Ascended Masters 20120909 Great Peace is found Through Great Love Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ September 07 – 14 Channeled by: Julie Miller


Such a complex world you live in dear ones. It is vast and moving at an incredibly fast pace. No matter where you are in the world and no matter how fast the world around you moves, it is always possible to live simply within your big and beautiful loving hearts. There is always something to learn from each other regardless of where your path has taken each of you. Because of your path and how undeniably unique it is because each of you are unique there is always something to learn and to gain if you can only drop all your animosities towards each other, stop comparing, judging and allowing your emotions to run your actions and reactions. No matter how different you are, each of you contain one common element and that is each of you has a heart and each of you within that heart are capable of giving and receiving love. 
When you adopt living simply through your heart, you will notice all previous resentments and grudges dissolve. But this is a choice dear one. You choose constantly, each and every day. You choose if you should like someone, if you should be nice and compassionate, you choose to love certain people or all people without restrictive conditions. You also choose on how you react to someone’s achievement or experience when they share with you. Choices are everywhere, and they belong to you because you are the one deciding what to do all the time. How you feel, think, act or speak is your choice and thus your responsibility. 
Embrace living purely and honestly through your heart and say good-bye to negative thoughts and actions. Your experience through living purely and honestly through your heart dear ones will inspire you to continue bringing in light energy to be utilized by you in order to share with the rest of the world. Living through your beautiful heart will bring you to many wonderful and unforgettable experiences. And I know many complain that this way of living brings risk of being hurt by others, but it also gives you the chance to love them and to learn. The only reason the hurt comes dear ones is because of an attached emotion and expectation gets added to interactions between another dear soul. Look at the hurtful moments with love dear ones instead of discord and you will be able to truthfully see all that you were able to learn and gain instead of what you may have lost. Through every loss dear ones there are always meaningful and positive lessons.  
When you are truly happy dear ones your mind is a state of bliss which matches the wholesomeness of the mind, one that is clear of delusions and clouded thoughts. This bliss of mind I have seen many aim to reach and they do succeed through many hardships and lessons that had to be learned in order to understand – to come to that A-ha of understanding. During the moments of facing the hardest of adversities is when you need to remain grounded and believe with the purity of your heart and mind that all will come together and be as it should. All of your spiritual practices dear ones need to also be done with a clear mind; one that is pure of negative thoughts on any person or thing. The more clear you and pure your mind, the more bliss and joy you will reach.
When you find you are lacking compassion towards another dear soul by being judgmental and critical, do you know where this need is coming from? You must go to the source of where the negative thinking began; where the purity of thought ended and became clouded. Many times when a dear soul is judging and criticizing another, it is themselves they are truly judging. But judging another doesn’t solve the root cause of negative outbreak of thoughts and actions against another. Take the time dear ones to notice and to think. And when you do this be honest with yourself. Your energy has cause and effect to everyone and everything as you are all connected. Be willing dear ones to contribute and tolerate each other joyfully. There is an earthly saying, “As you sow, so shall you reap”. These are truthful and wise words. 
As your world has become so hectic and busy, it is still important to maintain the integrity of your person. When you promise someone or give them your word you will do something, you are meant to follow through. If you have no intentions to keeping your vow, then your own experience will become less fulfilling. When you do make a commitment be it that your mind is pure and sincere dear ones and that you intend to not stray from your promise. When a promise or commitment is successful it’s not only fulfilling for you, but also for the one to whom you made the promise to. The foundation of your strength dear ones is driven by the purity of your love and this love is inside your heart and through your beautiful heart is an abundance of joy to be noticed by you and shared with the ENTIRE world. Don’t let the joy of your own love elude you. Your life has a purpose and that is to be all you can by living through your heart. Yes there are challenges and through those challenges are lessons but through them is great wisdom and knowledge that can be shared with others. As I have said earlier dear ones, each of you has something to share. And through each other you grow. 
Have you ever noticed dear ones the people who live simply through their hearts are almost if not always – happy? They have accepted all that they are right here and now. They also know there is more and they greet each and every day with grace and enthusiasm as each day brings opportunity to learn something new, make a friend, and renew hope and faith and so much more. I suggest dear ones to immerse yourself in your journey for each and every day is a blessing to you from God. Oh I know there are days when you don’t want to get up, but get up anyway. Greet the day with a smile and cleanse away any lingering shadows of doubt from your spirit. You want great peace dear ones then you must open this door with great love that is pure and filled with infinite joy. 
You are encouraged dear ones to be always aware of your body, spirit, mind and heart. Many only focus on one or two areas and the rest goes to the wayside. This does not bring balance dear ones. You must nurture all aspects of yourself and hone them into perfection. 
Your body has been considered and compared to a temple before. It is medium you have been given to fulfil your divine purpose. You are to honour this body even if is only a shell for your true spirit. This honour is not only on feeding your body with ample nutrition it is about listening to your body’s messages and respecting it. Your emotions require you to pay attention and to be in the present. Your emotions can cause significant harm if left uncontrolled. No one else is responsible for your actions, including your emotional thoughts but you dear ones. Each of you have the ability to understand, your intellect though varies from one person to another is still noticeable and yours. You learn how to discern through insight and intuition. You strategize your day by your thoughts and choices. The mind and emotions sometimes work together and this is clearly visible by me and others of the divine realm when judgments and criticisms are running rampart. Your mind and your thoughts have the ability to empower yourself and others by choosing how you wish to act and react. Your heart we speak of is not the physical heart, but the spiritual heart. It is where your great love comes from, the foundation of what many great poets have written about. It is also where God lives dear ones. The spirit, your spirit is your source of the innate knowing and your resource of wisdom. It is your spirit that connects you to the higher realms of your consciousness and to God. Your mind, body, spirit and heart when living purely through your loving heart will always shine your brilliant energy as a beacon to those you can help through your own experiences. All is linked to each other and each aspect of yourself when working in balance within the purity of your mind, body, spirit and heart will bring you a life filled with insurmountable joy and contentment. 
Contentment fills my own divine heart and I share this with all you through my love that is always pure and unconditional. 
I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller




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