Good Vibrations from SIRIUS 20120904 As You HEAL Yourself ♥ You HEAL the World – Message from Ascended Master, Lady Quan Yin


Channeled by: Julie Miller

My gesture of love precious ones is spilling over as I am tremendously delighted to speak to all of you today. As we prepare to begin please accept my warm embrace and flow of gentle energy to surround your entire being and add healing to your day.
Energies are absolutely moving throughout your world at a great rate causing many changes within your person. As these high energies are absorbed within your spirit there are some precious souls who resist. And do you know precious ones some resist without necessarily knowing. It is one thing to proclaim your readiness for the changes that are coming your way, but I have seen differently precious ones from what you words are. When you resist the extensive light energy that is an opportunity to expand your own ability to send and receive light and love, you are actually preventing God from loving you completely. He cannot force his way into your heart. You have to allow him into your heart purely out of unconditional love.
Oh precious hearts we will speak at great length today in regards to forgiveness and compassion. It is essential precious hearts to learn how to forgive and spread love and compassion to others. Hanging onto to your complaints and grumbles hurts only you more than your attempt to hurt another with your venomous thoughts and words. When you are unwilling to let go of any grievances precious hearts you are actually covering your own beautiful light that glows from within you, separating you from your own connected experience with God and of God’s divine love.
Precious hearts you are encouraged if you have not yet done so and that is learn how to forgive. First things first dear ones and that is you need to have found your own individual harmony and happiness and understand the importance of attaining pure happiness instead of needing to be right and prove someone else is wrong. Arriving at your true self of happiness can take longer and can cause discomfort when you have been allowing only certain people into your heart and denying others. It does become discomforting because your heart does not choose who to love, that is what the Ego does precious hearts. When you hold only certain people into your heart but not others, you are also preventing yourself from being wholly loved from ourselves and from others. Depriving yourself of your own love is very painful for your spirit dear ones, it does you no good other than weigh you down with the weight of its negative pressures.
It is well observed that even now after so many more people are waking to God’s call, people are treating happiness as a conditional outcome or result. Example precious hearts, if you win a jackpot, meet the right man/woman, maybe when someone says ‘sorry’, etc., and then will you be happy? Maybe yes for a short time, but this kind of happiness only covers up what is at the core of your heart precious ones.
So many wait for change; thus postponing their own happiness. I see so many precious souls put what will make them happy as a goal to achieve at some future date and only begin working on reaching the goal when the time is right. And dear ones when this time finally does come, the moment of its arrival does not last long because a great revelation is apparent that requires fixing first before the desired goal can be had.
Waiting for happiness can be long and lengthy and from what I have seen precious ones waiting exhausts your energy. This energy you could be used on how to be happy right now in this very present, no matter of what is happening in your life. You want changes, you want happiness, you do not wait for it dear ones, you create ways on how to get there and it is your effort that will bring you this happiness after all is done because you will see from your own efforts how worthwhile the journey was making the goal that much more important.
We discuss happiness as part of our learning to forgive and be compassionate today precious ones because they work together simultaneously, they are necessary ingredients to each other. Another observation precious hearts on discovering pure happiness for so many dear souls is their ceaseless mental dialogue that continuously goes on inside your minds, and most often when it is negative or judgemental.
You must be the one to end all toxic cycles dear ones. By repeating and remaining in the same old ways your thought patterns become tiresome. It is extremely favourable to change your way of thinking, and of your responses to life and those that play a part. Knowing this, changing your thought form is not the only part of solving what happiness is to you. Your mind and the Ego have always been difficult and they will never be completely fulfilled. It is up to you to control the two through your own loving efforts that do not carry any animosity towards any one person or thing.
As we continue this discussion with happiness part of our topic, I am sure you already know dear ones there are many kinds of things that bring you happiness but there are really only three kinds of happiness: joy, satisfaction and pleasure. Pleasure type happiness speaks of the body, satisfaction describes your mind and how you feel, and happiness described as joy is the spirit. Joy is the only one that has no opposite or external causes. Precious hearts, JOY comes forth from the inner depths of your very being, it is part of your true nature. It is this part of yourself that often gets covered up and is the happiness of young children.
I see most that read this transcription are adults and your lives are very busy with work, school and the daily challenges your life brings you, let us not forget the how active your mind is. Your mind is so active precious ones that you are unable to take notice of the joy that is always there just below the surface of your consciousness. Joy has never left any of you, but it is very apparent that many of you have forgotten joy. Just as finding happiness is becoming a loose term among many who share your world. Happiness is there within you dear ones, but it is up to you to recognize its pureness. If you have forgotten how to recognize happiness within yourself, just allow yourself to be still and separate yourself from your busy mind.
Now that we have discussed happiness, I will continue our transmission in regards to forgiveness and compassion. It is known dear ones, that before you can ever learn to forgive other people, you must learn how to heal yourself through forgiveness first. You must dear ones be able to recognize where your pain is. Nothing can be truly healed until you acknowledge to yourself that the pain is there and you begin to take responsibility for your feelings. Once you are able to do this, then precious hearts you can convey your unconditional love and compassion, acceptance and forgiveness of yourself. Once you find you are successful with self-forgiveness dear ones it will become easier to spread your compassion, love and forgiveness to others.
It is important to heal yourself through forgiveness before you learn how to forgive another person is because it helps you to see your own fundamental distresses and how they have caused you to act off-key towards others. Once you have clarity from healing purely with your unconditional love through forgiveness you will be able to see other people’s actions are also motivated by their wounds. When you are able to see this and understand fully and completely then you begin to open yourself and soften which will bring you to the next step dear ones and that is letting go of your protests towards ALL people you felt animosity for.
You must learn also to forgive others for your own healing to be complete. Remember precious hearts, you are all connected. If you stretch your thinking today you can see if you look hard that there is only ONE and you are all connected through this one special being and that is God. Whether or not you forgive someone or not, your actions affect more than just those within your comfy circle. Your energy is quite extensive precious hearts. And your actions are your responsibility.
It is very unhealthy my dear precious hearts to your spirit, mind, heart and body to hold on to grudges or contempt for yourself or for another person. As you learn how to forgive you are really taking responsibility for your life, taking a mature step to broaden your knowledge by such a learning experience. Being totally responsible means everything in your life YOU are responsible for. When I say everything precious ones, this means every person as well as their actions, everything you see, hear or experience, is here because they are a reflection of something within yourself and vice versa and all has a reason and a lesson to be learned and to embrace with full rejoice at the opportunity instead of reacting with anger and possible harmful and negative animosity. Even though there is no one person better than the other, each person has been on the path of discovering themselves at different lengths of time. Some have been on their journey for only a few short years, some nearly their entire lives and others only days or months. Because of this precious ones each of you has something to teach and something to learn at different moments of your journey. Be open to all, as they may know something relevant for your own journey. Information can come in many surprising forms and ways. Open your hearts dear ones.
Understand dear ones that nothing or no one could be in your life unless it resonated within your beautiful heart in some way. A person or thing could not be a part of your life without reason precious ones, there would a vibrational cord or matching of energy even for a moment that unites people in order to learn and expand themselves in great knowledge and wisdom. We aware precious ones of the kinds of thoughts you think because they have the power to create reflections of the same vibration and can be picked up by sensitive beings and other creatures that share your lovely world. You think love you create love, you think hate you will create hate. As I have said precious ones you are the one who is responsible for your actions, your thoughts and words. Even if there is someone you do not like or a person you feel you are competitive with let it go and smile, demonstrate the love that fills your heart and feel lighter for doing so. Letting go of your feelings towards people, events and other things that bring you disdain is another way of self-healing. As a dear wise man once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. This dear ones is so very relevant in learning how to forgive.
Forgiveness is an ongoing process that doesn’t only occur when you feel angry or frustrated. It is an ongoing process to fully accept and live from this viewpoint. Being able to fully forgive stems from loving yourself as YOU are part of so much and YOU experience so much. As you learn to love everything and everyone, and I mean everyone precious ones; no longer do you only love only certain people. You then are able to truly see a change in your world and how you see things become clearer. Even what was once truth to you may have some new adaptions to consider. Change begins with one step from YOU precious hearts. Yes it can be scary but you are not alone. I will always be here if you so need my presence. As you learn dear ones to forgive, your life will automatically shift into a more loving way.
Precious hearts as we are beginning to close this lovely transmission I like to add for your thinking and understanding. When you learn to forgive, your act of forgiveness will disengage your Ego. Forgiveness is an act of self-love that is pure and unconditional and will heal your troubled soul by releasing any and all of your negative ties. It is essential precious ones, even to those more seasoned on the spiritual path to practice self-forgiveness. Self-forgiveness is a vital aspect of self-love. You cannot truly offer your love, unless you love yourself first. You have heard this probably a thousand times, yet it is a true statement precious ones.
Let go of all negative judgments against others and against yourself. Stop stifling the joy, love and ultimately the goal of achieving happiness. Be thankful to yourself, to others; love yourself, love and accept all others, and if you need to apologize for anything then say sorry. You will be releasing yourself from so much negativity precious ones and you will begin to revel in the love that has been waiting to fill your heart to the top with divine love from God.
When you heal yourself precious ones through forgiveness you are healing your world.
I AM Ascended Master, Lady Quan Yin through Julie Miller






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