Contacting Beings of Light 20120909 Next Steps on the Journey – The Council of Nine to Me, September 8, 2012, by Tazjima


Posted on September 9, 2012

We are the Council of Nine. We wish to speak of the next steps of your journey, communion, the coming into union with your Higher Self and twin flame.

In the days swiftly approaching, the large unwieldy structures of the old illusion will be toppling of their own weight and entropy. They were constructed by those who fear change and desire control. They were built of straw and the winds of change have come to blow these structures away. Crouching behind these structures like the proverbial three pigs in their straw house, the powers that were, will soon find that they cannot keep the wolf from the door or karma from removing their ill-gotten gains bought at the cost of many lost and destroyed lives.

Also sheltering behind the crumbling structures are many people confused by the sudden onslaught of unfamiliar light and change into their lives. They are ones who have refused up until this point to wake up and see that their lives are about to change for the better, if they decide to stay on the planet.

The braver ones of these confused individuals will have many questions and queries that will need to be answered by calm, committed and awakened Lightworkers – you, our dear readers.

For those of you have ventured into inner space either through meditation or contemplation of life’s questions, you know of or perhaps have already begun to experience a gradual sense of becoming more of you. A blanket of calmness, a balm of wisdom, a serenity of heart and mind has fallen over you, keeping you sheltered from the growing clamor outside the doors to your inner sanctum. From this high vista, you can calmly observe just how hysterical the voices of the media and politicians have become, in an attempt to keep the populace in fear, under control and diverted from their spiritual path. However, all the stories of murder and mayhem, the threats and rumors of war, the latest stupid laws and designed harassment of so-called authorities cannot reach your sanctum within. The remaining collective miasma of misaligned energies lingers at the bottom of the Valley of Darkness, but you, the wayshowers, have now climbed up out of that illusory mist. You have emerged from that caustic sea, walking forward with head held high. Without fear that you might turn into a lump of salt, you look back and hold out your hand and heart to those who follow in your energetic footsteps. And they will come, stumbling perhaps at first and then walking forward with increasing courage as their eyesight clears.

Do you not realize, dear ones, that hu-man kind is a collective soul, destined to experience and learn for its creator all there is to learn through the process of separation from Source. This separation is not experienced in the higher lighted dimensions to which you are now heading, first the wayshowers, next the bulk of the Lightworkers and then, yes, then the general as yet unawakened populace who have chosen (perhaps unconsciously at this point) to remain with the planet.

We and many other voices have emphasized the importance of individual focus on one’s own ascension process. This phase is necessary in order to develop self-awareness, courage and self-confidence. Not all wayshowers have the opportunity to spend years in a monastery or place of learning mentored by a highly trained teacher in order to learn the skills necessary to ascend. No, most of the wayshowers have intentionally chosen another path, one undefined by centuries of spiritual practice. They have chosen to ascend directly from the depths of the valley, from the confines of the matrix, from their everyday lives. Why? To prove it can be done and to carve the energetic pathways for those who follow, common everyday people. First to arrive will be those who are still sleepy and in need of a cup of coffee, but awake enough to question what is going on in their collective world.

Then the masses of still reluctant ones will come, following in your energetic footsteps. Yet among these sleepy ones you will see miracles happening, as stories of some awakenings that now take seemingly moments to occur – the individual sleepy one moment and wide awake the next.

How can this happen you might ask – especially those Lightworkers who feel somehow superior to their sleepy compatriots, brothers and sisters? We tell you that these awakenings can and will happen because of the work done by the wayshowers, extending back into the past to beloved Buddha, Yeshua, Mohammed and the many saints and holy figures from all cultures and coming forward into this time to your efforts on behalf of Gaia and all life here. And please remember that every man, woman and child on this planet, lightworker or not, is a god / goddess in disguise, playing out a selected role for the sake of the education of their soul. It is time for the actors to rip off their masks, to remove their respective costumes of duality and to display their true nature as light beings, sons and daughters of the Divine, creator gods in training.

For those of you who are a bit further along on the winding road to ascension, it is approaching the time for reunions. Since the advent of this extraordinary year of 2012, many wayshowers have been drawn to “join” up as crew members of various galactic light ships, for Saturday night adventures and missions, as well as training in fifth dimensional living, and meeting their galactic counterparts and families. We realize that this group is relatively small even within the ranks of Lightworkers, but it is a group with the potential for increasing influence as the time for disclosure approaches. These ones will perform the duty of emissary and representatives of their various star nations, as well as teachers, mentors and examples for the new seekers who come behind.

When the call from Gaia went out for assistance, it was apparent that the native people of the planet were caught up in an insurmountable replaying of lifetimes, unable to break free from the relentless wheel of karma, due to the manipulations of the governing elite and their own self-created misaligned energies. The great Councils responsible for the evolution of this planet realized that they must work within the confines of Divine Law – the law that prevents outside forces from interfering with a developing planet – so as not to incur karma for their own people. So a solution was hit upon – send volunteer souls to embody in amongst the native populations. The primary purpose of these volunteers was to act as a stealth force to anchor the light on the surface of the planet so the bastions of darkness would finally be penetrated and resistance to change broken down. This long-term solution, as described in the books of Dolores Cannon, brought a succession of waves of galactic and celestial volunteers, who answered the call and took on physical form on the planet.

All of these volunteers were required to take on the veils of forgetfulness, losing all memory of their galactic families, their origin and even their purpose. Despite this, by becoming human inhabitants of the planet, these lightworkers began to successfully anchor the light upon the planet, turning the tide against the forces of darkness. Most often these lightworkers were (and still are) unaware of their purpose in being here, but by the strength of their own heart flames these pure souls have followed their intuitive longings, sense of yearning for something different, sometimes crashing through the underbrush and then, most unexpectedly, finding a faint trail pioneered by someone else ahead of them. Following this faint trace with a sense of growing excitement, they have learned to trust their own inner guidance and to question outward authority and established custom. These pioneers have often suffered qualms of self-doubt, but have been driven to seek out answers. In time, new horizons and possibilities have begun to emerge – a glimmer of light could be seen in the distance. Before long even that vast distance has shrunk, the wastelands have been passed through and the edge of a new world can be sensed and in some moments even seen.

With growing courage, these pioneers have forged on despite all appearances to the contrary, despite their self-doubts, despite the criticism of others, their own disappointments and yes, even their impatience for change to manifest in some manner outside of them, in the form of disclosure, the disbanding of the military industrial complex and the arrests of corrupt elites. However, despite their perceived hesitations, these pioneers have begun to sense a change in the air. This change has come because they had changed, from within. The change corresponds to the growing awareness of their connection to Source, with their galactic families, the spiritual realms of Light and with all life.

Since these lightworkers have carried the sacred fire within, the crystal cord connecting them to their Higher Selves and the crystal pineal gland within their brains, there has been a hidden doorway constructed into this benighted world by which the light could finally penetrate the overgrown thickets. So the light has waxed in its influence, flowing through the bodies of the ground crew who have been and still are acting as anchors and transformers. For over 50 years now, this penetrating light, now combined with the increasing level of cosmic rays reaching our atmosphere and planet, has worn away the collective gunk of misaligned energies, allowing fresh air to penetrate into the depths of the forgotten Garden of Eden.

With the increase of light from cosmic sources, the lightworkers are becoming aware and awake to their missions. Sometimes their mission is simply to be here; by their presence they bring peace, light and an air of calmness to their environment. Others have a more active role, that of being a teacher and example for their loved ones, family, co-workers and neighbors.

As it has been necessary for these lightworkers to forgo their place in heaven or their galactic homes, so they have embodied into an assortment of family schemes, sometimes intentionally taking on difficult life circumstances in order to transmute genetic karma. Now as they break through the last vestiges of their own personal and familial clearings, they begin to gather at the edge of the valley, at the edge of the haunted forest, for the next step in their journey towards ascension. The next step is the conscious joining up with their twin flame and Higher Self.

Many lightworkers and starseeds have come into embodiment alone, leaving their twin at Home, to serve as guide, mentor and even as life line in time of need. Other twin souls who have both embodied have been for the most part up until now, unable to live very long or at all together due to karmic attachments to others or karma built up from other lifetimes with each other. Until a certain amount of personal clearing has taken place, they would be unable to stay long together. Any darkness still remaining would automatically trigger a reaction in their twin and vice versa as it is the blessing and curse of twin souls to mirror back to each other what has not been cleared from each person’s heart and mind.

Now the pioneers are discovering that the union of twins does not always require physical proximity to be a potent remedy for the loneliness of the seeker. As our scribe herself has recently experienced, the reunion of twin souls can take place within the secret chamber of the heart, as the alchemical joining of two into One, as another step on the journey Home.

And with this reunion close on its heels comes the reunion with the Higher Self of the twin souls to lend further guidance and comfort to the awakening ones.

We see this process becoming apparent with the conscious awareness of our pioneer lightworkers. Though their lighted example, so too will follow the rest of hu-manity, those who chose ascension. It has taken a long time for the darkness to break up, but the Light is now shining through the storm clouds of illusion. The next steps along the way have been marked out and humanity is on the move into the light of a new dawn.

With blessings and encouragement, we are with you always in the eternal Now.

Thank you, beloved Council of Nine.

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