Good Vibrations from SIRIUS 20120906 A Message from the Master St. Germain on August 29, 2012


I channel Mother Mary once a month. She and St Germain are close. (She was Mary, Jesus’s mother, and St. Germain was Joseph, her husband.) He had an incarnation as Merlin, William Shakespeare, Sir Frances Bacon, Leonardo Da Vinci, and was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. He precipitated, actually appeared, at the signing of the Declaration of Independence. He represents freedom and the I Am Presence. He also brought forth the Violet Flame for transmutation. He named this country Iamerica but the “ I” was dropped to America. St. Germain speaks after Mother Mary in these classes. He loves the United States and continues to be involved with the governance of America.

This time St. Germain (who loves to play with words and can be funny) spoke the following:


Greetings, I am Saint Germain.  I almost thought I wasn’t going to get any time tonight so Mary is graciously letting me speak with you shortly. How are you doing? Did Mary say something that stopped your comments? I’ll have to speak with her afterwards. So there are some pretty interesting showdowns coming up, particularly in your government. You know I’m a lover of the stage but I’ve never seen so much upstaging in any political campaign.

“Staging up staging, staging down, posturing here, and posturing there;

  they practically show their underwear.

 Some are right, some are wrong,

but heaven forbid don’t make it into a song.

 Sick and tired, sick and tired, for all these things they should be fired!

 Speech writers and lobbyists–people who get paid for the silliest.

Notions and potions and all sorts of bad deeds coming together

. . . just making me want to recede and change the weather.

 Who’s telling the truth and who isn’t?

 I’ll make my speech and let them know the truth and that’s that!

I’m so tired of dealing with some of this and some of that!

 I really don’t have the patience of Mary.

I have a much shorter fuse and I sometimes let it go.

 I told the people in D.C., with whom I’m quite familiar,

 That if they don’t start shaping up they’re gonna start seeing a lot more of me.

 We have a divine plan and we’ve planted LOTS of thoughts,

 But over and over the whole system rots.

I’m sorry to get on my soap box but I just have to be poetic

 Because that’s how I feel and that’s where I can do the most.

I love to play with words and sometimes make a toast, so here I go.

Do you want a toast?

I think it’ll be more like a boast.

I put them all up there and I called them all forth and said: How many more lies do you have?

 Can you walk the line–the straight forward line,

Like the sobering truth that may not be so sublime?

Can you stand up to the Light and really be true?

To come forth and shine anew hue…?

I speak to your hearts and ask you to purify and sanction your hearts,

And to clarify that you work for the people instead of yourselves.

And for that I’ll even give you some elves!

We’ll give you all the help you need;

 It’s time for you to do some good deeds.

 But if you can’t walk the straight forward line we need to ask you to turn around and leave.

We need you to leave your office and never forget that you are withholding from those who believed in you, who trusted the government, and who stand up for freedom.

 It is time now for you to stand on your soapboxes and see it through their eyes.

Stand for the truth, the Light,

Because you are the mighty, you are the ones who have to be right.

There are only a few of those who aren’t really icky,

But you’ll make life too sticky.

Just hear my words and purple will transform you.

So there you are, hanging on the clothes line, embarrassed.

 Can’t you see their faces? We washed all the dirty laundry, and we still have a few more things to do to improve their places.

 I’m telling you now that the whole of it is right in front of us.

 We don’t need ill deeds; we don’t need service to self, we need good people who are here and are all around us.”

 Yeah, I got on my soapbox and had a lot of fun but in the long run I mean it. I don’t just speak for myself I speak for our Creator, angels and others.



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