Ascension Earth 2012 Greg Giles: 20120909 Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 9/8/12 ‘Blueprints for Your New World’


Turning another page of this storybook of your lives and your journey here, we come to the final few pages of the chapter that will close out your incredible story in sensational and suspenseful climax. It has been many long eons as many of you now better understand since you began to write and live your own story, your very unique tale that has brought you to the brink of annihilation at times, and at other times very close to complete and total peace and harmony. Your story has ‘run the gamut’, many times taking you far to both sides of war and to peace.

It has not always been just one or the other, peace or bloodshed, poverty or boom, instead it has been more a seesaw ride for you, as it was foreseen that it was this seesawing affect that would enable you to learn greater lessons and advance sharper your learning curve and that is just what has occurred here. All of our planning as well as yours together has paid off exceptionally well for you and for we, for we too have learned such a great deal from assisting you, for being your eyes or your Angels in the sky, so to speak. So it is with great joy and honor we too reach these last few pages of our tale, for we too are ready for a long rest or vacation, removed from our assignment here.

This will be, as we have planned for ourselves a jaunt, a trip if you will, that will take us far away from here and our duties and concerns just for a little while, and we will then return here and continue our work. We will not, of course, pull out of here in our entirety, as naturally we will leave great numbers of our ships and our personnel here to watch over you, to protect you, to make sure there are no repercussions or revenge vendettas at the hands of the cabal who we foresee in many cases will be quite unhappy in defeat and will, for at least some time, continue to plot and scheme to thwart our mission and our progress together with you here.

We will always until it is no longer necessary monitor the movements, the meetings, the phone calls,  the letters and electronic mail and other forms of communication of the cabal, their secret societies, their members, associates, affiliates and minions, all of them. Each and every one of them is now fair game to us and to you, our Earth allies, and even in some ways to the people of Earth, the citizenry of your planet, for it is each and all of our responsibility to govern our new world, to manage our new world, to protect and secure our new world. No more will the tasks that are necessary for the overall good of this planet be entrusted to just one group or one person. For now on, each and every area of concern in the form of governance, management, security, cleanliness or efficiency will be entrusted to each and every individual who calls this planet their home, and it will be all of our responsibilities to watch over, protect and help manage and operate all of the systems that go into running what will be your new highly technological advanced society.

We have come across some ‘murmurs’ we shall call it, some complaints if you will, that your new systems will be technological in nature and that your new world will be a technologically advanced place to live. This is the ‘name of the game’ dear ones, where worlds advance from the state that you are in now to a highly advanced and efficient technological world. This is the natural progression of things.  There are those of you who may wish for all green pastures and fields and no technology whatsoever, and we tell you that this does not work if your planet is going to harbor and be a nest for humans or any intelligent sentient life forms.

You see, there is always going to be a need for food, for shelter, for clothing, for transportation, for pollution purification systems, for waste management systems, and we say to you how are these things going to be furnished if not for technology? This is our question for you today; do you see another way here?  Do you see how you could possibly leave your planet in its pristine natural state without any technology being designed and implemented anywhere and yet be a safe, efficient and pleasurable experience for the sentient life forms that inhabit it? We say to you, to cut right to the chase, that no, this is an impossibility.

This has been tried, yes. We, the Galactic Federation of Light, in all our explorations and missions and experiments have tried many different setups or scenarios for a world. We have planned some worlds with very limited technology and some worlds with great levels of technology and we say to you we believe that we have devised what we consider perfection, or at least very near perfection in regards to this delicate balance where there will be plenty of areas of your world that are left in their pristine natural states, and there will be other areas of your world that will be achievements of technological breakthrough, advancement and implementation. We see this as creating a very viable as well as pleasurable, exciting and beautiful landscape across your entire planet. We strongly believe that you will too, our brothers and sisters. You too will see, enjoy and respect all of these benefits of these two different types of systems, peacefully and harmoniously coexisting throughout your entire world.

We believe we are very experienced and capable planners and builders, and if we can add one more essential element to this mix, and that is your confidence, your trust and your faith in us, teamed with your cooperation with us, then we say to you in the years to come your planet will be so beautifully transformed that there will be many of you today who will barely recognize her. Yes, your beautiful national parks and mountain ranges and rivers flowing and grass fields growing will still be there and they will be purified, their air, their lands and their water, and they will be even more beautiful than they are today. Many of you do not know what clean air looks like, what purified air smells like, what it tastes like, what it feels like on your skin, but you will, and you will be very happily surprised and you may not even believe that you have never tasted clean air before, for many of you feel when you travel to the mountains or to the beaches you may be breathing in fresh, clean air, but we tell you there is barely no fresh, clean air throughout your entire planet as it has all been polluted and contaminated.

Yes, we must report this to you as we do not hold back any truths from you. Your planet is extremely polluted, from its oceans through it soils through its air, all throughout and into the higher reaches of your highest atmospheres. We say to you it is one great contamination zone. This is one of the reasons why your planet has been held in quarantine for so long. This kind of pollution, this kind of destruction, this kind of rampant disregard and irresponsibility for your planet and your own people could not be allowed to spread to neighboring worlds, and we made sure that this would not happen. Please understand the quarantine of your planet was not made to imprison you here, was not implemented to make you inmates of your own world, no not at all. The quarantine of your planet was for the safety and welfare of others in this universe from a people that have yet to learn responsibility, have yet to learn kindness, decency and empathy for others and have not learned to treat others with respect and also honor laws, rules, regulations and policies that have been set throughout this universe, and these worlds cannot be allowed to reach these other worlds simply because they have achieved technological breakthroughs in the form of space travel.

Do you see the problem here dear ones? Could we possibly allow your fighting forces of your secret space commands to take their highly destructive weaponry to other worlds and invade them just like today here in your world? Your cabal run governments invade other countries at will. Today in your world your cabal still walks across borders as if they mean nothing and ransack other nations, killing the innocent and stealing all of the wealth and possessions of another. That is what is going on when you see that there are wars, battles or ‘skirmishes’, as your news teams whitewash them, all over your planet. This is your cabal stealing more from others. That is all that is going on.

These wars are not in the name of religion or in the form of national or governmental disagreement. These are not even wars of territory, as no one is really interested in some of the land that these other people possess. What they are interested in is getting their greedy little hands on more wealth. They see some of these nations with oil or they see some of these nations with gold or another resource and so they invade them under the pretense that these nations were hostile or planning their own attacks or invasions on these larger nations. Do any of you really believe that these smaller nations would ever pick a fight with your superpowers of your world? If any of you believe these lies, it is time you sat down and thought about this long and hard. Do you really think that these small, almost defenseless countries compared to your superpowers would instigate war with say the United States, Russia or China? You are only fooling yourself if you believe that this is the case.

This is what your news reports to you, and this is why we ask you why do you watch these news programs, as they are nothing but thirty minutes or one hour of one continuous and great lie. They fill your head with disinformation, propaganda and outright lies simply to convince you, to persuade you, to trick you, to con you, to scare you into following their agendas and supporting their agendas and not do anything to speak out or stop or slow their agendas. That is what your news programs are, even though once in a while they will throw in a few minor stories to perhaps peak your interest and keep you watching, but even these minor stories are reported to you in such a way as to keep you living in fear, insecurity and even paranoia. That’s what your six o’clock news teams are paid for and they do their jobs exceedingly well, and we again advise you to turn off the news, turn off your TV sets completely. Leave them off as long as you can throughout your day, for the damage you’re doing to yourselves in body, mind and spirit is, in many cases, borderline irreparable.

You must, because it is your responsibility to protect your being, your essence, who it is you are, and who it is you are is someone far smarter and far wiser and far more experienced than to turn a television set on and sit in front of it with your eyes wide open all day and all night long, for you have come too far on your journey through this universe to allow something as unrewarding, unproductive and unhealthy as television programming to harm you and slow your progress now. We tell you these things not because we wish to nag you or to run your lives, we offer you this advice for it is constructive, it is helpful, it is the truth. We never tell you anything that we are not sure about. You do not hear many ‘maybes’ and ‘this may be the case’ when we speak to you. We say to you that this is this way and that is that way because we know it to be this way or that way, for we have lived it, we have experienced it for ourselves and we have studied all of the subjects that we discuss with you.

We do not throw out wild hypotheses and possibilities when we speak to you about certain subjects. We know our business, and from our perspective we better know our business, we should know our business, for we have many tools and years of experience behind us and we have many great minds here who study in the light of truth, unhampered, unhindered, un-coerced and uninfluenced by those that today in your world thwart most of your attempts to get to the bottom of just about everything in your lives. Your scientists, your researchers, your historians, your inventors, all of these people have never been allowed to do their jobs the way they could have done them. This goes on to this very day, where there are scientists and researchers trying to get to the bottom of your diseases, your illnesses, your pollutions, your transportation and energy problems and we say to you that all of these problems could have been solved by now and not in recent years, but many decades ago. Yes, this is true.

Your scientists could have cured even your most common and fatal diseases. You could have already been operating your systems with free, pure and clean energies. You could have transportation systems that would take individuals from one corner of the world to another in just minutes my friends. Yes, you could have already had all these things and in some cases some of these technologies do exist on your planet, but they are only offered to the few, the extremely wealthy, the very powerful, the elitists of your societies. Does that not sicken you dear friends? Does that not cause you to drop what it is you are doing and get more involved and get to the heart of these matters and do whatever is you can to rid your world of these parasites, these insects that have done this to you, that have kept you living in an antiquated state, far beyond the time periods where these technologies should have been and could easily have been introduced to your people through the ingenuity and the effort of your scientists, researchers and inventors who are members of your family, the true human family, not these imposters, these intruders, these counterfeiters who today rule over your world.

It is you, the people, that have reached these technological breakthroughs through your hard work and sweat, drive, motivation, determination and ingenious vision and imagination. They do not possess these things. These people herd you like sheep and they have no more ingenuity or intelligence or genius than a sheepherder. That is all they are. They are individuals with stick in hand and they poke you and scare you into moving in certain directions at their call, at their whim, at their discretion. This is all they are. They are not the geniuses of your societies, they are not the talented, they are not the sophisticated, they are none of these things. They are what they are and they are not much, and we do not say this either to insult them or to poke fun at them. No, we say this because it is truth, and from us you will always receive the truth, no matter if it hurts someone’s feelings or not.

This kind of behavior is unique to lower dimensional worlds where one will not speak his truth for fear it may hurt the feelings of another, for you see it is the individual who allows their feelings to be hurt by truth that is exhibiting the lower dimensional behavior, not the being who speaks his truth. We wish you to always remember that especially when you are reading our words and some of you are allowing your feelings to get hurt so much you discontinue reading our messages or even block them entirely from you or your web pages, where at one time you were sharing these communications to those they were intended for, but today you are boycotting them for you feel that they have insulted or talked down to your people. We say to you that nothing we have ever said is insulting or condemning, and we do not in any way talk down to you, for we see you as our brothers and sisters and even in many cases our elders for you, the people of Earth, have experienced in some cases a great deal more than we have, for you have been blessed with the opportunity to experience this 3rd dimensional realm and through this experience you have molded yourselves, sculpted yourselves into great, powerful and very wise and experienced beings. So how is it we would even think we could speak down to you?

The truth is we do not. We offer you advice and suggestions and tell you how things are, how we see things from our higher and broader perspectives, this is all. We do not demean you, we do not speak down to you, we do not insult you and we do not make fun of you. We would never do these things and we never have. We say to those of you who have occasionally found problems with our messages and ask you exactly which parts of our messages are you not resonating with, you are not agreeing with, that you think are insulting to you or defaming to you, that put you down, that make you feel bad, or inadequate, or unintelligent or immature in any way.

We ask you to share your feelings with us because we wish to gain greater insight and learn just what it is that we are saying to you that you disapprove of or that you feel is insulting to you or condescending to you. This is what we ask of you today. We ask you to share openly with us your feelings about these messages and which parts of them you feel you could do without, that you do not need to hear, that are unimportant and only serve to insult you or put you down or make you feel bad about yourselves. This is what we look for today throughout your comments and we, as we always do, greatly appreciate and thank you for your insights and your assistance in our mission together here with you.

We encourage all of you to get involved in these discussions. Do not worry about those few dark or negative or cabal paid individuals who leave their comments here and there under our messages. Just completely ignore them. You will in just a few days time memorize the names that most of these individuals go by, and even if they change their sign-in names which they do occasionally you will immediately recognize their bloated and inflated opinions of themselves and their perspectives and you will recognize the usual slanted rhetoric designed and posted to divide you, to cause argument, debate and dissension within your ranks, and you will learn to not even read another word from them as soon as you recognize where it is their usually long comment is going. Just skip over and go to the next comment. You will in time immediately begin to recognize a comment left in the light, of higher vibration, or one posted in the darkness of a negative vibration and at the hands of an individual who exists, acts and behaves through the pulsation of a low, slow, dense or negative vibration.

We say this to you for we wish to encourage more of you to join in on our conversations. We remind you that we read all of the comments that you leave for us, and we encourage you and we wish for more of you to get involved, for we wish to learn and to gain greater insights and a larger scope of what you are thinking and what you are feeling and how you are progressing throughout your journey here and on your mission here, and we have no other ways in most cases of learning these things, so we ask you to join us in our conversations.  

You will notice that we have begun to do our best to incorporate in our messages answers to some of your more popular questions. We make apology that we cannot answer personal or specific questions that are not asked by the majority of you. We must, because it is the proper method, respond to questions and concerns that are asked by the majority of you, and that is how we are proceeding at this time. In time, we may be able to ‘dwindle down’ the list and begin to address questions that are asked by only a smaller percentage of you, and we do see a time period where this will be more likely than it is at this current period.

So again, we say to you we look forward to your comments beneath our message today throughout your online communities and we thank you once again for participating and say to you your efforts are not in vain and they are assisting us greatly assist you, and that’s really what it’s all about right now, that’s the name of the game. ‘Help us help you’, and we will do just that.

We are your friends and your family. We are those helping you help yourselves make your world a better, cleaner, safer, more prosperous, rewarding, fun and educational place for all of you. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.


As channeled through Greg Giles





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