Laitonn Pleiadian Dolphin 20120904 The Rainbow Light Body and the Rose Merkaba: Emerging into Infinity


Channeler: Corrina Steward

A dragonfly died in my midst a couple of nights ago. I watched as the creature’s wings pulsated with a soft flutter, and she awaited her physical death. I put a ball of light around her and asked the angels to assist in her transition. The fluttering of her wings stopped. She quieted, and I heard a beautiful message that she would come back to the Earth as pure light essence. She would emerge as part of the Earth’s new Rainbow Light Body. With this message, a puzzle piece was completed, and I felt the emergence of the Rainbow Light and the Rose Merkaba, which will propel us into a new human experience of infinity.

The August Blue Moon (August 31st, 9:58 EST) is providing the support for the awakening of the Rainbow Body and the Rose Merkaba field. Up until this point in our co-creation of the New Earth, the Rainbow Body and Rose Merkaba field existed in upper dimensions as possibilities for our Earth’s evolution. We can now access the Rainbow Bridge (a concept long prophesied about) via this August Full Moon. The moon is creating a gravitional pull towards our passage across the Rainbow Bridge into the New Earth and new human body.

As we align with this field of possibility we move through other fields of possibility. I’m noticing in this process a false reality projection in the Earth’s grid that can confuse, trick and surprise us. It may be prudent to be aware of this. As we are knocking on the door to our God Self, the co-creator God/Goddess, we are moving through personal will to Divine Will, and in this final step towards the Rainbow Bridge take note of what may confuse your way. Many of us who have come this far to see the Rainbow Light now at the end of the tunnel have mastered the strings of duality that can rock our boat. What I’m noticing is the “surprise” tactic from the shadows of the old Earth hologram and Self. It appears to be acting as a function of the “death program” in our collective energy field. In this time, standing before the Rainbow Bridge we may be taunted by the death program, or simply aware that it is running it’s program somewhere in our reality. This can be an opportunity to pierce the veil of death and bring the light to all things in our experience. When we do, the illusion of death becomes visible and the substance of our Earthly and Human matter turns into pure light (it ascends into the heart and beyond!). What the dragonfly showed me is that in this “death” unveiling process, we become digestors of death and functions of light.

In this time, Earth and humanity is walking to the edge of the bridge where on the other side our future is (it is, in fact, a future timeline, and thus, time may really feel like it’s accelerating the closer you get to the bridge). Each step towards the bridge we leave the old reality (i.e., timeline) behind. We are dropping the old humanity and with it the death program, as well as all limiting beliefs that hold us in finite living patterns. On the other side we are immortal and infinite, and all projections of reality re-aligned with immortality and infinity. With the support of the elementals, bees especially as the weavers of the new physical Earth grid, and our star families, we are being guided to “land” the Rain Body Light grid into the physical Earth. It is through the powerful vehicle of the unified heart (the embodiment of our soul light, divine masculine and feminine, God connection, and divine intelligence) that we can bring the infinite possibilities reality through our heart and re-project the Earth’s hologram to reflect infinity and a new cosmic Earth positioning.

As we feel, sense and know this possibility in our hearts, we are drawn over the Rainbow Bridge. I am seeing on the other side that we come through the rainbow light and these “strands” of light infuse into our physical body aligning us with the rainbow light of the Christ Consciousness. We are greeted by the “Christ”, which is the intelligence, light and love of our new galaxy, the spiraling Rose Galaxy. In the rainbow light are the “elements” of our new biology, the new DNA (12 stranded DNA — and even more strands in some cases) that will quickly begin running into our bodies and new reality. Our biology is supported by the “stars in the blood”, which fully activate and become our new way of assimilating light from the cosmos. It also becomes a signature in us that says we are of the Christ Consciousness galaxy. Our cosmic address is in our blood!

The process of assimilating from the old to the new timeline has a gestation period of at least two weeks. By mid-September I’m understanding there will be a turbo charge, like a rocket ship lifting off, that will support many in fully embodying infinity. It is through this turbo charge (if you tune into the center of a coffee bean, you will understand this energy signature — thanks to my galactic traveling companion Gabriele of Dimensional Re-Alignment ( this understanding came through!) that we activate the new Rose Merkaba Field. The Merkaba is a field of light around the physical body in the formation of two star tetrahedrons. When the “booster” of the rocket ship comes off we are in our new Merkaba field, which is a reflection of the design of the spiraling Rose Galaxy where the hum of the Cosmic Mother is known to us again.

There have been many ways to get to the Merkaba. The process unfolding before us now is to emerge into the Merkaba field organically through the womb of the Cosmic Mother. (A process that began in the Earth’s grid as the formation of the Star of David – see New Earth Formations.) The star formations are like two roses facing one another and spiraling into our center to become the Double Rose Merkaba. The frequency of infinity propels the spin of the two rose-stars, and in our heart center infinity begins as a four-petaled flower emerging outward into greater “flowered” expansions. We come into re-alignment with the organic flower of life design with the capability of co-creating new expanses of infinity. As co-creators, we re-align with the many textures of love, which serve as our inspiration to create. It’s going to be a very, very interesting next couple of months as we realize our new found reality and dream the infinite dreams!

In these months ahead, I am knowing the grace of this process for Earth and Humanity. That a group of brave, bright lighted beings will lead the way across the Rainbow Bridge will ease the passage for all as the heavens open up at the close of the year with the alignment of December 21, 2012. For those that know this is their passage at this time, we are the peace emissaries from many star nations, and we have with us the amazing support of the Earth’s natural kingdoms. I continue to be amazed by how the elementals in their multi-dimensional form are expressing the design of our organic evolution into freedom, sovereignty and liberty. If at this time, you need extra support call on the elementals that are here with you to brave the layers of dis-illusionment and re-member the way of Truth. Namaste and joyful crossing!

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