Messages of Light 20120905 Heavenletter #4303 What Can Mathematics Be Made Of? , September 5, 2012


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God said:

This that I am about to say to you may seem like a contradiction inasmuch as I tell you always, all the time I tell you that time does not exist. Yet. what I want to say to you now suggests that time does exist. Of course, I acknowledge that time exists for you.

I often hear you say: “I have no time.” I hear you say: “I don’t have time to get everything done.” I hear you say: “ I don’t have time to do everything I have to do.”

I would like to suggest that I would like to hear you say: “I have all the time in the world to do everything I have to do.“

I further suggest that I would like to hear you say: “I have all the time in the world to do everything I WANT to do.”

When you think about it, in terms of the world, what else do you want but to feel bolstered by time rather than short of it? When time bends to your will, you will never be short of breath.

Of course, the truth is that Eternity is beyond time. If Eternity could be measured, you would never ever run out of it. Since, in truth, time does not exist, there is no beginning to it and, therefore, no end to it either.

Forever has no never. It is all Ever, and Ever means no lines drawn on it or through it, no kinks, no starts, no stops, no tick and no tocks, no record of it, no measurement, no recollection of it nor foretelling of it, and, therefore, no past, no future, only that which is present, yet, even so, present isn’t quite the right word.

When there is no past and no future, where does a present fit in? How can present exist? Instead of Now, We could say that Now is Everness. We could say that Everness is Eternity, yet we can’t really say to express in fullness that Now is Alwaysness because what does Alwaysness mean when there is no pause to bounce off it?

Now, where does space come into this? When there is not time, how can there be distance? Time and space are two sides of one non-existent coin. Therefore, neither time nor space can exist. Only in the perceptual world can they.

Space is considered to exist in the world, for how could you be surrounded by anything without the concept of space? Without the concept of space, you cannot even be surrounded by friends and family nor can you be separated from friends and family. You cannot be isolated. You cannot be alone. You cannot even be individuals. You think you are divisible when you are indivisible. You are indivisibly linked to all the other seeming individuals and you are also inevitably and indivisibly linked to Me, so, in truth, everything you experience in the world is really an aspect of your seeking what you do not yet see or accept. What you perceive that you experience can’t be so. It is mutually agreed-upon imagining.

Imagine all these scenes of your lives being played out in the world simultaneously, even as, without sense of time, there is no space for actions to coincide in. By the same token, time is non-existent so how can anything be called simultaneous?

And, so, My dear children, We come to the question you ask yourself: “Where am I?” And We come to the question you also ask yourself: “What am I doing here?” And We come to the big question you pose most of all: “Who am I? Who am I that seems to be here in place and time?”

And now I ask you: “What can mathematics be made of? Inasmuch as you are indivisible, what can mathematics be made of?”





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