Messages of Light 20180819 ~ Heavenletter #4286 – The Years of the Soul , August 19, 2012


The Years of the Soul

Heavenletter #4286

August 19, 2012

God said:

Your body had its heyday, and now your body stars less in your life. Now you relax into the essence of yourself. Gone are the years that We could call the Years of the Body. From your point of view, the body is leaving you in the lurch, plying you with wrinkles and all that. The popularity of the physical you is less. Now your mind is less wrapped up in itself. With good fortune, you come to the Years of the Soul, the Years of the Ascendency of the Soul, the Years of Coming Closer to What Most Matters.

Youth of the body is interested in itself. Youth has perhaps become a cult, a cult of worship. Perhaps you had to be pulled out of that cult and given no choice but to entwine, interact, and engage with the growing of your soul. Displaced from youth, now you have your soul to gaze at.

You can’t see your soul in the mirror. You can’t add make-up to it. You don’t try to have your soul lose weight. Your soul can only be as it is, a beautiful growing thing that you perhaps have not paid much attention to heretofore. Now it is your soul’s turn for your attention.

Your soul has always been growing. Your soul grows with or without your attention. And now you are ready to focus on growth of your soul which is another way to say focus on Me, God.

Why is it good to keep Me in mind? It is not that I am all that is left to you. This is how to stay young, your focus on Me. There is nothing like it. Focus on Me is not a finite focus. It is focus on the Eternal Infinite You.

When the bonds of the world loose their hold on you, here I AM. I AM here, always with you, and you are right on the mark with Me.

Gone is most of the selfishness that held you in its thrall. Gone is much of the self-centeredness that was your horizon. Now you are engaging with Vastness. Your attachment to what you once were attached to is less. You are more willing to let go of the surface values and adhere more to the deeper values. You don’t want to ride the roller-coaster any longer. You are less interested in possessing. You are more interested in divesting. What you once thought were your valuables have lost their shine, and now you keep your youth by being a pioneer of Spirit.

That the body loses some of its charm is good fortune. It is not bad fortune. It gives you a respite from attachment. It corrals you into the Land of Love.

Your heart can still dance. Your heart can still leap. Your heart can lead a parade.

Now your soul comes out of hiding, and you seek it more, and so your soul is revealed more, and you value it more.

Body beauty is temporal, but not your soul’s beauty. Your awareness of the beauty of soul and awareness of the beauty of your soul grow and grow. You are awareness growing. You are consciousness growing. You are consciousness coming into its own.

You make dates with consciousness. We, you and I, the seeming two of Us, conspire more. The two-step becomes the One Step. You come closer to Me. I cannot come closer to you. I was always with you. I was with you in the blush of your youth, and now you are with Me more. You are engaging with Me, and so I beckon you forward.

The soul grows and yet the soul never grows old. In the world, some souls are called old because they have been around the block many times. Souls grow, yet all souls remain in the dew of their youth.

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