits are just very tough to break. This would be only natural, and this can only be expected so we, your ascended family who practice regularly creating the futures we wish to experience, will lend you our expertise, we will do what we can to teach you, to guide you and to show you just what it is we do to create the future timelines that we wish to experience.

One of the habits that we have made sure we have gotten ourselves into is to decide, to create, to envision for ourselves just what it is we wish to experience, with no alternative possibilities or probabilities. We think about carefully just what it is we wish to experience, leaving out only minor details, but for the most part all the major components of what we wish to experience we solidly and clearly envision and lock into our minds like a snapshot taken, like a sculpture sculpted, click it, lock it, boom! This is what we wish for you to practice, as this is the first step and this is an essential and integral step. This is the most important factor, concentrating, focusing on exactly what it is you wish for yourselves.

After this initial step, the next step is to keep this vision for the future you wish to experience clearly in mind. This does not mean that you must think about this all throughout your day, each and every day until you realize your creation. No, what this means is to not forget all about your vision you wish to achieve for yourselves and not to start wish-washing or flip-flopping as in changing your mind back and forth as you begin to approach your creation, for when you do this you begin to re-chisel your sculpture, you begin to alter in some way the snapshot that you took and this causes confusion and blurred vision and will create for you a future timeline that you did not precisely envision for yourself.  

So how best to approach this and carry yourselves through the days towards the reality you wish to experience? We advise you to at least once, twice or even three times a day take a few moments out to sit in quiet contemplation and focus upon the reality you wish to experience in the future and lock it in once again in your mind by focusing on exactly what you wish to create, not changing any of the original details of your creation. Do this a few times a day every day until your vision is realized. This is how you do it.

There may be some steps along the way, some obstacles that may alter your course and you would have to alter in some way your vision for your future. This happens from time to time and cannot be avoided entirely. We say to you if this occurs to do whatever it is that you have to do to keep the alterations or the changes or modifications down to an absolute minimum, for this is the most assured way to realize the vision, the dream that you wish to experience for yourself. We feel if you practice what we have outlined here, many of you will begin to effectively create the futures you wish to experience for yourselves. We wish you the very best with these techniques, and we are certain that if you apply yourselves and follow our guidance you will achieve just what it is you wish for yourselves and experience just what it is you desire.

Moving on today to another subject, we see in your world many changes taking shape. These changes are the creative manifestation of the collective hopes, dreams, visions and photographic snapshots that many of you have held within your minds that you are now beginning to experience. You are beginning to experience your co-creation, for as we have said, you are creating through your thoughts, your visions your hopes, your dreams, your words, your actions and your intentions every single moment of every single day, therefore when you awaken to a new day you are awakening to a dream, a future timeline that you created one day and many days in your past.

How far back the conception of what you are experiencing today begun, we would say that in your world at this time what you are experiencing today you began to create for yourselves more than weeks ago, we would say more like months ago, but not years ago. We hope this ballpark figure helps you envision in some way just how long this creation process takes, for it is difficult to put into exact days or hours, for it all depends on many factors. One of these factors is your personal powers of creative manifestation and another is your collective powers of manifestation, how many of you are focusing on the same future experience and how many of you are properly holding within your minds that future experience you desire. This is how it works, and these are very important fundamentals in this process and much depends on what goes into creating the final product in regards to what you shall experience.

We hope today’s tutorial on the basics of the process of proper creative manifestation has enlightened some of you, as we have seen that many of you have desired a clearer answer to your questions on this subject. We are doing what we can to answer your most popularly asked questions in the order of popular opinion. In other words, the questions that we see most often from you we will attempt to answer first for you, before we go down the list and begin to answer for you questions that not many of you are asking. We do not foresee a day when we will reach a point where we will be able to answer personal questions for you, for there is just too many of you and there are many questions that need to be answered that are on the minds of more than just one of you. We hope you understand this. In time, all of your questions no matter how personal or intimate they are will be answered, but they will not be answered by us, they will be answered by you, for you will know the answers to all of these questions, for many of you will be returning to full consciousness, and upon that point you will have no need to ask any more questions of us, for you will be able to answer your own questions and be a wellspring of your own ever flowing information concerning anything it is you wish to know about yourselves, your prior history or your universe.

We at this time are doing what we can to paint for you a suitable picture for you of what you may or we feel you will experience in the coming days, as we feel it is important to accustom you, to acclimate you to your new environment that you will be pulling yourself or lifting yourself up into. We do not wish for any of you to be too overwhelmed at some of these changes that you will experience. We do not wish for any of you to suffer any forms of severe or even mild shock, and we certainly do not wish to jolt any of you out of your current, maybe comfortable reality, or at least the reality that you have become so used to throughout your many incarnations.

Some of you have been incarnating into different bodies and different lives with a different set of friends and family, though in many cases what lies beneath the skin, so to speak, of many of your friends and family are the same souls that you have been incarnating with over and over, possibly all the way back since the very beginning of your journey into the physical. Remember, it is not what is on the outside of a being; it is that which is on the inside that identifies him or her, that personifies him or her. We are sure many of you who have reached this point of your journey already understand this, and we wish you to remember this as you exit one reality and enter a new one, for many of the faces of your friends and family will change. What lies inside of them is and has always been the same.

The voices that you hear through the words that we speak to you are from many different types of sentient beings. Not all of us who today send these words to you through our channel look as you do. You may find this very surprising. Even our channel may find this very surprising, for he feels gentle words of poetry, of beauty, of light, of information and descriptions of home and of your possibilities lightly and gently sweeping through his mind, but what he does not see or feel are what we look like, for what we look like is not important and it is not information that we send to him or through him to you, our brothers and sisters.

We could, if we would like to, share with him and share through him to you images of how we appear, as what forms we choose or have to enable us to continue on in our journey here within the higher reaches of this universe. We will do that for him and do that for you and we will start with this tomorrow if this pleases you, and we look for your comments today beneath our message. We ask you if you wish to learn what we, those members of the Galactic Federation of Light who share these messages to you through our channel appear like, what our appearance is, what forms we take and display as our outer being to those around us. If you would like us to begin to describe for you what we appear like just say so today beneath our message and we will take your wishes into consideration.

How is this? Does this not sound like fun, for we feel it is fun, for we feel it is time we ‘come out of the closet’, so to speak, and reveal to you what it is we look like. We are very proud of our appearances, for although we take many forms as there is more than one of us, we have great pride in our heritage and our people, our races and our homes that we come from. In your world, you have a strange or odd dichotomy, where one can be proud of their race, but they cannot whisper these words to another, especially another of another race, as this may appear offensive in some way, insulting in some way to the other that is not the same race as their race. We do not understand this, for here we all love each other and consider ourselves equal, so we do not have this lower dimensional ego where we feel someone may prefer their appearance or see their race of people as superior to ours, for we all understand that each of us equally appreciates and respects another, no matter which race of beings they belong to, which planet they live on, which people they call their own, which careers they have, what they look like, any of these things.

These things do not matter. What matters is what lies inside a being, and here what lies inside a being is love, beautiful, sparkling, iridescent, shimmering love, and it is love that we all see when we look and speak to each other. We wish for you dear ones to practice this and practice this every day from now on, as this is very important for you all on your journey. When you look at each other, do not look at what another looks like, what skin color they are or what clothes they wear. Instead, look through these superficial layers and focus on what is real, and that is the essence of a being, the heart of a being, the soul of a being, the love of a being, for this is and only is what a being is.

With that said, we shall bid you adieu just for today, and we will return tomorrow with descriptions and images sent through our channel to you of what we appear like if this interests you, for we wish to be better introduced to you and we feel this is a good time for this and we look forward to a more personable introduction, though remember, what we appear like is not what we are in any way, shape or form. It is what we are inside that is who we are, and we are your friends and your family and maybe even you of the Galactic Federation of Light.




As channeled through Greg Giles








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