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“Sing Songs Of Victory!”

By Bella Capozzi (AuroRa Le)

August 17, 2012

❁ Oh, Dear Cousins, is it not wondrous?  How quickly we are moving up in vibration and so very expediently we are shedding the old, dead skin of duality.  Sing songs of victory, for The Light has won!  Spin about with arms spread wide, and open your sweet selves up to the  abundance and unconditional love being rained down upon us by our most benevolent Creators. The time is now, so live it. Delight in being everything you can be!

❁ We applaud your fine work, both within your beings and across the planet, as a whole. You are being heralded as having achieved the impossible-or what was once thought to be impossible-and you have successfully initiated Gaia’s upward climb out of the lower densities – then up into her hard won position in the 5th. Brilliant! Yet, there is much more work still that remains to be done. It is simple work, really, and only requires that you simply BE the unconditionally loving, fully enlightened Masters that you are.  Could it be any easier, truly?  We think not.

❁ Whilst in the throes of raucous celebration, we charge you to be mindful of your brothers who are soon to find themselves caught brutally unaware.  The end result of the changes are for their own greater good, as you know, yet they shall not see it that way, initially.  Be compassionate, Cousins, and think; how shall they feel when they discover that the house they carefully constructed has been built on nothing more than a foundation of shifting sand?  There is a tendency in the human psyche to unexplain-ably delight in the misery of others.  In some way, this allows the one not encountering the misfortune feel a false sense of superiority in some way, to feel somehow safer; to look upon that other one in contrast and assume that, by comparison, their own lot is not so bad, at that.  Be on guard for this lower way of thinking, as it is insidious and might creep up unnoticed.  Watch for this type of behavior in the less aware, and gently set them to rights.  Be a bright and shiny example to the young souls who shall follow your lead.  Time to practice what you preach!

❁ Humanity is in dire need of your intervention. Linear time draws short, and for a good many of you, it’s well past time to set your old baggage at the curb. Should you find yourself behaving toward your bother in any manner other than one of unity consciousness and light, check yourselves and do it quickly. You are of a need right now to examine any lingering exclusionary and belittling behaviors.  Might there remain still some things which need to be addressed; issues stemming from previous lifetimes, genetic programming from the familial lines, old contracts which need to be stamped “paid in full?” Process and release, process and release… Never, and we emphasize never, ever, throw down your brother! Do not belittle him, even in jest, for he may not see it thus. Do you feel a hidden sense of inadequacy inside, do you still ascribe to the illusion of separation? Now is the time to clear this away.  It truly is imperative that you do so.  Like Us, you are the Catalysts of The Change. What you put out is what you get back, and so you shall in spades.

❁ Dearest Cousins, we are one in the same, all of Us. We are united as One diverse and lovely Pod, created as pure love-and only love. You have graduated now, from one realm of existence high up to another. The time to indulge in grade-school antics has long since passed, and now you are the teachers! Exciting, is it not? What shall be contained within your lesson plans? 

❁ We are The Crystal Dolphin Pod, as Bella has quite kindly dubbed Us.  From the sparkling Atlantic waters, we bid you joy and cohesiveness in all you undertake.  Swim fast and free.

Copyright © Bella Capozzi.  all rights reserved.  You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.



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